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Music 262: Week of Notes from 3/7-3/11

by: Khatren Reed

Music 262: Week of Notes from 3/7-3/11 Music 262

Marketplace > Washington State University > Music 262 > Music 262 Week of Notes from 3 7 3 11
Khatren Reed

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About this Document

These notes cover what will be on the upcoming exam.
Music 262 Rock Music: History and Social Analysis
Brian Carter
Class Notes
Music, history, Rock and Roll, Music 262
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Khatren Reed on Friday April 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Music 262 at Washington State University taught by Brian Carter in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 8 views.


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Date Created: 04/01/16
John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers • Known as the elder Statesman of British Blues • The finishing school for a large group of blues-rock artists • Players overshadowed Mayall’s capabilities • An adequate singer and multi-instrumentalist • Brought out the best from the other young players • Provided a context for them to play in the Chicago blues style The Yardbirds • The starting point for Clapton/ Beck/ Page • Began as a R&B- blues cover band • Early recordings with Sonny Boy Williamson • Branched out into moody, experimental rock • Early pioneers of psychedelic music • Yardbirds became a breeding ground for guitar effects • Eclectic/rsk-taking approach laid groundwork for progressive rock in the ‘60’s • Known for ad hoc jams (called raves) • Name taken from album entitled: Having a Rave Up • Raves- mix of R&B with extended guitar/ harmonica passages. Blues with a fierce drive to the music • Songs- I’m a Man, Got Love If You Want It, Smokestack Lightnin’ The Animals (Eric Burdon) • Second only to Rolling Stones in influence among R&B based bands • Origins are traced back to Newcastle (The Kansas City Five) • Like the Stones, the Animals were booked into the Brawdaddy Club in London • Group went through various changes after 1966/ Disbanded in 1969 • Eric Burdon went on to join the group WAR • Songs- Boom Boom (John Lee Hooker) and Talkin Bout You (Ray Charles) • Biggest hit- Housing of the Rising Sun (Leadbelly) The Kinks • Began as R&B/blues band • The most staunchly English group of all • Lyrics more “quintessentially English” (Pete Townsend) • Brought the “English Proper” into the music • Known as the precursors of heavy metal and punk rock • Later known as “power chord” playing • Set the stage for the 70’s (late 60’s) rock • Ray Davies drove the band and made them British*** • Songs- You Really Got Me and All Day and All of the Night • Stevie Wonder • Most successful artist in Motown’s history • Born Stevland Morris- May 13, 1950 • Blind since infancy (and lost sense of smell in car accident in 1973) • Introduced to Berry Gordy by Ronnie White (from the Miracles) • 11 years old when he signed with Tamla records • Novelty at the beginning: played bongos, harmonica, and had energy • Quick learner growing up at Motown • First big hit was Fingertips- Part 2 (age 12) • First live recording to hit #1 in rock history • Followed up with Uptight in 1964 • Signed, Sealed, and Delivered (70) was his first production work • Gained control of his finances at age 21 • 120 page contract with Motown made business history • Higher royalty rates and complete artistic freedom • By the 70’s Wonder was playing most of the instruments on his albums • Signed a 7 year contract with Motown for 13 million • Today: Wonder produces, writes music including music for several movie soundtracks Bob Dylan • Most important American contributor to rock music • Not commercially staggering; artistic significance • Leader of the folk movement of 1962/63 • Grew popular in NY in early years (college campuses) • Leading influences Woodie Guthrie & Hank Williams • Music reflects social awareness of race, human injustice • First poet of the mass media • Two distinctive time periods: acoustic and electric • This implies folk and rock are separate- Dylan shows that folk IS rock • Fusion of country, folk, blue, rock & roll and poetry both ancient and new • The music is raw (same as rock’s beginning) • His nasal, insistent voice has been a trademark during his entire career • Album notes printed in lower case (e.e. Cummings) • His lyrics have been discussed in English classes • Personal writing and lyrics contain assortment of references to: history, literature, poetry, international affairs, modern art


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