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PSYC4220 Week 15 Notes

by: Caitlin Conner

PSYC4220 Week 15 Notes PSYC 4220

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Psychlogy > PSYC 4220 > PSYC4220 Week 15 Notes
Caitlin Conner
GPA 3.8
Developmental Psychology
Kacy Welsh

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About this Document

Lecture notes from 11/30-12/4
Developmental Psychology
Kacy Welsh
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caitlin Conner on Friday December 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 4220 at University of Georgia taught by Kacy Welsh in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Developmental Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 12/04/15
o PSYC4220 WEEK 15 NOTES 0 November 30 2015 0 Chapter 16 Social and Personaliy Development in Adolescence o Erikson s Psychosocial Theory ldentity vs role confusion teensearly 205 ldentity mature selfde nition sense of who one is where one is going how one ts into society ldentity crisis a time of uncertainty anxiety about identity Unsuccessful at developing identityaimless directionless may adopt socially unacceptable behaviors 0 Identity development James Marcia identi ed 4 identity statuses based on Level of commitment to a particular aspect of identity Time spent exploring options regarding that aspect of identity 1 Identity diffusion not committed haven t explored options 2 Identity foreclosurecommit to aspect of identity without exploring options 3 Identity moratoriumexperience crisisexploring options not committed 4 Identity achievementexplore options commit 0 Was Erikson correct about identity development Timing Believed quotidentity crisisquot was resolved by end of high school 1518 0 Research does not support this Males aged 1218 most in foreclosure or diffusion 21 and up most in moratorium or achievement women similar but place more emphasis on gender roles sexuality and balancing careerskids may go back into moratorium or other stages later development is uneven may be in different stages for different aspects of identity ls development crisislike Erikson believed teens would experience anxiety confusion and pain 0 Research does not support this Teens in moratorium are happier more hopeful than those in diffusion or foreclosure 0 But Erikson was correct that having Achievement identity is healthy Achievementcloser relationships higher selfesteem achievement motivation and moral reasoning Diffusionincreased depression low selfesteem academic problems antisocial acts and drug abuse Foreclosurehappy but greater need for social approval dogmatic in exible thinking style 0 December 2 2015 o DEBATE December 4 2015 0 Factors that in uence identity development Cognitive development Mastery of formal operations Relationships with parents 0 Longterm diffusion correlated with being neglected or rejected 0 Longterm foreclosure correlated with very close rigid and controlling parents Reaching achievement quickly is correlated with affection feelings of unconditional support Scholastic in uences Attending college 0 Faster achievement of occupational identity 0 Slower achievement of political and spiritual identity Exposed to wide variety of people concentrate on other things Broader social and historical context culture plays a role in formation of identity Marcia s modelWestern view of identity 0 Individualism o Selfconcept Becomes even less concrete more abstract More selfaware see self from own and others perspective More multifaceted have different selves for different situations 0 Age 13 15 17asked what they were like in different situations 0 13had inconsistencies didn t notice and weren t bothered o 15had inconsistencies noticed were bothered especially if engaging in false self belief goes against who you think you are 0 17had inconsistencies noticed weren t bothered realized it s normalokay o Selfesteem Further differentiate selfesteem evaluating different aspects of self separately 0 Relational self worth selfesteem in particular relationship contexts o in uenced by gender girls nd close friendships to be more important higher self worth when likedaccepted boyshaving in uence over friends attracting romantic partners selfesteem may show temporary declines during transitional periods but generally increases over adolescent years 0 much individual variation however 0 more likely to show decline if undergoing many transitions at once early adolescent girlsslightly lower more fragile self esteem more concerned with appearance more negative body image after puberty concern with social success can con ict with concern about academic success higher SEShigher selfesteem for racialethnic minorities strongpositive racial identityhigher selfesteem 0 African Americans and Latinoshighest then Caucasians then Asian Americans 0 Gender development During early adolescence Gender lntensi cation Increased stereotyping about gender movement toward more traditional gender identity Declines by midlate adolescence 0 Relationship with parents Teens strive for independence autonomy Shift focus from family to peers Cognitive development and older appearancemore freedom responsibilities 0 Deidealize parents


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