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Introduction to Psychology Week 11 Notes

by: AHegerman

Introduction to Psychology Week 11 Notes Psych 111

Marketplace > University of North Dakota > Psych 111 > Introduction to Psychology Week 11 Notes
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About this Document

Includes the notes from Dr. Clinton's week 11 notes
Introduction to Psychology
Dr. Virginia Clinton
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by AHegerman on Friday April 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 111 at University of North Dakota taught by Dr. Virginia Clinton in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views.


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Date Created: 04/01/16
03/30 (lecture) 9-9:50 am Development Unit Developmental Issues, Prenatal Development and Newborns: Module 14 Announcement: - Bring your textbook and an electronic device to lab! - Lab will be dedicated to finding journal articles for your second paper - Your second paper will be a summary of an article cited in your textbook Prenatal Development 1. Germinal: 0-2 weeks, conception, called a zygote (fertilized egg) 2. Embryonic: 3-8 weeks, organ development, formation stage, preliminary organ developoment 3. Fetal: 9 weeks - birth, more development; sensory experiences and learning Teratogens - Maternal Illness - Drugs - Exposure - Goes through the skin and hurts the fetus: - Radiation - Enters through the placenta: - Alcohol - Hormones - Cigarettes - German Measles - Lead Mercury How the placenta works - Used to bring food and oxygen to the baby - Takes a long time to form - Other substances also get to the baby, such as alcohol Alcohol Consumption - The chance of a birth defect is twice as high if there is alcohol consumption during pregnancy - Fetal Alcohol Disorder (FAS): There is a significant difference in the brain of a child who has FAS from one who does not. They also have many issues with learning - Facial characteristics of FAS: Skin folds at the corner of the eye, Low nasal bridge, Bottom Line: “There is no safe time during pregnancy to drink and no safe kind of alcohol” Alcohol consumption affects the central nervous system. “Before you get pregnant, get healthy” Folic acid is a vitamin that helps women, and helps pregnancy to reduce the chance of birth defects Newborns Newborns need to eat frequently: Day one, their stomach is the size of a cherry, 1-1.4 tsp Day three, their stomach is the size of a walnut, 0.75-1 oz One week, their stomach is the size of an apricot, 1.5-2 oz One month, their stomach is the size of an egg, 2.5-5 oz Infant Brain Frontal Cortex: assists in planning, Hearing - Fetuses are responsive to sound - Infant’s prefer the sound of mother’s voice - Prefer sound of mother’s language Taste and smell - Pregnant woman’s diet “flavors” amniotic fluid - Fetuses swallow and inhale amniotic fluid - Influences diet choices later in life - Prefer the smell of mom after birth Vision - The womb is dark so vision is blurry after birth - Babies prefer to look at high contrast colors such as black and white - Facial preference helps with bonding Habituation - If something is expected, babies habituate - If something is not expected… - Violation of expectations method “The Fourth Trimester” - Recreating the conditions of the woumb - Swadle - Shh - Swing - Side - Suck 03/31 (lab) 9-9:50 am - Work on paper 2


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