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Week 15 Notes

by: jjb13n

Week 15 Notes PSY 4930

GPA 2.54
Affective Neuroscience
Dr. Wen Li

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About this Document

Affective Neuroscience
Dr. Wen Li
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by jjb13n on Thursday December 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 4930 at Florida State University taught by Dr. Wen Li in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Affective Neuroscience in Psychlogy at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 12/03/15
Week 15 Notes Anxiety Defined 0 An adaptive healthy emotional state and response Debilitating and pathological When exceeding an optimal level 0 O Cognition Behavior Physiology 0 Anxiety Disorders 0 00000 Social Anxiety Disorder Speci c Phobias Panic Disorder Generalized Anxiety Disorder OCD PTSD Neurobiological Model of Anxiety 0 The conditioning model of anxiety disorders pathological anxiety neurosis develops by way of classical conditioning O l the effectiveness of exposure therapy for treating anxiety disorders 2 greater excitatory conditioning to danger cues CS among patients vs controls 3 impaired inhibitory learning extinction learning among patients compared to controls Anxiety amplifies fear learhin ah regp nse C E Seal D quotE IIIquotI IIMH ma u ll 51 553151 millage quotJ quotu F Li m 39Ei E N L 39b li i39ig i39Eu39II HI FHUIHEIEFIJ 4 r sl i SUI IZrJS Vlnr E5 EE Earl n 3 E Hng1 l gizd l 3mm far Fred i IL my 25 EE quotJEJ 35 am at EU aEu 9 aimEH1 tquot III E 5393 341355 5T gm 3143 ng ugh aimingdam acnenip E i iquot E Fwd 393 3 11 l39l39lEElu i EFESE39RG39I quot5 5mm tt urqnj Ilndiivhduals high in trait anxiity shunwed increased amyggdialla respmsiuiity tn Fear cues This wag Il nked tum stmnger iinitial SCH acquiisitian m quotthese cues 1 551 15 I m 5 Prim CS Sufi curarg earlr Ire39qla Sim rth I39If i 392 a I 3915 El 35 3E 35 Eli 5 SH 556 S39I AI E39TEHL JIIEIUEEE IE 5mm Ilndmina at BIL Z ilil Anxiety weakens thi CtliDn lie Inning A E F FLT u 3 EL nae E IVA E55quot intiitritiuaia High in quotili rait anxiety ahewed impaueriehea eFiFi 5 w reapanees i F1 n n n an aquot lezl 539 3939 an quotl39 392 en a Iii 39 W 4 39 55M W39Tl l39 EHHHETE SCENE DI EllPal E TlW I39ii39iv39I iFTE seen 39E39FFC 39E39IE EIHF39I E Elf VIEWSI 39I39EIUE F39FC tillEight E li 39l i EtiIL eapnaure therapy mediated blip eatinetinn learning ren39ivaine tine primary treatment at anxiety diaerriiera lean phehiaa a r uLlI r39rrrI i 2 quotl Dirll l39 ii it 12ir lriu Indexvina et alni l iiiiii Amygdala and Anxiety Assessing threat input Preparing ght ight response projects to brain stem Facilitating sensory acquisition Enhancing arousal and learning longterm emotional memory Anxiety symptoms and Amygdala outputs o Panicphobia I Amygdalacentered circuit 0 ReeXperiencing I Hippocampal stimulation of the amygdala O Avoidance I Amygdala output to periaqueductal grey O Autonomic responses I Amygdala output to locus ceruleus O Endocrine responses I Amygdala output to hypothalamus 0 Breathing I Amygdala to parabrachial nucleus Neural Basis of Different Anxiety Disorder Subtypes o PTSD O Amygdala hyperresponsivity 0 ACC de ciency O Hippocampal de ciency 0 Social Anxiety Disorder and Speci c Phobias O Amygdala hyperreactivity O Hippocampus hyperreactivity O Insula hyperreactivity 0 Panic Disorder 0 Suffocation fear C02 pH valueacidity 0 Brain lactate metabolism 0 Acidsensing ion channel ASIC responding to low pH value 0 Key Symptoms I Obsession thoughts and Compulsion behavior 0 repetitive O Corticostriatothalamocortical circuitry I Striatum is inef cient at inhibiting thalamus and OFC 0 Lower NAA level I OFC is thus hyperactive gt obsessions uncontrollable intrusive thoughts C mpariisun ew33 anxiety idiscnridiers Elwinquotm dmnieinmlunamir n w IpiIHIHE I M ln lai l misaliii Frli iilhrla39iliisil39l lliil ui i i nit lmrnv hr Eh twirl mum Minn CE I Fiyi lm lhir lizi Imliira Ehm39 imi i lll i It ll l Ini 1 awful I l l li a iim MEET mail Email pm l i m39pu liEMEi lustEr II in ll m m quot 1 Inn131 l i39l39i il n lb Eu l m night Edi 11 1h 39i g l Burial inm el Spherilix Rhuhin FE r E H39lu39PEIfbtlii i39 ltinl39l Lznmpanmn subjects w gmlaij HIPherar i39m imm Lp ljl lla 39 mnpuirimnl auhjEtFILJ A Neurosensory Pathway to Anxiety AmydalaEDr efrentm Circuitry in Anxiety A summary er rage Studiee heightened amygdele reeetivity Eruprpr eesed PFC inihTiniitie PTSD umlFFFE hyperespensiviw duriin exthnethem gym stem 3 revectiien metien reign lithe n ette mien regu Lathe n Emir EH ilill39ij39l Ewwnni rem El 411nm i I Lil u lglaiwlginJ PPquot Elwynvigil p quot39l lliln Faintzeal i It LETimam ailiidu Iquot 39 IW 39EI39EFi iGyiraliarii m iquoti iL i W I 11


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