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History 150: The Nazi State

by: Rachel Rusnak

History 150: The Nazi State 150

Marketplace > Ball State University > History > 150 > History 150 The Nazi State
Rachel Rusnak
GPA 3.2

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About this Document

Exam 4 notes
The West in the World
Dr. Malone
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Rusnak on Friday April 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 150 at Ball State University taught by Dr. Malone in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see The West in the World in History at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 04/01/16
4/1/16: The Nazi State The Nazi State, 1933­1939. ***test questions***  January 30, 1933: o Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.  As a result of the last political campaign.  He was secretly rebuilding up his air force.  March 1933: o Hitler got the Reichstag (German Parliament) to pass the Enabling Act.  This act granted Hitler unlimited power for 4 years.  Germany was suffering from a number of problems, and he needed to reign in order to restore stability in Germany.  He needed the power to deal with the economic and political  struggle.  He used this plan as the basis of his dictatorship. o The 4 year plan turned into a 12 year dictatorship. o Hitler’s economic programs  Public works projects.  Battled unemployment.  Built up construction. o Center piece was the new highway system: Autobahm.  From 1933­38: 1,860 miles had been constructed.  Engineers and workers would find jobs easily.  Rearmament.  The more people who were unemployed found jobs.  1935: Rearm despite the Treaty of Versailles.  1936: Began his 4 year plan.  Impact on unemployment.  Winter of 1932: 6 million people unemployed.  1936: less than 500,000 were unemployed.  By 1939, there was virtually no unemployment in Germany. o Economic moiracle. o Hitler’s efforts to shape the nation’s YOUTH:  Get them ready for their future roles in the army.  Wanted the youth to be devoted to the regime.  (1)Youth organizations.  Hitler Youth (males aged 10­18). o Military instruction. o Wanted the youth to become courageous.  League of German Girls (females aged 10­18). o By 1939: 7.3 million youths had joined these groups. o The “in” group for Nazi Germany. 4/1/16: The Nazi State  Hitler addressing the youth at the 1934 Nuremberg Rally.  Annual Nazi Party rally. o His message was that he wanted the youth to be obedient to Hitler. o They are the futures of Germany. o Want the German people to sacrifice themselves for  Germany. o German society had to overcome ranks and classes to  become one community.  The ‘Fuhrer Cult’.  Song sung by the boys in the Hitler Youth: Adolf Hitler is our Savior, our hero He is the noblest being in the whole wide world. For Hitler we live, For Hitler we die. Our Hitler is our Lord Who rules a brave new world.  (2) The Nazi education system.  Subject of history is taught in a different way. o Anti­Semitism:  All Jews have crooked legs, fat bellies, curly hair, and an untrustworthy look.  The Jews are responsible for the World War.  They are to blame for the armistice of 1918  and the Versailles Treaty.  They caused the Inflation.  They brought about the downfall of the  Roman Empire.  Marx is a great criminal.  All Jews are Communists.  They are the rulers of Russia.


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