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PSY1010 Week 3 Notes

by: Madison Landin

PSY1010 Week 3 Notes PSYC 1010

Marketplace > Wayne State University > Psychlogy > PSYC 1010 > PSY1010 Week 3 Notes
Madison Landin
GPA 3.8
Introductory Psychology
Dr. Fischer

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About this Document

Introductory Psychology
Dr. Fischer
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madison Landin on Tuesday December 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 1010 at Wayne State University taught by Dr. Fischer in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Introductory Psychology in Psychlogy at Wayne State University.

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Date Created: 12/08/15
LEEHEIEJ 13 W 1 5 if a L Ejif e WE 5 A 7 E L n IILPEI aciLJ I Mai5 Ea mime 5m L xg Lmi chili m 39 i Er i E E E H 39 biz Jr ir i E H g h MUM hr p l m mi mamaer 1 EEE 131 E mfgmmih E LU ETh Ma mha a Mu quot Um 13 w E39 HERE W i39m t d m m h T EH L 395i ht Wamwaan m wmm im zm mn 39W Lkmmg IREsuit Amigj mm a haw 3 39 EEIEEEr l f 331me g mm gimme3 7 Emma J i WE E i d mng zi39i rquot5 quot39a 3 Ei aw i fhmr with a g 39 t i 393 Ei 3 i n j i 4 HWaFam 39 a hi rah i tMEE Hw mm Wu39 mff jr MW 93593 M WEE FM agT ma a we we gmm m ag Ema 39E ENEEH quotHm re Fummmmmu am hEhLuEEE Hmmw mm E s wmm L 39 mmumcm mh bE W h W1th j u h mm 7 k r 39 2 IEE39LR j ul mam ji m39am g 39y 39 a r V j V Eli quotWe n u n EEEH quot 1 m mm 15 i a iT eJ m g L Lb t m 1 E a 1 5 E 1 I f In h w Tr th m E n mmm xwTm me Mumm 1 Fun w A mm lCnnwv cm mumm minquot dram Ewmrq mx mEigc in mg in 1 39 39 C E El t rriwmi LHJEa 1 3 515mi 4m arimrkc FEE19135 j r I T J i L w i H 1 J J 3 N f 5 aw 3F1 MGHEMEWE 35 muna amtL tuw t mm EmmaEma hm ircmmh tm39u r mummi ch Earmu caa 1 Emma E in twr nt 1 l39uh r h umm mm Eyrig Pmiw I Eig gi 39 d t maxim mm ix w mm m 39mmh EW Weii39 antita mr39m 39 39 53 mun he apggnfc hm iEr39a WWWp m Enam wmj Em mm Hgm uc nae 161133 L H Jr mmm I mdu EEE j lmm m j 1 CiliaWW Th umkmn Th quot3351 9 In v quot w mm ai Emama 39ETEETEEL WEWE39LH j 3 m InnaJ 1me 1 quot r hg Jr39ln L n th mwm 41 Ai rmijquot I Tli mE h unkhm 39 J ni u 39 ma h 39m Ami HE W UE SEEshim Psir m EM 4 Wt Eh miamh MW Uz Em m L 39L 39E m j Eh Eummumm driin h ww i Tim H u 39 a39nf tth Em m E muwi m mm a I 1 k x 1 Emma J T 39 39 n h E i m GEE1 W ENE1 Ep ezi ffMFW meicwmmnjw mm jr Awe m m mm Em m Wmm y mm m39 w mainE a xi mg qm mmmmmcm a r E3 a 39 E tmw F I m mm H a aw 1 Effm whim WIFE quot lawfiw 3 mg gim kf r c w E gm ac ngmtma Aw mmw 44 1 H r r a 1 gmrm Mariam5 EmiH r mJ F bmi quot LFD39I thfaa h 15 might 1398 E rftr n l rumL EJrr eEwi39uEj meim tm h I r u r Ian539 39 EDTg r 139 E 1 EDMmmH mam LiE a E 39 Higp amp vi Hmm39ih w quotEiuatmm na pr r f39 1 C PimL m E maH m l u 39M j n L rem313 I quot F 1 7 av 3 ff t mm a LEwHmer F13 r Mm le quotal


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