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Week 10 Notes - ES 101

by: Alex Tucker

Week 10 Notes - ES 101 ES 101

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Social Science > ES 101 > Week 10 Notes ES 101
Alex Tucker

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About this Document

Week 10 Notes are included
Introduction to Ethnic Studies
Fujiwara L
Class Notes
ES 101, week 10, UO, Fujiwara
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Tucker on Sunday December 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ES 101 at University of Oregon taught by Fujiwara L in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Ethnic Studies in Social Science at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 12/06/15
Resistance & Empowerment 11/30/15 (Day 15) - What does resistance look like? - Common images - Rallying & signs (to make a change) - Telling friend that it offended you - Refusal of assimilation - Roles resistance plays - Creates psychological strength for those participating - Brings attention to a problem - Provides a voice - How possible is resistance to make change - Lot of potential for learning - Sometimes easy to make change, but not always the outcome you want - What is solidarity? - Just over past week – much has been going happening to address current issues - Syrian refugee crisis - Japanese American Statement - MIA, “Borders” music video - Black Lives Matter – Indigenous Peoples – Thanksgiving - Native American & African American Solidarity - Who are police killing? - African Americans, Native Americans, & Latinos - #BlackLivesMatter - larger resistance movement - challenging dominant racial ideologies around criminality - Questioning role of state & free range of law enforcement to use excessive force - Attempting to create system of accountability - Exposing deep level of racism, anti-blackness in particular that has resulted in a system that doesn’t question use of excessive force - Complete challenge to criminal justice system, prison industrial complex - Current Protests - Chicago - Laguan McDonald shot 16 times by police officer Jason Van Dyke - 1 year later, footage released & Van Dyke charged w/ murder - Minneapolis Resistance & Empowerment 11/30/15 (Day 15) - #Justice4Jamar; demanding release of camera footage, city is denying release - shots fired @ protests by suspected white supremacists - Racism as a public health issue - How much violence can people take? - Retriggering of stress, fear, horror over the violence, death, & excessive force - High School girl @ Spring Valley High in S Carolina - McKenna Pool Party; girls pinned down by police; police fires gun in air - Public Health - Jennifer Lee-Garcia & Mienah Zulfacar Sharif - Argue that racism is largely absent from most public health discourse - Race is seen as variable in public health research - Racism as a structural issue shapes public health of entire communities - Poverty as a structural influence on public health, similarly racism shapes life experiences, access to public health, & access to wellness resources - BLM & Asian Americans - Soya Jung, “Why Ferguson matters to Asian Americans” - Where are Asian Americans in relation to racism against Black Americans? - “Asian American death remains invisible – rendered invisible” - police killings - anti-Asian murder & violent crimes - Yet, Asian America has remained distant from other communities of color in terms of the most immediate racial justice movements – why? - Middleman Minority - “The invisiblity of Asian death, and the denial of any form of Asian American identity that doesn’t play by the model minority book, is another reason why black rage holds such importance to me.” - “In that reality, Asian Americans often end up somewhere in the chasm between blackness and whiteness – whether pushed Resistance & Empowerment 11/30/15 (Day 15) there, largely invisible and struggling to dodge the crossfire, or diving in to eagerly reap the rewards of non-blackness.” - Model Minority - Racialized construction to legitimize existing racial inequities among other communities of color. - What is wrong with the model minority myth? - Based on income - Bi-modal income distribution - Doesn’t account for geographical residential patterns - California, Hawaii, New York - Majority of Asians in US = foreign born, thus many educated & acquired class status in Asia doesn’t account for “Brain Drain”; Occupational preferences skews income - More working adults per household - Over-educated – thus if you hold education consistent, Asian Americans make less than whites of same education level - Glass Ceiling - Model Minority As A Racial Myth - Bases notions of success due to inherent racial or cultural characteristics - Hard working - Obedient to authority - Family values - Pits racial groups against each other - strategically used to legitimize persistent inequality for Blacks, Latinos, & Native Americans - strategically emerged at a time of great social & racial unrest - denies racial discrimination Asian Americans face - Model Minority Mutiny - Movement by Asian Americans to renounce, resist, & challenge the Model Minority Myth - Yuri Kochiyama & Angela Davis - Iconic figures as activists for social change - What is it about them that led to their activism? - What lessons can we learn from their experiences? - What role does activism play in the shaping of our social world? Resistance & Empowerment 11/30/15 (Day 15)


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