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Rosaura Week 3; Part 2 and Part 3 (Spanish 204)

by: Hannah James

Rosaura Week 3; Part 2 and Part 3 (Spanish 204) Spanish 204

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Madison > Spanish > Spanish 204 > Rosaura Week 3 Part 2 and Part 3 Spanish 204
Hannah James
GPA 4.0
Fourth Semester Spanish (204)
Denise Castillo

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About this Document

These are summaries from week 3 of Rosaura a Las Diez (Parts 2 and 3).
Fourth Semester Spanish (204)
Denise Castillo
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hannah James on Wednesday December 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Spanish 204 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Denise Castillo in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Fourth Semester Spanish (204) in Spanish at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 12/02/15
Rosayra a Las Diez Week Three Part 2 and Part 32 Part II Summary 0 David Reguel gives his testimony to the inspector 0 He begins by talking about Camilo39s motive for killing Rosa 0 He encourages the inspector to value Mrs Milagros39s statement at quotnext to nothingquot because she can39t be taken seriously I He assumes that Mrs Milagros would blame the murder on the victim because the victim can39t defend herself 0 David Reguel claims to have foreseen this murder 0 He thinks that the other boarders at La Madrilena have been living in the clouds in regards to Camilo39s character 0 Because of Camilo39s physical deficiencies his small frame etc David believes that Camilo39s character is deficient and that he should be distrusted quotbecause of his physical vulnerabilityquot 0 Other characters from history who have suffered from this problem include Napoleon and Robespierre 0 They belong to the category of quotpotentially dangerous little menquot 0 David believes that Camilo is a volcano waiting to burst that the stones heaped on him by the others with Mrs Milagros as the foremost culprit pushed him toward the brink of disaster 0 David also thinks that Mrs Milagros39s daughters attributed to Camilo39s dangerous character by the way they do not maintain a minimum of coquetry in his presence 0 David eXplains the love affair between Camilo and Rosa by saying that Rosa has been kept away from the outside world by her protective father 0 She lives in a somber old house where she can never be herself Then Camilo comes along a being from another world an artist as opposite to her father as possible and she falls in love with him 0 Camilo realizes immediately the impression he has made on her and he takes advantage of her emotionally and physically David has read some of her letters and he reads sexual innuendo into them instead of the romantic promises that Mrs Milagros reads into them David believes that Camilo compromised Rosa and she then thinks that she can never be good for anyone else and that is why she pursues him at all costs 0 He also thinks that once Camilo has conquered Rosa he is repulsed by her I That is why Camilo stays seated at the dining room table while the other boarders greet her when she shows up at La Madrilena at ten o39clock All the while David believes that he is the only one who can see the truth and that everyone else is ignorant or stupid 0 He watches Camilo and prods him watching his reactions to test his hypotheses David talks about his deepening friendship with Rosa and a conversation he had with her before she marries Camilo David asks her if she really loves Camilo and she asks to talk about something else Then Rosa asks him what happens when a person gets married under a false name 0 She wants to know if the marriage will be valid or not 0 She tells him that her name is Marta not Rosa I She says that Rosa is a name that she and Camilo picked out to protect themselves 0 David advises her to put quotMartaquot down on the register because she39ll have to present her papers at city hall David tells the inspector about the shouting incident mentioned by Mrs Milagros 0 He overheard Camilo say to Rosa quotGet out of here Pack up and get out this minutequot I He heard Rosa and Camilo argue more and then he heard Camilo call Rosa a quotslutquot 0 David ran into the room and attacked Camilo 0 He wanted to kill him The night of the wedding David feels bitter 0 He can barely stand to look at Camilo and Camilo cannot seem to bear to look at Rosa When it comes time for the newlyweds to leave for the hotel David feels it is his responsibility to follow them to protect Rosa 0 He gets a cab to follow their car to the hotel I He watches as they go into the hotel and then he sees Camilo come out of the hotel alone David shouts at him to ask why he39s left Rosa David goes up the stairs and sees a scar faced man who looks like he probably works at the hotel 0 He tells the man that a blond girl has probably been killed and asks the man which room Camilo Canegato was in The man tells him to get out or he39ll call the police 0 David goes back down into the street and finds a policeman to bring back to the hotel He finally gets into the room and Rosa is dead 0 She has strangle marks on her neck Part III Summary 0 The inspector now interviews the accused Camilo Canegato O This time the conversation is two sided whereas the previous two interviews have not included any dialogue by the inspector 0 The inspector asks Camilo if he smokes and Camilo declines O The inspector thinks Camilo39s fingers look like smoker39s fingers but Camilo eXplains that the yellowish tint is from the acids he uses to restore paintings 0 Camilo is very talkative about art and eXpounds on his ideas and theories at length 0 He seems eager to discuss his passion with anyone who will listen to him 0 He is especially interested in the idea that modern art has to be phony to survive 0 Because of photographs and cinematography artists don39t have to be skilled anymore at making things look lifelike O In fact in order to differentiate themselves from artists of previous generations they have to make their art look different abstract 0 Camilo says he is to painting quotwhat the piano tuner is to music A servantquot 0 Camilo tells the inspector that the portrait of Mrs Milagros and her daughters is simply a photograph projected onto a canvas and then painted with tiny brush strokes 0 He tells the inspector that some people prefer these imitation portraits to photographs to satisfy their ambition 0 Camilo prides himself in being able to imitate the styles of various painters and has even taken orders to do portraits in particular styles and then sign the name of someone else 0 The inspector asks Camilo about his family 0 His father was strictuncommunicative and his mother died when he was a baby 0 Camilo says that he is fond of the Milagros family and that it39s only because of them that he has stayed at the boardinghouse so long 0 They have been like a family to him 0 The inspector accuses Camilo of falsifying documents because Rosa39s identity card for Marta Correga is false 0 Camilo admits that the identity card could be false but he says he39s not the one who made it 0 Camilo tells the inspector that Rosa never eXisted 0 He encourages him to go to the widower39s house in Belgrano and ask if it39s true that he had a wife that died ten years ago from cancer I This is true but if you ask the man if he has a daughter he will say that he doesn39t have any children 0 If you ask if Camilo Canegato did a portrait of his daughter and if his daughter ran away he will not understand 0 Camilo eXplains that Rosa is a creation of his 0 He wrote the letters to himself and mailed them 0 He dreamed up Rosa bought the blond tress at a costume shop and then somehow she materialized 0 Camilo has had trouble with his dreams in the past 0 Sometimes he hasn39t been able to differentiate between dreams and reality I For example when his father died he often dreamt that his father was resurrected and then he thought that the death was the dream 0 He couldn39t keep his dreams and reality straight and that39s why he took so much medicine quotfor his brainquot when he first arrived at La Madrilena 0 Now that he39s eXplaining this to the inspector he asks the inspector why he should be held accountable for something he dreamt O The inspector replies that usually when he wakes up there isn39t a dead body anywhere as a result of his dream 0 Camilo says that Rosa was an impossible ambition 0 He felt that if he could get one woman to love him that other women would then love him as well 0 Since he couldn39t get the first woman to love him he had to invent her 0 He wanted to make Matilda jealous of Rosa 0 Camilo broke off the artificial affair with Rosa when he felt his purpose had been served but then David Reguel came home saying he had seen her face 0 Then several nights later Rosa39s face appeared at the boardinghouse asking for him 0 Camilo felt like he was going crazy when Rosa appeared O From that point until the wedding Camilo is frantic trying to figure out whether he is dreaming or facing some ghost 0 He still believes that she is an invention of his imagination so he tries to snuff her out 0 He tries to strangle her but he runs out of the hotel before she is dead 0 He runs out of the hotel room and sees the scar faced man called Turk 0 He sees another man who steps into a room as if hiding from him and then David Reguel grabs him outside Vocabulary Part 2 el alojamiento p 118 housing enfurecer p 119 to anger entorpecer p 110 to hinder la fachada p 102 facade suceder p 118 to happen Part 3 retocar p 126 to touch e1 aliVio p 131 relief creciente p 135 increased 1a ri a gt re ir p138 quarrelto quarrel


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