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European Welfare State

by: Taylor Strickland

European Welfare State HIST 102 011

Taylor Strickland
GPA 4.0
European Civilization from the Mid-17th Century
Dr. Daniel Snyder

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About this Document

Dr. Snyder's final lectures about the European welfare state with the Netherlands being the example and a final excerpt about problems the EU faces tacked on at the end. Enjoy!
European Civilization from the Mid-17th Century
Dr. Daniel Snyder
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Strickland on Tuesday December 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 102 011 at University of South Carolina taught by Dr. Daniel Snyder in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see European Civilization from the Mid-17th Century in History at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 12/01/15
HIST 102 Notes The European Welfare State Building the Dutch Welfare State 0 Individual or collective response to future economically socially politically etc 0 College situation extremely expensive in US college debt too while in Europe it costs little to being completely free 0 Distinction between public and private goods tax produced are public and private are purchased with personal funds 0 Further in US college which once was a public expense has been privatized with state providing 9 of public USC s costs when they used to cover it all Two Visions of Economic Prosperity 0 Economic Growth markets only 0 O 0 Avoid political con ict through economic expansion Emphasis on private economic activity US wants larger economy unbridled limitless economic growth but since the 1970s the market has slowed Both US political parties want this just by different means 0 Redistribution blend of markets and political bargaining O O 0 Political bargainingcon ict to secure greater measure of a limited economic pie Mixture of public ie government and private spheres Europeans recognize that there is only so much capital to go around and distribute it rather than trying to keep growing the limited markets Commodification 0 Market Rights 0 0 Individual rights related to property ownership rights are earned via participation in labor markets Americans think narrowly about individual rights Bill of Rights yet do not have a right to a house apartment or shelter You don t have those kind of rights unless you have a means to enter the market Racism therefore worked by keeping certain people out of the markets in order to give others a greater portion of it 0 Social Rights 0 0 Citizens within a state have natural rights to food and shelter and protection from life s vicissitudes Still in question but working through the kinks of it What is Welfare 0 Netherlands Welvaart social prosperity o No stigma participating in general prosperity a right of citizenship 0 US Welfare handouts to the poor 0 BIG stigma The Dutch Zuillen o Zuillen pillars specifically a political term for the parties that uphold the political system The Major Zuillen o Protestant ARP CHU religious 0 Catholic KVP religious 0 Liberal VVD secular o Socialist PvdA secular Holds true in most of Europe maybe not the exact same distinctions but will have at least one Christian one Liberal and one Socialist with UK being the only one with a Conservative party at all Rerurn Novarum I 891 0 Pope Leo XII of New Things 0 Not everyone can have a piece of the pie economically but everyone deserves to be taken care of o Catholics were the first to support this because Jesus preached taking care of the poor 0 Socialists were generally ambivalent towards it Short History 0 SDB 1881 Social Democratic League more communist o SDAP 1894 Social Democratic Party and Domela Nieuwenhuis more socialist o PvdA 1946 Labor Party WWII Occupation Collective experience made social rights seem more important after seeing hell like that Most devastated nations Hagerwinter 19441945 with rations down to barer 800 calories a day Determination to secure social rights during the war 0 Van Ruijan Report 1944 new social contract stressing social rights and welfare 0 Parallels FDR s Second Bill of Rights and Britain s Beveridge Report 0 Went absolutely nowhere in America but led to welfare states in Europe Political reconstruction based off of expanded nation of social rights to care for all Economic Restructuring Industrialization o Expanded economy and then layered in protections to ensure proceeds are used to benefit all RoomsRode 19451958 0 Verzorgingstaat state is responsible to ensure minimum level of social prosperity 0 Has limits minimum level is not communist but just basic social rights with any rise being due to markets 0 Cooperation between Catholic and Socialist parties led to welfare state The Dutch View Rejecting the American growth model Important centerleft politicians Jan Timbergen J RM Van den Brink Hein Vos Does the Welfare State Make Sense Economically yes with public goods being much cheaper than private But at What political cost Public goods require the sacrifice of income too much and therefore limits freedom Di erence between freedom from and freedom to 0 Americans think in freedom to invest buy a home own a gun etc Freedom from is limited due to the fact we have a very small safety net from recession inevitable again in the future Does democracy provide adequate safeguards so that the economic benefits of public goods can be realized Without the surrender of too much political freedom Challenges to the EU Today Terrorism from the Middle East Immigrants Migrant Workers and Refugees Tensions between Member States UK and other financially welloff nations do not want to support former communist European nations Who are less economically developed EX Germans paying taxes to pay off Greek debt and bankruptcy US is developed similarly in that welloff states support those Who are less well off Question Is it important politically to do this 0 O Kicking out one country Will destroy legitimacy and confidence of the Whole enterprise Will lead to thinking nationally rather than internationally Which causes a domino effect therefore kicking out Greece could lead to a slow painful collapse of the EU Since EU is necessary to keep balance to prevent con icts in Europe it s collapse could potentially cause the next WW at a nuclear level due to another entangling alliance system ie NATO


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