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Chapter 15

by: aleavick

Chapter 15 KINS 2010

GPA 3.8
Kinesiology 2010
Dr Schmidt

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About this Document

Careers in Teaching Physical Education-Chapter 15 of Textbook! Enjoy!
Kinesiology 2010
Dr Schmidt
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by aleavick on Monday December 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KINS 2010 at University of Georgia taught by Dr Schmidt in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see Kinesiology 2010 in Kinesiology at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 12/07/15
Chapter 15 Class Notes Careers in Teaching Physical Education Video Mr Woodcock Hurts the career with this perception of PE teachers What does a quotREALquot PE teacher do He or she Works at a noble profession each day Teaches subject matter most linked with quality of life Provides an atmosphere where students who often struggle can succeed Helps children begin learn to maintain and develop a lifetime of physical activity and become a physically literate individual A physically literate individual 0 Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns Applies knowledge of concepts principles strategies and tactics as they apply to movement and performance Demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a healthenhancing level of PA and tness Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others 0 Recognizes the value of PA for health enjoyment challenge selfexpression andor social interaction Questions Why do people go into teaching What are the bene ts of being a teacher What are the negatives about teaching Why teach Love children Better society Summers off In uence others Improve children s knowledge Shape young minds Teaching Bene ts Salary 2011 avg 52000 per year Teaching diverse activities Tenure Intrinsic rewards Video Matt woodrum Run with meStory of a kid with cerebral palsy Teaching Negatives Inadequate facilities Overcrowding Discipline issues Nonsubject duties Lunchroom Recess Bus Duties Principes of the Pedagogy of Physical Activity Pedagogy Sport pedagogy of physical activity is the studv of teaching physical activity Effective instructors Understand their subject and Know how to convey in in a manner that will lead to success for all students Key Pedagogical Principles Based on Research 1 Begin to develop expertise by acquiring experience and new knowledge 2 Provide appropriate practice Remember principle of quality and quantity chp 3 3 Provide a high amount of academic learning time aka time on task or engaged time gt50 of time should be appropriately engaged 4 Always be concerned about class management and discipline Management Proper organization Discipline Teaching rules enforcement of rules and rewarding exceptional behavior 5 Asses for student learning Ex Tophat Exams 6 Provide clear speci c feedback Should be correct prompt and speci c Swing harder wrong need constructive and helpful feedback 7 Develop knowledge about alternative curricular models Lots of different types Fitness Spot Education Widerness and adventure Socia development Should be interesting to student and produce greatest opportunity for learning 8 Ensure and equitable learning environment that addresses the individual needs of all learners Common forms of discrimination Having a bias against student with less ability such as using elimination games ex dodgeball Singing out obese and outofshape students in negative ways Alowing other students to ridicule or embarrass low skilled or obese students 9 Be mindful of teachercoach role con ict Role con ict is de ned as two or more incompatible roles that are difficult to perform simultaneously Teacher Tasks Instructional teaching Expaining or preforming a skill Strategy Evauating students Managenal Attendance Discipline Equipment organization Other tasks Hal lunch room recess duty Parentteacher meetings Staff meetings NonSchoo Teaching Clubs Community organization Elderly people Resorts Military Schoo teaching K 12 PubHc Private Special interests schools College professor Adapted PE How to get a job teaching PA Each state has their own requirements Usually coursework and state tests Public is required to be certi ed in each state private schools it is not Can go from state to statetake tests meet requirements You might be a Physical Education Teacher if you Like sportPA Enjoy interaction with people Have a service orientation Want to coach sports See you career as being in a role where you can have a direct positive impact on someone else Relevant coursework Anatomy Physiology Health Education Teaching Methods Biomechanics and Exercise Science Community Service learning practicums For course sequence Foundations of physical education 1st semester Eementary methods 2ncl semester Secondary methods and curriculum 3rCI semester In sum Teaching is a PROFESSION that Requires some speci c skills and characteristics s noble and rewarding work Alows you to have impact A profession with a purpose and given the shape of our nation a very important one prHat 1 To what does teachercoach role con ict refer B The similarities of the work environment C The differences in salary demands D The values and desires of each position 2The Recommendation for ontask functional learning time is that for a minimum of of the total class time student should be engaged in physical activity A 20 Percent B 30 Percent C 40 Percent


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