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COM 107 notes week of 11/30

by: Samuel Gozinsky

COM 107 notes week of 11/30 COM 107

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Communication > COM 107 > COM 107 notes week of 11 30
Samuel Gozinsky
Communications and Society
Prof. Chock

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About this Document

Communications and Society
Prof. Chock
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samuel Gozinsky on Wednesday December 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 107 at Syracuse University taught by Prof. Chock in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Communications and Society in Communication at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 12/02/15
VI VII COM 107 113015 Media and body image Body image and health A Body image is the picture of our own body which we form in our own mind B Body image disturbance is detrimental to physical and mental health Media and the body A The obsessions in society thinspiration B What is the ideal body C Body and beauty standards Media in uences A Media are replete with ideal body images thinnessdepicting and promotiong media TDP B Media promotes this quotidealquot body ldeal body in mass media A Most bodies that we see in media are photoshopped or not real a These edited images make the standard of beauty even more unrealistic Theones A Social cognitive theory a By watching and observing others you learn and imitate their behavior B Social comparison theory a Humans tend to compare themselves to others b Upward comparison is when we compare ourselves to others that we believe are better than us c Downward comparison is when we compare ourselves to others that we believe are worse than us C Selfdiscrepancy theory a There are perceived gaps between our body and the 39 dealbodyquot b People are likely to experience poor body image from this Research A Methodological approaches a Survey b Experiments 1 What is the link between media exposure and body image c A meta analysis demonstrates a signi cant link between media exposure and body image concerns B New media and the body a Body image 20 in the di tal age b Fat talk in the internet c Social media in uences 1 We are always looking at other people39s pro les and now comparing ourselves to them Social media and body image gt Social media effects vs mass media effects how are they different a Social media is images of our peers not media models SNS images of real people Interactive characteristics of social media use Self generated media effects Some behaviors are more in uential a Social media for maintenance self presentation what you post on your own pro le 1 We sometimes edit or photoshop our images try to enhance our pro les 2 This causes a lot of social pressure b Use for grooming social engagement 1 Viewing other people s pro les and quotlikingquot them results in you comparing what you like to other peopleit leads to comparing yourself to a lot of other people c Taking sel es may promote greater self objecti cation Vlll Media literacy A How to combat negative body image B We can use media as an education tool W009 COM 107 12215 Gender and media Types of roles and characters A Cultivation repeated exposure makes us feel like the real world is more like the TV world Ex the violence on tv a People who watch soap operas think people cheat more in relationships B Symbolic annihilation a If we don39t see things represented in certain ways in media we begin to believe it doesn39t exist that way in real life EX women in certain roles on TV C Sexualization of characters D Workplace roles a Limited appearances in leadership roles b Speci c occupations c Absence of images Gender and media A Entertainment media B Traditional roles for women on TV a Donna reed b Bad girls c Secretaries and support C Changing workplace roles a Professionals b Cops c Singles Depictions of gender Other aspects Gender roles and sexual stereotypes What it means to be a real man or real woman Biological differences Cultural and social in uences a Physical anatomy brain chemisty and brain activity Socialization A Beauty ideals variations across time and cultures B lnternalization of values beliefs and attitudes a Acquisition of social norms C Social learning a How to b Behaviors and attitudes Social comparison theory A People are driven to evaluate themselves by examining their opinions and abilities in comparison to others B Satisfaction is based on nature of comparison C Importance of comparative target a ldeal or real D Are we doing as well or better than our target of comparison W909


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