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Miley Cyrus/TD Jakes Analysis

by: Abby Romero

Miley Cyrus/TD Jakes Analysis REL 202

Marketplace > Arizona State University > Liberal Arts > REL 202 > Miley Cyrus TD Jakes Analysis
Abby Romero
GPA 3.73
Religion & Popular Culture
Shahla Talebi

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About this Document

In-class analysis from Monday, Wednesday was a discussion from the readings
Religion & Popular Culture
Shahla Talebi
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abby Romero on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REL 202 at Arizona State University taught by Shahla Talebi in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 205 views. For similar materials see Religion & Popular Culture in Liberal Arts at Arizona State University.


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Date Created: 01/30/15
January 26 Miley Cyrus Analysis 0 Observing Miley Cyrus and her rise to popularity through inappropriate actions o In the particular clip shown in class Miley was wearing a bedazzled marijuana leaf bodysuit mimicking the act of masturbation 0 Although she is acting out of social norms she is challenging them by doing the most unacceptable and taboo acts 0 People s opinions on her seem are mostly on two opposite sides of the spectrum utterly horrified for the most part or are impressed by her confidence in embracing this new personality 0 Among the disapproving opinions most people think that she is doing it just for the attention or lack thereof 0 Losing followers and needed a new way to get a group behind her again 0 Her female masturbation act was compared to the pelvic thrust of Michael Jackson could be further brought to Elvis 0 Miley is quite obscene however she could be bringing forth some new ideas and shedding light on things that are taboo such as the norm of male masturbation as opposed to female masturbation 0 Has lipstick line with 100 of the profits going to AIDS research 0 After years of embracing the good girl persona she could just simply be embracing her true self it could just happen to be broadcasted for the whole world to see 0 Given all of these different viewpoints on what she is doing at the end of the day she has a large following place in the media and is making money as we speak about her which is ideally what she wants and could be a motive for why she continues to do this TD lakes 0 An enthusiastic evangelical pastor with quite a nice suit venue and more than likely overall quality of life 0 Despite the Christian motives behind his preaching where could all these luxurious items be coming from o More than likely preaches to people who make half or less than what he does as he must make money off of the CDs and sermons he does all in the name of God 0 Though he isn t as controversial he runs a business as a public figure just like Miley Cyrus does and make money at the end of the day for being seen CONCLUSION Both Miley Cyrus and TD lakes are preying on the vulnerabilities of people Whether it be not fitting in and finding refuge in those who break social norms or seeking salvation and turning to a popular pastor for guidance they make money off of those who want someone to follow January 26


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