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by: Ehsan Aghaei
Ehsan Aghaei

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About this Document

These are the sessions reports which contains the summary of presentation
Class Notes
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1 review
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"I love that I can count on (Ehsan for top notch notes! Especially around test time..."
Scotty Dietrich DDS

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ehsan Aghaei on Tuesday December 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 45900 at University of Toledo taught by Dr.Alam in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Seminar in Electrical Engineering at University of Toledo.


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I love that I can count on (Ehsan for top notch notes! Especially around test time...

-Scotty Dietrich DDS


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Date Created: 12/08/15
An Engineer’s Guide to the United States Patent System Date: Dec 1 2014 This seminar was presented by Marc A.McClain who is a licensed patent agent with the United States and Trademark Office. He has also worked for the largest patent boutique law firm in the Midwest helping to draft, proofread and evaluate patents. Currently, Mt.McClain is finishing up a dual-degree program in the spring of 2015 with masters of Science in Engineering from University of Toledo and a Juris Doctorate degree from the college of Law. Marc will be focusing on working with universities to patent new technologies as well as working with start-up firms who may not yet see the benefit in creating a patent portfolio. Mr.Marc earned 5 degrees from various universities around the USA such as MBA (Bowling Green state University, 2012), three bachelors of art degrees in physics, philosophy and philosophy (University of Toledo, 2011) and an associates of science degree in mathematics (Owens Community college, 2008). Mr.Marc started his presentation by defining the Patent and talked about Intellectual property and gave description about patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. Then talked about the history of patent Law and how it comes to United States. The question here is what is patentable? He answered that anything which is New, Non obvious and useful can be patentable. He showed a part of ancient war to define how people encounter with patent. After that he started to talk about application form of patent and defined each part separately. For getting patent claim it should has sketch (drawing) and specification (is a written description of an invention). What is a claim? Claim is the exact invention! He started talking about claim. Marc talked about a hand-held writing instrument comprising and defined each part of that. Also he talked about how Judges and Juries make decision about competitors based in their claim and describes every level of judgment and surveys the reasons of regretting a patent. At last he explained what will happen if a patent accepts by judge. The law says who has patent can do everything with his/her invention and nobody can get his patent or force to do anything. It means the law introduces the owner of invention officially! Patent is a significant evidence for inventors to protect them in market or anywhere else. It allows you to exclude others from making that invention and avoids the statutory bars when developing an invention. You should mention that getting a patent can take up to three or more years before it is granted. The significant point is everybody can work in the patent field and you don’t need to be an inventor for that.


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