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Week 15 Notes

by: Courtney Wang

Week 15 Notes CHEM 2410

Courtney Wang
GPA 3.99
Organic Chemistry 1
Carol Zhang

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About this Document

Organic Chemistry 1
Carol Zhang
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Courtney Wang on Tuesday December 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 2410 at Tulane University taught by Carol Zhang in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views.


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Date Created: 12/08/15
D b V i 2 W OF A cOhclS nck K 39 5 Mqmmm2 6 2t mrv M In l A Nc tFPaj MG instj ttd bcmg Eta r 93 J MW 417 8 y I h R 0 2390 39 mm QH5 0 i r x A x Rmo h X LCH5CEX wham K V CANNOT Cmmm r Kg Amdtc H oH 8H cooH Nl L NHR i cEcwH V O qquot e U ll LCH Br M3 AH CH Mn Fury 7 Apr 0H mum 1 39d 3 39Et 0 I 5 39139 J 94501 rVvv 139 feWnl n39CrwvzL x m 0 quot V gf wm WHY DOESN39T TWS HAWEN1 Ll 2 29 A NJ Qa L Q AVAA Ur 39 bl39z V39 ll2 bj 0 039 WV 393 wowld react wvm Kclf J quot l L7 N0 warpan Raw f nms Suqus wcscuncc o bo n 0 base ArJ S SW OIS ACd NOT PCSSSFWE lQ CANNOT th g H I 23 EIccrvvyhncs 6 5 1 C l 123 7 0 quot Q Vm ll 1 h u a 0 5 W w i C rif rv 2 vquot 417 wagWWW quot1 l 2 a 39 739 r c v N lt o 7 quotR R lt V IIIJr 1 11 t7ltt7l7 1 J M 7 w AA f nAA G viu xLV LK I I I 4 n AHmw lt w 1 w u My Aw su p m m rm z4u K V m m r4W wMl w W 7 96 H a A M TF7 r w M A i Mm W I r r i lt6 e w i M A K3LZ uwmwm r4107 macho w WW 7 Shane mcrachm W Calm10 CH7 N a J l u M CH3 quot H3 u a 7 I I 5 quot39 S 39 a fx inCdOCCc H W W W M mg M w m k M Mama wwjg gmmw wmm e m W 2 D30 km N 216 oW 5 mmw H 1 1 Ln L 3 lt 39 6 Zf39quote quot quotquot Mg Ear 6 1 1 A CH gmLJWCj B r 39 334 0 ifquot 5 I C 3 CCIZCH C 3 x 7 V My M M MA M W u e gummy 31151191 m w m quotk W Z quot f quot 39 39 39 l r m IPlulr aC Mara Y5 m WHETZY w 5 x A w W M alsoq carHstut P z L W 5 H w gsr rcng acad Ksafer A OHZC N R A uv H d f m quotnix VI vr w 99 WW I quotl I 1 m iyl B w c r oz n e I amed M Aijhyomdnh m1 in d v lnJ h rprmex amner H l AHQH g X cO OH 11WLMSquot w audit WWW V CCncl CT3 was A OQCU RS C T Ct f jji v L o f 5me 7 H59 m 5071 L i 1 I REFWTWMS OF ALCQHOLS m SUBSTxTuTioNS 30 AlCOhDLL f V C 2K 241 I i of CHKFE39CJ I 7 CH2 rigC 0 9H2 H e 39 W 39 v H CHLCrigCHs OH7CH3 3 C quot II oi C 2C 3 2mm IX 4 tquot V tl39 vXLV 39 ch ll foik 0 ll 53 gt i j 3quot rig m x m f t L l i V f quot I 1 k r m i v 39 5 Nt l l Y gtL1quot I L kv i I 53 w W e I 2 M D K L HM S SOC LL TWO V5 H aL SCLm HCl JMCHJUV O r 7 139 I C O H SOCLzJ mnamdmcmm j m EM m w Cid D N e 7 l 6 IL but CQYIVIC39C1IT C HL 03C Hm I Q a NVERSWN L Ev 4 b L g my CK 39 a n 39 Iquot 1 wlwuww 10 a i CH r Hf i ZCH b I f r 1hg SK 3 CW i 1111 H j 1 7 V M V39m i N 0 L quot xk L l 39539v k ch 9 3 I 393 N 1 T lt4 5 0 C lt4 V 1 mig m f bWbedbg pghdv ng h v U I I I HzCHa gt I 39 CM a I N mb o39rscum 2 NaCM SN 23 H H zSOnr 1 9 w p L W82 J 0 H20 H i WVTTTCE quot W gt3 ox v 30 rm 0 wva c acc f mvucazk or T nv mar1C0 J V 1 lt L A o g k I 4 I I El VQ o lgA Q vkcggnlrx VALl lg W34 2 7 H 039 106 MMOR MlNOR A 3 39r 1L H I 2 395 r47 9 L 1 6 V quot Mg OCHCHL I T50 PU KY A u i m 39Iquot39ICH7 ZEEESMCHJL KVchyl s tQV 165 r xviquot V 1 j I 4 CH5 H3 H W h mi 99 L M 4 N 1 kl I9 I F lt j Regent Dcpcndcm anOq A f on Nacvgowmgo a Tquot 9 u u H a croaH301azcm P Ux a dz 03 mcquz 1quot Mini bepwdcer 4255 g I 39 R 9H 0H ww 7 Rquot 0H Ndchudt ban allquot L glymngwu a h Sauna Sowm r Nd mwm thmro chromodt o quot ii omdlmgqm b C I he 4 n on


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