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Chapter 12

by: aleavick

Chapter 12 KINS 2010

GPA 3.8
Kinesiology 2010
Dr Schmidt

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About this Document

Chapter 12 class notes
Kinesiology 2010
Dr Schmidt
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by aleavick on Tuesday December 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KINS 2010 at University of Georgia taught by Dr Schmidt in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Kinesiology 2010 in Kinesiology at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 12/01/15
Chapter 12 Class Notes Becoming a Physical Activity Professional Learning Objectives 1 Be aware of the characteristics of a profession and be able to differentiate professional and nonprofessional work 2 Be able to state the types of knowledge and skills essential for performing professional work 3 Understand the training and skills needed to succeed in your chose professional eld Physical Activity Professions Health and Fitness 13 Therapeutic Exercise 14 Teaching physical education 15 Coaching and sport instruction 16 Sport Management 17 Characteristics of professionals Master complex skills grounded and guided by systematic theory and research what differentiates professionals Ex Dentist vs dental hygienist Dental hygienist aren t necessarily dental hygienist don t have the knowledge or research Perform services for others Clients or patients Are granted a monopoly by the community to supply certain services Tests certi cations Are guided by ethical codes Formal and informal preserve health and well being of clients Formal written document standards what s ethical not ethical Meet expectations and standards prescribed by their professional subcultures Professional Attributes of Occupations falls a long a continuum Major Professions All of the characteristics of professions Ex PT OT Minor Professional Some of the characteristics of professions Ex Dental hygienist tness instructors personal trainers PT assistants Nonprofessions None of the characteristics of professions Ex Hourly workers punch in punch out close supervision Ex Waitresses Athletes Occupation of the Day Personal Trainer Minor professional Many different certi cations one characteristic of profession ACSM Certi ed Personal Trainer CPT quotThe ACSM Certi ed Personal Trainer CPT is quali ed to plan and implement exercise programs for healthy individuals or those who have medical clearance to exercise The CPT facilitates motivation and adherence as well as develops and administers programs designed to enhance muscular strength endurance exibility cardiorespiratory tness body composition andor any of the motor skills related components of physical tnessquot ACSM website ACSM CPT Certi cation 27 27 20 Quali cations 18 years High school Diploma or Equivalent Adult CPRAED Certi cation Cost 219 for ACSM Members 279 for nonmembers 150 for Retest Must Pass 150 Question Exam Doman l lnitial client consultation and Assessment 26 Domain ll Exercise programming and implementation Domain lll Exercise Leadership and Clients Education Domain IV Legal Professional Business and Marketing Test Outline Professionas have mastered complex skills grounded in theory Professionas Draw on a complex body of knowledge and theory that is developed through systematic research Are gifted thinkers and are also gifted doers practitioners able to bring about predetermined outcomes ef ciently and effectively usually on behalf of others and Are skilled experts with the genitive perceptual and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in their profession Foundations of Professionals Expertise Theoretical kinesiology knowledge Have to keep up with new knowledge and research Physical activity experience Professional Practice knowledge Workplace knowledge Speci cs of a given job How to bill for the clients here Types of knowledge that make professionals experts Kinesiology theory Professional practice knowledge Workplace knowledge As a result of their knowledge professionals develop a range of cognitive perceptual and motor skills anchored in theoretical workplace and practice knowledge that enable them to achieve predetermined outcomes efficiently and effectively What do professionals do Perform services for clients or patients Services based on a commitment to others Sacri cing one s own needs for those of clients Services rendered are expert Services are based on clients needsinterests Have a monopoly of the delivery of services Fill a community need Have speci c knowledge and training Have we developed skis Certi cation Licensure Collaborated with colleagues to ensure high standards and ethical practices Role of professional societies and conferences mportance of codes of codes of ethical conduct Licensure and professionalism Adhere to standards of their professional subculture Socialized to workplace expectations Maintain high standards Are very organized Are not quotclock watchersquot Are appropriately attired Practice good grooming and hygiene Career exploration What types of careers are available to those with a kinesiology degree Link with the list Ex PT OT Sport management PA registered nurse How do our values shape our professional conduct Look this over in the book Mechanical marketdrive professionalism Practitioners value the profession pro t personal prestige and status over clients rightsneeds Ex Certi ed nancial planner some Lawyers Insurance Social trustee civic professionalism Practitioners value clients and the social good more than themselves or their profession The personal values you bring to your work will determine your goals and method of operation as a professional How are physical activity professionals educated for the workplace Academic areas Liberal arts and sciences Course work in physical activity knowledge Course work in theoretical knowledge Course work in professional practice knowledge and professional skills Internships lnternships A cumulating educational and evaluative experience for pre professionals that Teaches you how to apply the knowledge and skills you have learned in our professional program to a reallife s ua onand Tests your level of preparedness to enter professional practice Are you suited for a career in physical activity professions Do my attitudes values and goals match those of professionals Am I interested really interested in physical activity Do my attitudes interests and talents lend themselves to a speci c physical activity profession Will my college or university program prepare me well How committed am I to preparing to be the best professional possible Excellence in academic work Early identi cation with the professional eld Engagement in college or university life Participation in volunteer services Attending graduate school Tophat Which of the following is least likely to be considered a profession A Physical Therapy Assistant C Collegiate basketball coach D Athletic trainer The type of knowledge represented by a tness leader s skill in motivating his clients to adhere to a disciplined exercise routine and one that is very dif cult for the leader to explain to others is called A Applied theoretical knowledge B Theoretical kinesiology knowledge C Professional practice knowledge D Workplace knowledge


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