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by: N3koKikyu

Notes 70771 - PSYC 100 - 002

GPA 3.5
Basic Concepts in Psychology
Keith D Renshaw (P)

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About this Document

Notes for 12/1/15 and 12/3/15 enjoy! :)
Basic Concepts in Psychology
Keith D Renshaw (P)
Class Notes
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by N3koKikyu on Thursday December 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 70771 - PSYC 100 - 002 at George Mason University taught by Keith D Renshaw (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Basic Concepts in Psychology in Psychlogy at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 12/03/15
Tuesday December 1 2015 Psychology 100 Influence of Others Conformity changing your behavior to fit with others without overt pressure Research Asch What makes us conform 1 Feel incompetentinsecure 2 At least 3 people in the group 3 Group is unanimous 4 Admire statusattractiveness 5 No prior commitment to something different 6 Others in group can observe behaviorresponse Obedience perform a behavior because someone tells you to Research Milgram s Power of social influence Role of Authority Research Zimbardo Wanted to look at social roles he created a fake prison environment where he randomly selected people to be prisoners or guards for two weeks Fake arrested the prisoners and had to obey the guards In five days everything had out of control Prisoners were planning riots doing hunger strikes guards were using force So they had to cancel it Bystander Effect the more people there are that see something bad happen the less likely anyone is to do something about it Diffusion of responsibility Counteracting this effect Group Dynamics Groupthink everyone agrees even if they may disagree in order to keep group harmony Tuesday December 1 2015 Self Loafing tendency to put forth less effort when they are in the group Group polarization if you have a bunch of people who only weakly lean toward one direction Prosocial Behavior Empathyaltruism we feel empathy for others and at times we have an unselfish desire to help someone else Negative State relief we see others in need and because we have empathy it makes us feel bad so we try to help them at so that we can stop feeling bad Deliberate influence Persuasion using messages to change attitudes Factors that affect persuasion Source expertise credibility Pre existing beliefs delivery of message emotional sdofwe Thursday December 3 2015 Psychology 100 Attraction Factors Physical features Similarity more attracted to people who seem similar to you Reciprocity we like people who do things for us Proximity the closer someone is the more attractive you find them Matching Hypothesis people tend to end up with other people who are roughly similar levels of attractiveness sdfowe Love Passionate romantic An intense longing we feel for a person accompanied by physiological arousal when our love is reciprocated we feel great fulfillment and ecstasy but when it s not we feel sadness and despair Companionate The intimacy and affection we feel when we care deeply for a person but do not experience passion or arousal in the person s presence Intimacy Commitment Overtime Endearing quirks annoying habits Routine boredom Takes Work Compromise Express positives Consider each other s wishesperspectives


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