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Week 14 Notes

by: jjb13n

Week 14 Notes PSY 4930

GPA 2.54
Affective Neuroscience
Dr. Wen Li

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About this Document

Affective Neuroscience
Dr. Wen Li
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by jjb13n on Tuesday December 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 4930 at Florida State University taught by Dr. Wen Li in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Affective Neuroscience in Psychlogy at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 12/01/15
Week 14 Notes Key Concepts 0 Physiological modulators O Catecholamines Via Autonomic system mainly sympathetic system 0 Glucocorticoids Via HPA O Allostasis process of adaptation to maintain stability homeostasis through change 0 Allostatic load costburden wear and tear that the body sustains due to repeated cycles of allostasis and the inefficient turning on or shutting off these responses Allostasis in the Brain 0 Hypothalamus and Homeostasis O Homeostasis process by which a steady state of equilibrium or constancy in the body with respect to physiological functions and chemical compositions of uids and tissues is maintained I Emotion serves homeostasis I Homeostasis drives emotion O HypothalamusA nodal point in the pathways mediating autonomic emotional endocrine and somatic functions 0 Interaction between amygdalalimbic and HPA stress hormones Hypothalamic pi tmtary adirerial HPA axis i 3 m m I gt all E u gig rl l 1 r PII UIEW Adranall quot 39 BEEFquot THl 393 M 77quot Mmm mmi 39 EliaEhnl amlnaa A i WWW E l ph l l mmnimm na dupaminehfl EHquot Hyp th lamua kHI EhiLi i Ili l quotE in h Vi QUEJLEJM Endnc me Ema FEMam mangam 13mm L f j r i quot f n z m quot1 AME I39l ll39lmlIM TIE 7 quot7 I39llquot 1 1i and activity and fear 9 l A B if Etr EEE Thegidccrcerticeid recepteri i isa rnaih quot T H regulater cat the IiiFi a axis and has been shcnwn tcn 4 1 39 again i influence endecrine and hEhEMiDF ll measures at l h p Fear in aarieus animal studies dimjj is n ER recepters in the amygdala 1 medulate precesses cit Fear cenditicnnihg 2 facilitated estinctich elf ccihditiched fear 3 increase CiFiilI release EH HM39H39P F itmtaiu 1 i AETHJ 1 WWW CHilI and certisel dysregdiatieh in anxiety and ansieus tern he re me ht 1 livinitiet39iir diserders such as FTED are characterized by alteraticrns in the functich at the hapdthalainic pituitary adrenai illIPA axis tel a hyperactive made with reduced basal and stress related certiscnl have is as well as increased suppressien after the esarnethasehe suppressieh test s Ehrehic stress aiscn supresses HPA quotFunctidning 53 FE f a Stressrelated changes in the brain 0 Chemical imbalances 0 Chemical imbalances due to mental disorders gt allostatic load 0 Serotonin and CRHCRF corticotrophin release factorhormone I CRHCRF hypothalamus and amygdala 0 Structural plasticity 0 Reduced neuronal excitability rapid and reversible O Atrophy of nerve cells in the hippocampus Ammon s horn reversible over daysweeks Inhibition of neurogenesis in the hippocampus dentate gyrus 0 Permanent loss of nerve cells in hippocampus due to prolonged and extreme stress 0 Memory 0 emotion e g fear induces stress and arousal gt epinephrineN E and corticoid release gt NE in the amygdala gt amygdala projections to neocorteX hippocampus caudate etc gt modulates memory consolidation Vivid longlasting memories Stress and psychopathology Many patients with depressinn secrete excess ACTH and cortisol during the day Disseswast Fritn ICHLII l 1 l SEQ2 2333 sail 231323 Ci i ifil Minis Emilia WHEEL 14L quot lth lLiEZ 3125i ilkU In nerntei suhjests there is e Circadian rhythm tn the sesretinn which peaks at E Mei and then decreases pregressiselpF frern the eerlr39ujnF mnrning heurs inte the evening untii B sun at night teen Bp sentrest in depressed patients the plissn39rs sertisnli sensentretien is elevated threugheut mush e F the Edi heur peried ef the day with nnl pF e sliight dE39Eliil E39 in the evening 2WD tn DEED The plet shews the mean hnnrhr pliesms sertilselj sensentretien nser e Stehem perintj fer seven patients with unipeljsr depressien tempered with the mean ter 54 nerrnel subjects Eesh peint represents the mean enrtisexl i tensentretiren enerp E minutesquot


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