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RGD week 4

by: Ally Hill

RGD week 4 28626

Ally Hill
GPA 3.3
Race, Gender, & Development
Aisha Upton

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About this Document

Race, Gender, & Development
Aisha Upton
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ally Hill on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 28626 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Aisha Upton in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Race, Gender, & Development in Sociology at University of Pittsburgh.

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Date Created: 01/30/15
RGD 126 01262015 0 The Politics of Respectability An early attempt at self de nition First emerged as a way to counter the negative images of black Americans as lazy shiftless stupid and immoral in popular culture and the racist pseudoscience of the 19th century Shows a photo of quotblack facequot a picaninny with watermelon in its hand Minstrel shows depicted black Americans as idiotic and jobless Black man in minstrel show was named Cotton As long as we ve had lm we ve had negative images of African Americans Youtube quotThe most racist cartoon everquot In the newspaper you could open it to the cartoon section and see Blackface cartoons As black women sought to be viewed as equals in public spaces they met considerable challenges Black women leaders sought to establish their respectability through that act lay claim to fait and equal treatment in public life The politics of respectability enacted through a speci c culture of dissemblance is a response to the myth of hypersexuality They believe that being lady like and respectable will save them from sexual violence every day violence and the mental violence of having negative images of your people in the media Culture of dissemblance and politics of respectability are very similar One might wear skirts that don t show ankles to seem more respectable These women also policed and condemned immoral practices among other Black people Don Lemon on the black community addressing black on black crime No talking points 0 quotPull up your pants 0 The 39N Word black people stop using Entertainers stop taking the word back 0 Respect where you live don t litter in your community 0 Finish school stop telling kids they re acting white because they nish school or speak proper English 0 Family rst just because you can have a baby doesn t mean you should more than 72 of children in the African American community are born out of wedlockquot Don Lemon ignores institutional reasons that certain things happen in black communities Shifts between using real numbers and personal anecdotes Lots of blaming of the black mothers Study done in Philadelphia poor women put motherhood before marriage because they would get less bene ts being married to another unskilled worker o The Popular Display of Black Bodies for Science Saartjie Baartman put on display in Freakshows 0 People looked at her and touched her in every part of her body all day long 0 She died after being featured in a Freakshow 0 Only person who s body parts were kept on display 0 They kept her labia Ota Benga at the Bronx Zoo in 1906 o Described as a pygme in the zoo with gorillas and orangutans Joice Heth was rumored to be 161 years old 0 When she died she was the subject of the very rst public autopsy ever to see if she was really 161 years old and it was found out she was 80 Recap The Politics of Respectability quota will to actionquot an early attempt at self de nition striving to reverse a history of objecti cation counter the negative images of black Americans in the media 0 Don Lemon says quotit s always a choicequot Pant sagging is not speci cally a quotblack problemquot Dropping out of school is not a black problem 0 quotThe White Gazequot some people would argue that respectability politics is about the white gaze black people need to seem respectable to white people so they can have access to resources good jobs etc They also do not want to be sexually assaulted white people are the ones who have regular access to resources black people who are into politics of respectability want to pass as white people hence why most are very light skinned when we have negative images of black people in the media in black newspapers they have cartoons about how to conduct yourself in everyday life The white gaze is always present there s always white people quotgiving them the side eyequot


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