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Health Care

by: Katie Mullins

Health Care PSY 2400

Katie Mullins
GPA 3.85
Developmental psychology
Dr.Glenn Weisfeld

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About this Document

Health care in the US vs. other developed countries, French health care system, improvements to be made, etc.
Developmental psychology
Dr.Glenn Weisfeld
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katie Mullins on Thursday December 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 2400 at Wayne State University taught by Dr.Glenn Weisfeld in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Developmental psychology in Psychlogy at Wayne State University.


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Date Created: 12/03/15
Health Care 1 Who pays In most developed countries taxes like payroll taxes employed people pay a certain amount and this cares for everyone retirees poor unemployed US employers offer healthcare during WW2 employers weren t allowed to give more compensation so they started offering health care as a benefit but this hinders upward mobility because the insurance may be the only reason they stay at the job another one is better better hours closer to home but doesn t offer health insurance Medica reMedicaid VAA taxes pay for it The underemployeduninsured have to buy own insurance which is astronomical Under Affordable Care Act supplements for those who qualify can help pay for insurance Forprofit insurance Only the US where it exists No where else does FORprofit insurance exist Private insurance companies exist outside of the us in Europe but are heavily regulated and not forprofit Not a lot of switching plans yearly or comparisons like suggested in the US Fee for service Most other countries yes insurance company pays for diagnostic procedures operations etc but not in our Veteran s administration or UK Excessive or unnecessary procedures are ordered less often since someone is paying for it Can one choose their doctor Singlepayer systems almost all yes however not UK with NHS Most private plans in the US are limited to Doctors in the network of the insurance company VA their doctors unless suitable one isn t available MedicareMedicaid go anywhere that they re accepted accepted fewer places since MedicareMedicaid pays the doctors less Basic care for all True every developed country except the US offers basic care for all 30 million uninsured in the US often delay treatment experience worsened condition with more expensive treatment use the emergency room where they won t be turned away for a simple condition 40000 people in the US die yearly because they don t have insurance and can t get treatment Waiting times Other countries as good as or better than the US Why high times in the US There are not enough doctors Canadahigh times in Canada may be because its an elective procedure Delays are because its sparsely populated in a large country A lot of health professionals move to the US to make more money but most people are overall happy with the program Cost Insurance is twice as expensive here Avg patient costs 7000 a year other countries are about 3500 for care Doctors get paid more here especially specialists Drugs are more expensive because the government is forbidden to negotiate drug prices except VA can t negotiate for Medicare and Medicaid Pharmaceuticals can advertise paid for by the consumers They focus on dailyneeded pills not antibiotics or vaccines A lot of tests and treatments are ordered here often said because of lawsuits and malpractice but someone is making money whenever a test is ordered or blood is drawn Insurance companies are making a lot of money by overcharging for care Doctors seek approval for a test by asking insurance company discourages inessential test They ll limit compensation for a condition Wendell potter Deadly Spins book on ways insurance companies delay or deny care sneakHy Most staff in the doctor s office are there to deal with insurance and paperwork not actualcare 700000 bankruptcies due to medical costs in the US Quality Other developed countries live 24 years longer on average US is 30th51st in life expectancy longevity quotliving in the US is hazardous to your health Contributors forprofit and hospitals quotas for doctors per hour each patient gets less time with the doctor short hospital stays happen quite often to reduce costs hygiene is low dirty hospitals infections are high in hospitals due to cutting the bottom line a lot of medical errors in this country IV properly inserted wrongly prescribing drugs which is one of the leading cause of death patients ignorance stopping medication before its done won t pay for prescription French system 1 in World Health Organization US is 37th Canada 30th 65 are satisfied in France 40 are satisfied in the US French live at least 2 years longer than their US counterparts A Quality Doctors make house calls in France advantages patient is immobile highly prone to infections don t have to o to a dirty hospital They also stress preventive care money for prenatal care pay for postnatal visits Russia is visited every month Social workers make sure moms are making their visits Women who deliver spend at least 5 days in the hospital US lucky at 2 days 3x doctors per capita as in the us more hospital beds per person little waiting to be seen in FR seek medical care 2x as often as in the US B Coverage Everyone is covered even illegals don t have to get approvals for tests no denials of treatment no limitations of treatment any doctor C Cost 3500 pp per year administrative costs are much lower than ours hospitals are pristine D Payment electronic billing scan your card your insurance company is charged Govt negotiates prescriptions and fees 10x less than the US doctors make 60 less they don t have to pay medical school tuition low malpractice insurance rates and reliable pension for retirement and incentives for research ER teaching doctors additional training Mostly payroll and income taxes taxes on alcohol and tobacco Different copays given how effective the drug is more efficacy more funding Copays none for poor people if the illness is chronic or expensive not a copay Ambulance 2 euros most fees are to differ excessive treatment French usually have supplemental insurance 1000 a year copays psychotherapy optical is taken care of dental E Problems ER is overused rising medical costs emphasizing educational measures to take more care delivered by nurses digitalizing records training more medical students prescribing generic drugs instead of brandnames 10 Conclusions Immediate needs We need more doctors and trained nurses with optimal training The Affordable Care Act has resulted in important benefits no more limits on what an insurance company will cover no exclusion or conditional coverage still as expensive as before but there is still a profit being made so there is a long ways to go


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