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World War II and the Holocaust

by: juan gomez

World War II and the Holocaust History 150C1

Marketplace > University of Arizona > History > History 150C1 > World War II and the Holocaust
juan gomez
GPA 4.0
Europe in the Modern World
Minayo Nasiali

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About this Document

Notes for november 30th
Europe in the Modern World
Minayo Nasiali
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by juan gomez on Monday December 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 150C1 at University of Arizona taught by Minayo Nasiali in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see Europe in the Modern World in History at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 12/07/15
World War Two and the Holocaust 0 Key terms 0 Nuremberg Laws 1935 Lebrensraum Appeasement The Battle of Britain Collaboration and Resistance RassenKampf The Warsaw Ghetto The Final Solution The Holocaust o The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 0 Key terms from Reading 0 The Spanish Civil War 0 Notes 0 Build up to the war an uneasy peace Punishing terms of the Versailles treaty Failure of the League of Nations Onset of The Great Depression Nationalist ambitions of many groups 0 Build up to the WWII other con icts Japan invades Manchuria ltaly invades Manchuria The Spanish Civil War 0 Nazi Racial Ideology No threat was greater than Jews For centuries Jews were the center of persecution and massacres Antisematic propaganda circled in Europe stating that Jews were the cause of all the bad stuff happening during these times In Germany the Jewish population was less than 1 Jews were citizens participated in Government and had even fought in WWl 1933 all nonArians were dismissed from civil service OOOOOOOO o Nuremberg Laws 1935 Stripped all German Jews of their citizenship Jews are made extralegal ie not protectable by law Legally made into outsiders Jews were rendered stateless Crystal Nacht night of broken glass Most German Jews leave the country When they try to ee Germany 0 Some are able to leave Germany 0 Many are unable to get out 0 Many countries are reluctant to open their doors 0 Lebrensra um Living Space 0 German Expansion Creating Lebensraum Annexes Austria in 1938 known as the Anschluss Annexes the German speaking portion of Czechoslovakia The Sudetenland Hitler is seen as going too far 0 Appeasement Turning a blind eye to rearmament Turning a blind eye at the ignorance shown to the Versailles Treaty Given permission to occupy The Sudetenland Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and most others wanted to do anything to avoid another war Many believed the terms of the Versailles Treaty were unjust Still others believed Fascism was better than Communism o The Battle of Britain August 1940June 1941 The Blitz London Raids initially targeted factories and military places After a counter attack by the British Hitler ordered bombings on cities London was bombed for 57 consecutive nights by the Luftwaffe Targeting of civilians during their every day lives Most London citizens stayed in London and helped as they could Worked in factories and building bomb shelters quotKeep Calm and Carry Onquot Did not succeed in wiping the British military infrastructure In fact the military infrastructure increased faster than the German s military Hitler decides to postpone the invasion of Britain in 1941 and turns to the east particularly the Soviet Union 0 Operation Barbarossa Invasion of the Soviet Union Germany sweeps through Baltic states and goes into Russia 2 major goals Destruction of communism Racial puri cation Viewed Russians to be racially impure basically subhuman Hitler did not view Russians as collaborators or source of long term labor Hitler believed that most slobs should be removed from the land in order to make the land useful Massacred entire villages Cleaned of undesired elements 0 Collaboration and Resistance German occupation raised questions about resistance and cooperation Denmark popuation was united and engaged in acts of resistance against the Nazi OOOOOO Danish shermen hid their Jewish neighbors in their boats Collaboration letting German soldiers stay in a hotel or serving them in a caf RassenKampf The Warsaw Ghetto The Final Solution The Holocaust The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising The Spanish Civil War


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