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Last Week of Notes

by: Dora Notetaker

Last Week of Notes 403-2B

Dora Notetaker
International Relations Seminar
Nikolaos Zahariadis

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About this Document

Here are the last week of notes from Dec. 1 and Dec. 3. We discussed social and neighborhood policy in the EU.
International Relations Seminar
Nikolaos Zahariadis
Class Notes
European Union, political science, international relations, Comparative Politics
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dora Notetaker on Thursday December 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 403-2B at University of Alabama at Birmingham taught by Nikolaos Zahariadis in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see International Relations Seminar in Public Relations at University of Alabama at Birmingham.


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Date Created: 12/03/15
PSC 403 Seminar in International Studies Dr Zahariadis Last week of notes Week of Nov 30 Tue Dec1 Final will not be comprehensive will cover only material since the midterm Bring bluebooks Social policy 0 The EU is more than just EMU Economic and Monetary Union 0 It s notjust about economics and making money Positive vs Negative integration 0 Positive integration is not good integration 0 It means that you have to develop new laws amp new agencies in order to integrate 0 Negative good 0 You have to dismantle agencies and laws in order to integrate But neither is better But negative integration is easier to do less costly and more politically plausible o It doesn t cost you anything 0 In fact you may save money by dismantling agencies 0 But this means people will lose jobs or have to be moved across departments 0 Negative integration tends to look at the lowest common denominator while positive tends to aspire to the highest common denominator 0 Positive let s try to emulate the country with the best example 0 When it comes to social policy Let s emulate the country that gives the best social welfare 0 But negative integration happens in economics less in other things 0 Because it is easiest to do 0 Deregulation is easiest to do 0 Europe hasn t been able to integrate in social policy 0 Countries that have very good social policies don t want to integrate because they fear the loss of their high standards o If you want to integrate the social policies of places like Sweden amp Croatia Croatia will go up but Sweden will have to go down 0 And countries like Croatia will have to raise taxes in order to pay for welfare 0 OR use EU funds which means places like Sweden will have to pay for it eventually anyway 0 Plus What is Sweden s comparative advantage o Incredibly high taxes 70 of income Which they use to finance a better welfare system and a high standard of living for its workers People don t want to give up 70 of paycheck to have someone else not be homeless 0 And places like Sweden have to be homogeneous and people are socialized into this kind of thinking Thursdav Dec 3 Neighborhood policy 0 Stems from the realization that the EU had attraction beyond Europe 0 They decided they needed to keep those countries in the periphery because they affect the EU 0 Came up with Neighborhood policy 1995 Barcelona First 0 Aimed to bring together countries in the North African area to establish good connection with Europe 0 Situation in Algeria They were collapsing in a civil war 0 The EU remained neutral 0 Algerians took some of the fighting to France 0 France wanted a stable Algeria I There is a lot of French oil in Algeria 0 Algerians got to choose who they wanted they voted for Islamic extremists and the French did not like this so they organized a coup 0 French helped come up with N P Neighborhood policy established 1 You had to be European if you wanted to be part of the EU 2 Wanted to normalize relations with unstable countries a To stop migrants from coming into Europe b Gave money to these countries c These countries liked this they were getting money 911 happened o It became a catalyst for tightening the borders 0 Countries that were getting perks for maintaining good relations with the EU stopped getting them 0 The EU put a freeze on membership after 2004 0 After Eastern European countries came in o The EU had to bring these new countries up to par with the rest of the EU 2004 Ukraine s Orange Revolution o It was a tense political battle between proRussian Ukrainians and proEurope Ukrainians o Riots and protests on the street 0 The Russians had poisoned the actual winner of the elections and they could never prove it but everyone knew 0 Ukraine was always a torn country o Russia s foreign policy to this day is to have buffer states between them and Europe former Soviet satellite states 0 So Russia said that the Ukraine could not become part of the EU 0 Ukraine had been invited to become part of NATO Russia was not 0 All of this preluded to 2014 Ukraine Crisis So Neighborhood policy suffered o It proved to be not an effective policy 0 Could not enforce stability and maintain good relations 2011 Arab Spring o New era of EU North AFrica policy 0 EU had sent money to these countries to topple the old dictatorships o ldea was that new democracies would be stable and good friends of the EU 0 But that s not what happened Tunisia Terrorism Syria Civil war Europe couldn t cope with these problems Migration policy 0 Dublin Treaties many of them 0 Immigration before was strictly a national issue but now it s a EU issue 0 Countries guard their borders because it is a national security matter 0 Dublin Treaties 0 Say that information could and should be shared 0 Because it affects the Schengen Agreement I It allows free movement between Schengen countries if you are an EU citizen o It was decided that in order to maintain Schengen immigrants would be registered in the country of entry into the EU 0 Terrible for countries that were on the front lines Illegal migrants are the problem because they could not be controlled So the Dublin Treaties made Germany and Sweden s problem into Spain and ltaly s problem even if Germany and Sweden are migrants final destination 0 Why Mediterranean countries Because migrants were from N Africa and that was closest Solutions Why did Med countries make it their problem 0 Richer countries Germany gave funding to Mediterranean countries to upgrade their border technology 0 Flows were relatively manageable But now after Arab Spring 0 Huge flows coming in o Differentiate between migrants and refugees o Refugees Fleeing for their life o Migrants Seeking new economic opportunities 0 Flow accelerated over time but it reached huge proportions in 2015 2015 Refugee Crisis 0 Points of entry have shifted from Mediterranean countries to Greece 0 People are not coming from SubSaharan Africa but from Middle East 0 Spaniards have instituted strict border controls 0 They ve found a way to differentiate between refugees and migrants I Refugees coming from countries in the state of war I Who is in a state of war Europe decides o This creates illegal passports Don t know how to deal with it Refugees don t want to stay in Greece Refugees stuck in no man s land at Greek border and winter is coming Summarization of the EU Organization created after WWI to help cooperation in Europe 0 In this sense it had been very successful Created a sense of security 0 Not as successful 0 1 step fonNard 2 steps bacloNard Integration 0 Periods of Euphoria and periods of Eurosclerosis More integrated Europe Europe is better than in 1950s But in some aspects no Has the EU made Europe more democratic No Resentment 0 Countries that are subject of austerity measures 0 EU comes in to impose painful measures on them I Many voters feel this way 0 Resentment for opposite reason Countries that have to pay for mistakes that other countries have made 0 Bailing them out monetary o Nonmonetary having to suffer the consequences of mistakes of other states 0 Why should we be part of the EU when its pulling us down EU is at a critical moment in time 0 Significant movement against integration 0 But this varies within countries 0 Groups that are Euroscepticism Extreme xenophobic parties coming to power Can countries create the kind of prosperity on their own that EU has 0 Probably not Final Exam Thus Dec 10 900am 1015am Essay only Material from midterm From Council of Ministers EP CFSP ESDP Defense EMU Origins of Crisis how it has morphed into more than econ crisis Social policy a Pos Neg integration Agriculture Neighborhood amp migration policy 9951999 0051


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