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Bio 110 Week 15 Notes

by: Angelina Notetaker

Bio 110 Week 15 Notes BIOL 110 001

Angelina Notetaker
GPA 3.7
Biology Non-Majors
Thomas L. Kennedy

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About this Document

The topic for this week of notes is about Chapter 13 and 14. Chapter 13 is about climate change while chapter 14 is about human impact on life.
Biology Non-Majors
Thomas L. Kennedy
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angelina Notetaker on Sunday December 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 110 001 at University of New Mexico taught by Thomas L. Kennedy in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Biology Non-Majors in Biology at University of New Mexico.


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Date Created: 12/06/15
Bio 110 Week 15 Notes Biodiversity during the Phanerozoic Chapter 14 Human Impacts on Life AllGeneraE Well Resolved Guerrero 4 0 The origin of humans has greatly Longirermrend The Big 5 Mass Extlinctions Y Otlher Extinction Events 7 3 0 Biodiversity during the Phanerozoic gt Thousands of Genera There have been 5 mass extinctions 0 Mass extinction 0 Is a relatively sudden global decrease in the diversity of life forms 0 A loss of 50 of all species in a short time 1 444 MYA end of the Ordovician Period Third largest extinction 0 Cause rapid climate change 2 375 MYA end of Devonian Period 0 Cause of the extinction is unclear I Climate change from volcanism I Spread of cosmopolitan species 3 251 MYA end of Paleozoic Era Biggest mass extinction O Caused by intense volcanism that changed the climate 4 200 MYA end of Triassic Period 0 Cause Massive volcanism causing intense global warming 5 655 MYA end of Mesozoic Era Dinosaur Extinction The 6th Mass Extinction 0 Cause Human activities are causing the 6 mass extinction 0 Natural O 1 species per 100 years per 10000 species or 15 species out of 30000 in the last 500 years 0 Current 0 50 species per 100 years per 10000 species 0 Estimated 0 6500 species per 100 years per 10000 species Human activities threaten Earth s Biodiversity i I l 150 10039 50 400 3amp0 3 00 git 25m Millions of Years Ago 532 550 450 40 D Birds Illllammalls 30 More than three times as many birds and mammals have gone extinct in the 39 last ll5 years than had in the previous 200 years 20 l umber of species going extinct l l 77 V p 1 6004 1 E5 imu 1750 1 300 1 350 1900 1 950 1 549 1599 11749 1799 391 B49 1399 1949 21001 50year periods Copyright 2010 Pearson Education inc At Risk 30 of all amphibians frogs 0 25000 time higher than the natural background extinction rate 21 of fish 22 of mammals O 50 of all mammal species are declining 14 of birds 21 of reptiles 25 of sharks What are we undergoing a 6th Mass Extinction mewhmmq I 111 I iwwgmmum The Human Population Agricultural Phase Neolithic Revolution Industrial Phase Improvements in technology and cheap energy oil 0 Have helped fuel rapid population growth Population growth rate by country 39 Em i Species Extinction and Human Population gt What is the importance of conserVing diversity Medicine Agriculture Food Ecosystem serVices clean air and water Economic Extinction numbers 450 00 40000 35090 quot 30000 25000 39 20000 gt 15030 10000 5000 Wan1nd Pnpulannm Ernwtll quotinningh His w 5quot um New New 9 3 Elbanun EtonE Age Binnie HWI39IIIE Ilmnl II39I Idd la a Age Agla Fugl 39 FugIE AgeE I I I I I E E 5 l w m 4 5 EH 3 i Elam Death 1 binIlium FDDD EDDD I39Ealrs ELE 39 ELC ELE Extincticin SEIEIEI HEIDI 3WD EEIEIEI ELIE Eli BE 7 Hru maLn population Tll39lE Plague 10013 101313 ELIE AIL 1390 1910 1930 1950 190 1990 2010 i IILD H Inmam pnpulllation billions 2025 IILD Multiples threats to biodiversity 0 Climate Change 0 Habitat Loss 0 Habitat Fragmentation 0 Clear Cutting for agricultural use 0 Invasive Species 0 Overexploitation 0 Pollution What is climate change 0 A change in the distribution of weather patterns that last for extended periods of time decades to millions of years 0 A history of Earth s Climate O Temperatures have changed 0 C02 levels have changed Phainerozoic Climate Change 4 Ni Pg K i J I T39r PH C i D 393 0 I cm Temperature and ED for Lasti ears Shorel39erm Average l I 3 Longe39l39err n Average l 39 rug 2 l I E E E4 l39err1peraiur39e a 1 39 39 39L I I I 4l 0 4 l i l W N W g 39 ii 39I i ll 39l E e a 1 w 4 39i 39 39 i3 E r r l 5 e V 2 i I E COLD Glacial Periods 39 3 N Pgl K l l Tlquot l P c l ID S o Gm 0 50 100 l50 ZDD 250 300 350 4GB 450 500 542 Millions of Years Ago 0 Climate change implicated in previous mass extinctions Is there evidence of climate change 0 The activities of man specifically the burning of fossil fuels is contributing to greenhouse gases which are causing major changes to the Earth s climate Global Climate Change 0 Scientific Evidence Rise in Surface Temperatures 0 Scientific Evidence Loss of Arctic Sea Ice 0 Rise in C02 Concentrations O Source of Carbon Dioxide I H1 Carbon Dioxide is from natural sources I H2 Carbon Dioxide is from anthropogenic activities 0 Rise in Surface Temperatures Correlated with C02 0 There are no other plausible scientific explanations for current climate change Greenhouse Gasses 0 Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas affects global temperature The Pursuit of Science is not political quot r 302 level lpprrli 0 It is not political 0 Although Scientific discoveries may have political implications 0 OCO 0 Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas 0 The burning of fossil fuels is causing C02 levels to rise 0 Are not political statements Channelization from damning 0 Habitat Loss 0 Damns river regulation 0 Trawling I Fishing with a trawl net or seine I Continental shelf is trawled every 18 months 0 Invasive Species O Introduced Species F 7 I Salt Cedar I Hemlock Woolly Alde g1d x H 1 I Zebra mussels J I Brown Tree Snake E 0 Severely impacted populations of native birds on Pacific Islands 0 Overexploitation World catches of oceanic species occurring principally in high seas areas 0 Marine Fisheries Milllion tonnes 12 10 Epip elagic tlunas 39 Overview The Sixth Extinction a Epipe39ag hmSpecies Deepwater specres 0 Overexploitation O Shark Fishing I Finning Sharks for soup I By catChing from traWhng use 55 so 55 m 75 so 35 so 95 on 05 Source FAD THE STATE OF WORLD FlSHERIEl AND AQUACULTURE 2008 httpWVMfancrgdacrepDl liDESOeiOZSDeDOHTM 0 Plastic in the oceans What can you do 0 Think globally Shark Population 39 ACt locally f 1936 h 2M 0 Eat more vegetables less meat I 77 7 7 39 0 Walk and ride more Drive less l 0 Recycle 0 Be informed on the issues and VOTE l l l l l l Blue Threshers Great White Hammerhead 0 Important The Final will be this Wednesday 129 0 Week 15 Notes will be the last notes for the semester Good Luck on Finals Thank you for using Studysoup


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