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Notes for 11/16-18

by: Kelly Notetaker

Notes for 11/16-18 Com 201 A

Kelly Notetaker
GPA 3.38
Intro to comm 1
Ekin Yasin

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About this Document

Hi, so I've been slacking off but I'm getting my things together, sorry for the long wait.
Intro to comm 1
Ekin Yasin
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelly Notetaker on Wednesday December 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Com 201 A at University of Washington taught by Ekin Yasin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Intro to comm 1 in Communication Studies at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 12/02/15
COM 201 Reading 1116 Italicized are facts that are probably important to remember Bolded are the major topic of the notes Just words I want to emphasize Suicide bomber kills at least 21 at Baghdad funeral 21 killed 46injured suicide bomber at funeral of progovernment Shia Muslim fighterin Baghdad Service in Iraqi capital southwester suburb of Hay AlAmal Sunni fighters if Islamic state of Iraq ISIL control Iraq north and west frequently set bombs Funeral was numberof Hashid Shaabi influential role against ISIL Lots of conflict between Shia and Sunni Muslim after toppling dictatorsupport from US Since emergence ofISILalmost daily attacks 0 Killed hundreds displaced 100f 10000 of Iraqis News Media Scrambles to Cover Paris Shooting 1000 miles in multiple locations Event interfered many shows media directed attention to Paris Almost instantaneous support for Paris 0 Twitter9 quotopen door offering shelter 0 Facebook9 quotsafety chec tool Berrut Attacks Suicide bombers kill in Shia suburb 37 killed 181 wounded 2 bombing in Lebarese capital Berrut o Suburb of Buy at Barajhech stronghold at Shia Islamist Herballah movement Sunni jihadist group IslamicState claim responsibility no proof Deadliest bombingsince civil war25 years ago Prim ministerTammam Salan condemn attack quotunjustifiablequot Sunni jihadist militants denounced Hezbollahs decision to send fighters to neighboring Syria to prop up President BasharalAssad Essential Guide to Rhetoric I didn t finish this sorry Into connecting unseemingly unrelated events together Something to do with the relationship between language and persuasion Discourse any speech writtenspokenexchanged of symbolmeaning in content Persuasion someone trying to convince you evoke emotion influence political ideas Book definition of rhetoric study of producing discourse and interpreting how when and why discourse are persuasive Page 4 Rhetoricin Practice To do something sometimes need someform of cooperation and persuasion Persuasion isthe glue that holds people to common purpose and facilitates collective action page 5 Origins of Rhetoric Originated in Athens Greece 5th century BCE Trying out new government democracy quotdemoquot means people Sicilians Sophits teach A th ens to speak persuasively 0 Athens began to rely on publ icspeech for politics Platofoundrhetoricdangerous 0 Did not have rigor of sacrtifricenterprise or critical quality ofa philosophical endeavor o Believed than to be random techniques that helped those in wrong win support fortheir cause Page 6 Aristotle Student of Plato thought technique to make weakercase stronger o Rhetoric treated as coherent area of inquiry 0 Logic flow decide what to say base on content and audience Rhetoric and logic are necessary counterparts Form and function ofspeeches are determined by speech goals use at trial determine past and state guiltyinnocent use at funeraltell how peopleshould feel use in senate tell how people should do in the future Importantrhetoricperiodsandfigures 1st century BCE Cicero Roman orator philosopher statesman o Idea of trope metaphorsimage ryrepetition 4th century CE Augustine of Hippo theologian and saint of CatholicChurch o Argue that philosophyand theology need rhetoricto educate truth to people not theologiansphilosophers 5th century CE to 15th century Middle Ages 0 Rhetoric 13 of required subjects in humanistic arts grammar logic rhetoric 14th century CE to 17th century Renaissance o Rhetoric tunred into arts ofspeech and letterwriting in government 0 Erasmus and Ramus Renaissance humanists 17th and 18th centuryThomas HobbesJohn Locke JeanJaeques Rousseau Gambaltrista Vic Hugh Blair 0 Interest in relationship among rhetoric politics knowledge human nature Rhetorictoday Identity and power 0 Identity set of labels patterns of behavior ways of re presenting selfthat make up public persona 0 Political power and social status linked Visual and Material Symbols 0 Explore how visual symbols persuade us to act Thinkbelieve in certain ways 0 Visual material especially mass media affect our lives the most Public and democracy 0 Exploring relations between communication and democracy Rhetoricand audience important to direct specific audience and know them Audience Role 0 All rhetoricis communication not all communication is rhetoric o 4 elements of communication message sender receiver media 0 Key role ofaudience depends how message is perceived has to persuade audience 0 2 characteristic make it distinct from communication I Rhetoricis contingent 0 Outcome of rhetoricact depends on audience reaction I Rhetoricis strategic 0 Speaker must delieverthe message in a way that gains positive reaction ClassicalStrategiesforThinkingAboutAudience o quotreadingquotand audience I quotThe Encomium for Helen how they persuaded others to fight for Helen I Gorgia argues Helen won over by words any audience at anytime can be persuaded of anything if provided with good speech I Aristotle refutes Gorgia strategicart that seeks the best way of figuring out what to say to an audience in a given situation 0 Timing I exactly right time to delivera message COM 201 Reading 1118 Italicized are facts that are probably important to remember Bolded are the major topic of the notes Just words I want to emphasize Policies favoring free market Neoliberalismclassical liberal thought consumerism defining individual freedom Membership in civil society organization and loyalties to parties and political institutions have been eroded Most OECD nations 30 and youngerare independent Graying audience for seriousjournalism Electoral Politics succumbs to marketing Election spending has grown Think US is headingfrom Democracy to plutocracy Popular Frustrations with politics find another way Popularfrustration fed protest Past decade largest organization protest Ex climate change Use online to group people together 19905 consumer activists pressured business to clean up acts and lift environment labor and product safety standards Difference from past movements voluntary selfexpression shared and recognized in large social networks Crowds display persistence agendasetting issueframing Connective action prevail modern state Commercialization of internet action adds worry to connective action COM 201 Lecture Notes 1116 Italicized are facts that are probably important to remember Bolded are the major topic of the notes Just words I want to emphasize Review Hegemonyeitecontrooverideasinmedia Ideology real m of take nforgranted thoughts in society Visitor David Domke Communication shapes society Politics and religion hierarchy whites and Christians 0 Doesn t have to be that idea but constructed notions notnatural Religious example 0 quotgod bless America so common we don t think aboutit 0 Actually suggesting quotgod bless American and nowhere else 0 15000 speeches of politics public communication contain quotgod bless America I 1981 continual use ofquote after Ronald Reagan o Became the American politicslogan Presidential Campaign 0 US election months and millions ofdollars 0 Ben Carson republicans support because of hisfaith I Taking Paris refugees who are only Christians no other religion I Fear Muslims mingled with the refugees above is the suggested solution I Political advantage of using Christians Concept ofldeology 0 Equivalent tojet stream 9 easily pushed down 0 Should not deny facts but be critical thinkers I Don t base a small group as representatives of a largergroup 0 Should consider public debate instead of politicians playing on ourfears of racial and religious aspects Election of people who don t play on racial and Christian 0 Depends on which office you re runningfor o In Alabama if extremely Christian will get voted for Christianity and White Supremacy are core values ofAmerica Media and Society Industry and Business of Media and Media Effects Media and Ideology Does media content reflect media What is political rhetoric How do politics communicate Possibilities for participation online with politics Rush to mediatize new events Candidate debate 0 Donald Trumph Political Rhetoric Language is key creator of social world people experience Field of Political Communication Democracy and Communication Process of democracy requires citizens to be active participants in the political process Equal participation ofevery citizen by ourvote acquired through politicians public speeches Rhetoric Study of use of language Relationship between language and persuasion Style and abilityto presentself Patterns in speech effect ofspeech Value in speeches and studyingthe structures Aristotle Political Speech Senator 1 Mention being conservative mention 100million debt Senator2 loweringtaxes lowering regulations Senator 3 increase gab between socioeconomic status no vete ran s care Senator4 supporting veterans bringing up real life stories Question ofAudience Continge ncystrategytheory Adaptation choosing arguments based on the public one strategy is codeswitching interchanging between differentforms of speech or language COM 201 Lecture Notes 1118 Italicized are facts that are probably important to remember Bolded are the major topic of the notes Just words I want to emphasize Beirut is a warring zone Republic leaders seek quotpausequot in Syria refugees plan legislation soon Culture wars everywhere Ex accepting only Christian refugees Around 30 states 1 democratic state communicating about group ofdisadvantages Don t want to accept these refugees Mainstream media trying to create empathy using tools of technology New York times giving quotboxesquot Able to pretend to be there experience the sight of news reporters Known as I Only with empathy can you participate for real Distant suffering outside of contentfrom where we are 0 How do we cope with suffering o How do we use mainstream media to create suffering The Displaced Book Siblingsplitapartintheirstruggles Washington is very active rescuing Syria refugees Birds of Peace Documentary Revolution in Syria 0 From peaceful to violence 0 Using wedding dresses to symbolize peaceful protest o Arrested Blindfolded young men everywhere Sound of beatings Beating them 2 month detention Left Syria violence starting kicked from home business going down Phil Howard Technology important role in a cause of a story More and more women using media structure to pass the message Small political issue on how marriage Trying to speak of politics outside of community political shift Spiritual communities we rely on for guidance Arab springs Tunisia and Egypt showing beating of people Using face book to preserve artifacts of beatings Government usingfacebook to cause fake events and arrest them Politicians using box to pack to get polling following list shows how popular you are 0 Usingtwittertolookpopular 0 Using networks to confuse rather than block I Ex Russian shot down a Malaysian plane at Ukraine multiple stories trying to explain that no one knows which to the true story Fosterin gh in derin g online participation connective action hacktivism clicktivism in tern et filters networked society dark side of in tern et in tern et surveillance Using tools online to challenge ideologies Ex we are the 99 percent Using to gather collective participants There are more outlets for online participation Does it create new possibilities for participation in political process Political congregation isn t simple Frustration is new in political movement 1990 Seattle protest against WHO Power now rests in networks From industrial age to information age quotrise of the Network Society 0 Access to more people 0 May postsomething with dire consequences but contact many Ex Umbrella movement in Hong Kong Ex Los indignados movement in Spain Having new tools technology to spread news One active participation through onlinestrategies are group These are group of hackers who use techniques of technological in terven tion forsocial justice causes Anonymous Documentary December610 10000 people got angry at PayPal wiki link and so forth and go against US government viewson Arab Spring Participants are teenage rs Active participation and events One voice combing togetherno leadership Wild freedom People s Climate march o Relies on centralized coordination community organizing and broadcast media campaigning Operate on different political economy Voluntary selfexpression Shared and recognize in process offorming large social networks No organization group together ot voice out Congruent action vs collective action Criticisms of Connective action people just click but don t think in depth of the seriousness ofthe cause Ex facebook profile pictures with French flags OOOOO


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