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notes 3 & 4

by: Bryanna Lipscy

notes 3 & 4 THIST 212b

Bryanna Lipscy
University of Washington Tacoma
GPA 3.54
Military History
Flyod Churchill

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About this Document

pre- revolution and the beginning of the American Revolution.
Military History
Flyod Churchill
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bryanna Lipscy on Friday January 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THIST 212b at University of Washington Tacoma taught by Flyod Churchill in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Military History in History at University of Washington Tacoma.

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Date Created: 01/30/15
American Militray History Notes 2 7 year war French and Indian war Both british and French were trying to move and expand French were moving south for the fur trade British were moving west to gain in fur and tobacco Start at 1754 Virginia government needed more space for tobacco growth Moved westward three rivers Fort ducan French move in to three rivers pitsburg 1755british sends militia to 3 rivers sets up fort necessity 17561758 Small battles british gets butts kicked Pitt steps in quotnorth America is the crown jewelquot British sends off against fort ducan The navy becomes impactful by 1758 starves the French of gun powder my blocking of their north entrance by Lake Champlain Fort Ticongaroga ony fort by French to survive and stand 1759 British take fort ticongaroga and Niagara 1760 ghts in Montreal and Quebec 1761 ghting ends 1763 end of war with the Treaty of Paris French lose all territory except 2 islands Cede all land east of Mississippi Cede all lands west of Mississippi British took most casualties causing strain between colonies militia and British Colonies saw the military as a contract what is needed at a time British saw the military service as a brotherhood British found the natives useful but not essential as a part of their military efforts Colonies for the natives as useful and essential in all parts in survival British recruited colonists with skill Designed against natives Infantry didn39t carry all armor so that they could move quickly Relationship between colonists and British was one of occupation Recruitment Quartering Transportation Provisions War is horri cally expensive The British wanted the colonists to choose of two options Provide half force for guarding the frontier Pay more taxes to cover the troop expenses The colonists said no to both Animosity grows between the British and the colonies Recruitment coonies undermine the British by recruiting for militia Quartering housing troops in private homes colonies refused British did it anyway Transportation same as quartering British viewed as they wanted to see the British fail Provisions taking from colonies to feed and maintain troops 5 results of these issues 1 Colonists gain an high opinion of themselves and low opinions on brits 2 Emphasis on failures by British rather than successes 3 Wars had nationalized effecting wars against French create corporations against British Contempt between colonies and British forces Growing estrangement between England and the colonies P1P Notes 4 Prior to 1763 4 things set the colonies apart 1 Did not develop a professional army We did not hold professional army due to fear of a standing army 2 Romanticized vision of the militia men Put down plows to pick up gun then go back Europeans were structured ghters 3 Colonists do not play by the rules Colonists go into total war verses the Europeans trying to limit destructions The French exit the colonies in 1763 Changed how the British fought Britain had to go into world war they were ghting all over in many countries Without the French the territory to expand belonged to the colonists and Spain 4 British wanted the colonists to pay Created restrictions on the colonists Proclamation line to restrict expansion and prevent ghts with natives no going west of the mountians British saw themselves as preventing as preventing war building agitation with the colonists British try to make colonist pay for their quotfair sharequot of military 1764 coonists are given quotsuger taxquot to start paying for the war Sugar was expensive and desirable Colonists revolts and repeal 1765 stamp act taxing government papers news playing cards and legal documents Pissed off the printers and lawyers Generates call bringing colonies together Tamp act congress revolt 1766 repealed 1766 townsand duties taxes external goods glass Tea super important was symbolic to colonies Bring women against British Non import things pressure on business Agitations is coming from harbors British blockade ports more agitations British send frontier guards east to cities Leads to contempt between colonists and British Boston massacre catalysis39s hate and discontent Death of 5 colonists Townsand duties repealed except tea 17701773 benign neglect on colonies by British due to ghting elsewhere Transfer from being British colonists to Americans in the mind of the colonists 1773 early December bosten tea party Coordinated action of dumping tea in harbor Charleston tea left on dock Massachusetts dump product Pennselvania refuse to unload product Lack of trust by colonies pisses off the king intolerable acts passed 1774 Close port of Boston Annulled charter Dissolved and restricted colonies political British were quartered in homes Any British official would not be tried in colonies Continental congress 1774 Translate battle to all colonies form just northeast colonies Collective entity of colonies April 1775 british transfer to coast and become a civil riot force Colonies only have their militia Gunpowder will be a key factor Spy reports concord has militia gunpowder and leaders First battle exington concord Minutemen and militia ramped up training to prepare British maneuver americans run over and over


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