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Chapter 9 - New Kid on the Block

by: KUMIKO Notetaker

Chapter 9 - New Kid on the Block B216

Marketplace > Republic Polytechnic > Social Science > B216 > Chapter 9 New Kid on the Block
KUMIKO Notetaker
Gerrard Ong

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About this Document

Hi guys! Hopefully my detailed note of lesson 9 is helpful for you!
Gerrard Ong
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by KUMIKO Notetaker on Sunday December 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to B216 at Republic Polytechnic taught by Gerrard Ong in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Marketing in Social Science at Republic Polytechnic.


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Date Created: 12/06/15
Elliott Ml rlmlng Bellini Promotion Tools Advertising Public Relations Sales Promotion Personal Selling Direct Marketing Chante r 9 New Kid on the Blo k IMEJ Dominant air and compelling mmpam and brawl mung De nitions Examples Advertising is paid non Broadcast personal communication print Internet from an identi ed sponsor outdoor using mass media eg TV Radio etc to persuade or in uence an audience Press releases sponsorships special events Building good relations with the company39s various publics by obtaining favourable publicity building up a good corporate image and handling or heading off unfavourable rumours stories and events Shortterm incentives to Discounts encourage the purchase or coupons sale of a product or displays service Personal presentation by Sales the firm39s sales force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships presentations trade shows Direct connections with Catalogues carefully targeted telephone individual consumers to marketing both obtain an immediate kiosks internet response and cultivate lasting customer relationships Tlrgit ldflmili tim Eampaign Evaluation Advertising Campaign Plan 1 Target Audience Identi cation 2 Setting the Advertising Objective INFORM the target audience PERSUADE the target audience or EMIND the target audience If f rmati we Pars 11a Siva Example RE mi nlzll Er linenease awareness Inf 3 brand or plrruduct Felling the market ahacmquot new r utt Explain haw the garradiant marks EUEEIE Et new 525 far the prndfuc t Correcti g false iim prevsgiinins Eg Nilea advert far HE W P39ur ducts E nanu ra ge lbzra rml FEWHE hing Char mgr m In 51h mars FIE rm pvt iiun 5 inf pr g duct vain E I ir i f ll U E m 2 cu Eta 39rn En r5 In buy haw Persuade customers to 3 III in Eurge Er Hi1 rig El dive rts e nicrsirurrTagi mg bra nd swit thing M al ttain cansumer awareness Remind cansumers 91 quot Future need fur pru luct Ranmind comm mErs where to but Example Iangan advert to maintain sanguiner awa ranass Informative Advertising Communicating customer value Suggesting new uses for a product Building a brand and company image Informing the market of a price change Telling the market about a new product Describing available services and support Explaining how a product works Correcting false impressions Persuasive Advertising Building brand preference Persuading customers to purchase now Encouraging switching to a brand Persuading customers to receive a sales call Changing customer Convincing customers to perceptions of product tell others about the brand value Reminder Advertising Maintaining customer Reminding customers relationships where to buy product Reminding consumers that Keeping the brand in a the product may be needed customer s mind during off in the near future seasons Message About Product Message About Price Message About Other Promotions Message About Distribution 3 Setting the Advertising Budget Percentage of Sales What is Affordable Best Guess 39 7113if39ai itpiiii gj ff ri39 quot V 39I39 H the b j39L Cli39u39 t ttthnim dt39mmnntm39lirlg Jrttitlutt llnvliu39l iu W trim3r hi III39IIL39 bunt n39IIIIL39I I139iti1tL39 I1 This eberetiue is m iin tlrrr ra IiiHing tl titelluxilud t LtJrg dinLi LI39ILiI39IE J39I 1t39i39i339 1quot pi uut tl39lttl39l irkIJL I l39l L51 admit tithing i5 frat151 upprupriamu 1 Mridim liiInhiu unfitml Indium I III Mmtth 39I39L39itlr rli39iurkist with lhi ILI39IJEEtlitl Tu gtlazllrurntitt giant Fl39lilltliai htrlvctiurl ll1t nid39u39 r ihi r liret 511111 cliL mrllsp glutengr iIEE EsllrEL E I11 Jlr l39ttll Tll1m1 Hm udvurl i I39I LIN L hDL ihl ril lilll that rdr fldj i aha1r ENEFt tllTH39Dl39 r39l 3 M39etllil lllll39l39lii l Marketers need he L FbiT E FEE Eill id haw mmtlmers Ia39nli ll he imparted Ilrt39im the editterm Hrsincrr tml aigt dwrt igmr an litreHing I39H I 39lrf attentiqu 155 Em ldr l39l hijtl i39f d r39i l lif d target l l li39il39rCit t The runv1 ilflu39i 39lfl39 vuititfrurr 9E tI Ith int it l 1P grow11h n sipPriming snni dirt41 mail edeertieln te tenetimers in database ee well 35 Il ir lti ii39 steiil mitteneve epetifit recite arttil ma aames ten35 39 i mu Eyeliner e Marketers have tie teneitler their letn eet39t before e eitleting which media types to adapt The estt muet L ie alumnae5i tie the needs Elf the campaign detectties media it abate scrf temet audience em needle Impact hence reneurnnit that the returm nineact en les is greatet than the initial Ex i s 1 Campaign objectives 2 Media Habits 3 Media Impact 4 Costs 5 Creating a Message The Appeal itimnal Apmnai Em tI nllll Appnail Marti Ampsll th Lln lgirI if liljl fllli if laf n In MIMIIE Fri pill Erie inquot li lil39iaiii39lquot liirihdj39lt Elf he vu lllclit llelt39HILL aF Enhance Lernerera dcnirr l pi L153 hitquot 5 Entrui nliiilfr Ht39l Ii39eE39 u39l wlni39l39l i39u quot rtlhil39li li quot39 Lttz rilc39lij ifU39I Itil eetilmluil n I39Irtlieiliesllim I39mtil Ln Ir1l Earthy39IJ39 mr i dv l 39 rltrfi iT 39EHE39 Value Poposition Slogan 6 Evaluating Campaign Results Audience Size Audience Type Characteristics of the Advertisement 0 Run Time eg length of television or radio ads 0 Size eg print ads size billboard size 0 Print Style eg blackandwhite vs color 0 Location in Media eg back magazine cover vs inside pages Pro le of Major Media Types Medium Newspa pers Televisio n Direct mail Radio Magazin es Outdoor Online Advantages Flexibility timeliness good local market coverage broad acceptability high beHevabH y Good mass market coverage low cost per exposure combines sight sound and motion appealing to the senses High audience selectivity exibility no ad competition within the same medium allows personalization Goodlocal acceptance high geographic and demographic selectivity low cost High and demographic selectivity credibility and prestige high quality reproduction long life and good passalong readership Flexibility high repeat exposure low cost low message competition good positional selectivity High selectivity low Limitations Short life poor reproduction quality small passalong audience High absolute costs high clutter eeting exposure less audience selectivity Relatively high cost per exposure quotjunk mailquot image Audio only eeting exposure low attention the half heardquot medium fragmented audiences Long ad purchase lead time high cost no guarantee of position Little audience selectivity creative limitations Small cost immediacy demographically interactive skewed audience capabilities relatively low impact audience controls exposure Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques Public Relations PR Pu mil2 runmam no Till113 l Mx dlla Hulat Earns mmuni t r H l tinnm 3 Ephi fhi rpv SPQ E rihll Eugenianil Eunnts H m I Fl E Er Eau I illII Ens Diflwillll 5 gal Mi EliI EliI quotHi 39i39 F39uhllgigiing I39ilr r a Ev lnl39 39iEEHE El 53 product Eur campany El nHE 113 l n n mr39iti brand reta nptimn V39E39EEE EPP P i l f 12E r 5 i i ii i39 l i lmd EEiTHEE IIWEI ll s39ilf 39I atajtiJ Han w i l39l39ri FI n1 ringcilia Eageramen Tuna mums medial paza al E39sElwin aria Eraup 69m mun lia l EElILii nHi mama Him iu39ill 39i i Sill iIEiILiI seamm quot 39ri r 39mr vlla quothm Fl Fr 55 Gunfire t the EDFFEEE Emile tn HalQKE39II39iiltluii t E r lklr ir Realm in l l w IIIE39EIE i IHdIEEHEE E W k3739quotquotriu t 1 339quot j suit i ur39kufEu i r r I EurI l lly quot 5quot ML 5 Iain I i ing VS Public Relation Eu ntrrn I thtllla ElFE lib iII it lLiJWElr H iigiIEir Ez h lM nurse 39 t rial Legs aunter Hi Frequency Schedlulahle Uncuntrr iiable E gt Hilghf ipEtlflc L 39w39 I Ljnspg lli i ti F lrexi h i lit if H igh 39T i m i ng l i TE Putative Ethical Issues regarding Advertising and Public Relations IEthiisall issues gt Advertisements should MEET Legality eenrlzain anything illegal Decermy contain anything that i5 offensive to standard of decency Honesty abuse the trust of consumer or exploit his task of experiential Kemertiis or knoMedge Fear superstition violenee play on Fear exploit superstition sur suppaorl actE nitriderice 39i39ruthful presentation mislead in anyway by inaecuracy ambiguity exaggeration or omission Eailety show disregard for satiety Portrayal of Famous puma anyone in a manner diisresipeeti ul of their dignity Ehiidlren and Valuing People exploit the natural creduiity of children or iaIzii of empe ence of young people Social and Famiin Values distant or misinterpret Singapore395 social and family value lilo nadmig ration unfairly attack or diseredit other products organisations orquot rofessienals Learning Outcomes Identify the objectives of advertising campaigns Discuss the stages in the development of an advertising Compare various advertising media Identify major PR tools Evaluate the different marketing strategies that can be applied to a digital environment LJ39gtLJlJll I Need answers Feel free to drop me an email 15043445 myrpedusg


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