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Week 14 Notes

by: Cynthia Bressler

Week 14 Notes Music 170

Cynthia Bressler
GPA 4.0
History of Rock and Roll
Dr. Maxwell

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About this Document

History of Rock and Roll
Dr. Maxwell
Class Notes
#Maxwell #KSU #music170 #rockandroll
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cynthia Bressler on Friday December 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Music 170 at Kansas State University taught by Dr. Maxwell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views.


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Date Created: 12/04/15
Week 14 Notes George Clinton Drew from accomplishments made by James Brown and Berry Gordy Jr Leader of the New Jersey based group Parliaments o Aspired to be the next Temptations or Four Tops o Moved to Detroit basically to get signed by Motown 0 Clinton began recording under the name Funkadelic on a different label Parliament was the more commercial of the two groups 0 Parliament recorded on Casablanca Records 0 Funkadelic recorded on Westbound records then moved to Warner s Parliament Mothership Connection 1976 o Contained the hit Tear the Roof off the Suckerquot 0 Tour featured elaborate stage show that included a spaceship descending onto the stage Reggae Origins and in uences In uential on later styles 0 Punk amp rap Jamaican music was present in music of the 1940s and 1950s Americans enjoyed calypso music in the 1950s They began to talk over the records as well as play the music 0 Called toasting Evolution of Jamaican music During the 1960s New Orleans rhythm and blues died out o The style had been exemplified by Fats Domino 0 Jamaicans created their own version of it called ska o Ska was replaced by a style called rock steadyquot Reggae rhythms were more syncopated than rhythm and blues rhythmic structures Bob Marley Most important reggae musicians in the 1970s Member of a 1960s vocal trio called the Wailers Recorded using backing band the Upsetters Chris Blackwell established Island Records in the UK 0 Released records recorded in Jamaica for the British market 0 Substantial subculture of Jamaicans living in England 0 Reggae in the UK during the early 1970s in uenced many of the English musicians First album Catch a Fire released in the spring of 1973 Followed by Burnin later in 1970s Rise of disco Rock was for listening in the 19705 The hippie aesthetic dominated the overall approach to rock music 0 Live bands were preferred to diskjockeys in clubs and bars Clubs featuring DIS playing records appeared in the gay community 0 Records provided an alternative to live music for gay clubs Breakthrough of disco into the mainstream The disco scene was the backdrop for the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever 0 Starring John Travolta 0 Soundtrack songs by the Bee Gees became disco staples o Stayin Alivequot amp Night Feverquot 1978 Major rock artists released disco avored tracks 0 Stones Rod Stewart Kiss even did a track Quincy Jones produced Michael Jackson s 1979 album O the Wall The album contained Don t stop till you get Enoughquot Return of the producers Disco returned the authority to producers o Brill Building or Motown models were used to make disco records Emergence of Rap Hiphop culture Origins in New York Two elements of hiphop culture drew public s attention before rap 0 Graffiti amp break dancing First hiphop DIS Employed the Jamaican approach to providing sound systems for parties 0 Parties were often in city parks 0 MCs master of ceremonies commented on the music 0 Also encouraged partygoers to dance and join in the festivities The mix concept Radio stations and dance clubs used two record turntables 0 One for the record being played 0 The other for the next record to be cued up to play Early DIS used this approach to transition from one song to the next 0 Kool Herc o Grandmaster Flash Break spinning Scratching o Popularized by Grandmaster Flash Afrika Bambaataa Incorporated obscure or unlikely tacks into his mixes Founded Zulu Nation in 1974 o Focused on deemphasizing crime in NY First rap records Sugar Hill Records 0 Based in Englewood New Jersey 0 Run by Joe amp Sylvia Robinson 0 Sylvia heard party guests chanting rhymes with instrumental sections of disco records 0 Though it might sell so assembled some young men who rapped over a rhythm track for Chic s Good Timesquot 0 Released Rapper s Delightquot 1979 Focus became the rapping 0 Instrumental mixing became the backdrop to the rapping 0 D15 switched roles from leaders of live hiphop entertainment ot background accompanists Def Jam Records Formed by Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin Released records by top rappers 0 LL Cool I o Beastie Boys 0 Public Enemy Simmons formed Rush Entertainment management company LL Cool I had better crossover success in 1987 o I Need Lovequot 0 Possibly the 1St rap ballad o The album Bigger and De er crossed over successful on album charts RunDMC quotRunquot Ioseph Simmons RunDMC liked the openin drum beat from Aerosmith s Walk This Wayquot 0 Rick Rubin rerecorded the song s tracks with Aerosmith s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry 0 The RunDMC version featured both the rappers and the rockers 0 Walk This Wayquot 1986 brought rap into the pop mainstream Beastie Boys Single You Gotta Fight for your Right to Partyquot was a successful crossover in 1987 First band to truly take digital samples and use them Sampling became the mainstay of rappers to create backing tracks 0 Lawsuits arose over obligations to pay for use of other artists tracks 0 They are require to pay for use of tracks Tracy Morrow Moved to LA as a child Became one of the most important west coast rappers His single I m Your Pusherquot 1988 focused on urban problems 0 More angry and aggressive than earlier artists in the 1970s Greater crossover success in the 1990s 0 06 Original Gangster 1991 Public Enemy Combined elements of other groups 0 Led by Chuck D and Flavor Flav 0 One of the most in uential groups in rap 0 Rhythmic style of RunDMC Chart success began in 1988 o It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back 0 Band s singles Fight the Powerquot 1989 was popularized on film 0 Apocalypse 91 NWA Niggaz with Attitude Los Angeles Even angrier approach to rap 0 Band s 1989 album Straight Outta Compton notable for negative reaction 0 Record company Ruthless received a warning letter from the FBI Penchant for depicting dangerous urban life appealed strongly to white kids Next album EFIL4ZAGGIN hit number one on the pop album charts in 1991


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