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Week 13 ! Black Kirby & Feminist in ArtActivism

by: Nicole Tsai

Week 13 ! Black Kirby & Feminist in ArtActivism UGC 112LR

Marketplace > University at Buffalo > University Studies > UGC 112LR > Week 13 Black Kirby Feminist in ArtActivism
Nicole Tsai
GPA 3.6
World Civilization 2
Timothy Triandos

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About this Document

Class notes based on the Feminism movements in 1960-70 Lecture recording is available upon request. Black Kirby recording available upon request as well.
World Civilization 2
Timothy Triandos
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nicole Tsai on Thursday December 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to UGC 112LR at University at Buffalo taught by Timothy Triandos in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see World Civilization 2 in University Studies at University at Buffalo.


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Date Created: 12/03/15
World Civilization Week 13 12315 Feminism in ArtActivism 1 Feminist movement a Late 605705 movements questioned governments right to intervene in personal and civil matters b Realization that private and public overlap the person is the political i The public policies effect everyday lives c NOW National Org for Women i 2000 women gathered in New York 5th Ave 19705 ii Celebrated 50th amendment for women s rights to vote d Objectives i Equal opportunity ii Pervasive political rights iii Equality in social and private relationships Marriage iv Reproductive freedom v Free childcare 2 NOW National Org for Women a 2000 women gathered in New York 5th Ave 19705 b Celebrated 50th amendment for women s rights to vote 3 ADHOC 1985 a Women s art committee that called on Whitney Museum Wanted 50 rep of women and artist of color Museums were dominated by white men 50 of the women should be African American Faith Ringgold i The Flag is Bleeding 1967 ii Painted the violence of the 19605 and the struggle of racial and sexuality rights iii The white male stands aggressively and largely to express the privilege f Protested the small amount of women shown g Threw eggs ad tampons that carried inscription calling for reform i Egg and tampons are symbols of women reproduction experience 4 Guerilla Girls a Sit ins public lectures etc Wore guerilla mask to hide personality and identity Revealed inequity of museums quotDo women have to be naked to be in the Metropolitan Museum of Art i Male subjectivity make vision make perspective male desires 5 Judy Chicago 19705 a Rainbow Pickett 1966 b Minimalism art c Painted on Car Hoods i Critiqued for being overly sexual ii Showed how society doesn t allow women to create sexual art but men could d Recreated minimalist art in pastel feminine colors i Her mentors said her colors were bad they preferred quotearthlyquot men colors 9906 906 World Civilization Week 13 12315 ii Pastel colors associate with women e Pasadena Lifesavers 196970 i Developed female abstract forms ii Ex Circle represents Womb 6 Miriam Schapiro a Big Ox 1968 b Merged male art with female frames of reference c Taking familiar artistic forms and remaking it in an unfamiliar way 7 Joan Semmel a Touch 1974 i Painted in female point of view looking down at her own body and her lovers ii Represented existence of perspectives of those opressed and marginalized 8 Donald Judd a Untitled 1968 b Minimalist box from art c Sampled Stella 9 Frank Stella a Marriage of reason and Squalor i Black canvas with line pattern 10 Kenneth Noland i Askew 1 Concentric circles in different colors 2 Experimented with shapes on Canvas 3 Sampled by Chicago and remade in Pasadena LifeSavers 11 Women House a Chicago and Schapiro founded feminist program in arts b Students were each assigned a room to artistically recreate i Chicago created Menstruation Bathroom 1 Used and unused sanitary pads strew about 2 Menstruation was not accepted in society 3 Women reproduction and natural ovulation was unaccepted ii Nurturing Kitchen 1 Sculptures of eggs that became breast the farther the got down the wall 2 Challenged women s natural place is kitchen iii Bridal Staircase 1 Represented the want of marital equality 2 Bride portrayed as a product in lace approaching her new marriage life


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