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Notes for 11/23-25

by: Kelly Notetaker

Notes for 11/23-25 Com 201 A

Kelly Notetaker
GPA 3.38
Intro to comm 1
Ekin Yasin

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About this Document

Intro to comm 1
Ekin Yasin
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelly Notetaker on Wednesday December 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Com 201 A at University of Washington taught by Ekin Yasin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Intro to comm 1 in Communication Studies at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 12/09/15
COM 201 Reading 1123 Italicized are facts that are probably important to remember Bolded are the major topic of the notes Just words I want to emphasize Yik Yak University of Missouri 19 Hunter M Park arrested Makingterroristthreats Connor Stottlemyre quotshoot black people think arrested too Yikkers question the protest of inequalities more bad than good Yik Yak bulletin board style location based social network Popups come up when write offensive stuff not working Not anonymous when messages contain alarming content Has a lot of derogatory con tent racial sexual etc Tel ling to combat hateful messages 0 Claim inappropriate behavior was not YikYak s purpose Promise of Magazines Livingroom movement 0 Dissent 1954 found by wing Howe Lewis Coser o Started from living room no support 0 Urging socialists to criticize politics Names ofdesire 0 Trying to break from old ideologies trouble naming something not declarative 0 Easy to find something not approved of struggling to define own radicalism o Halfway house for post war radicals o Betterat asking than answering Images of socialism 0 Old left movements 1930 Civil Rights of 1950 participatory pluralistic politics of 196070 5 War of position 0 Question of influence 0 Somethings can t change win if other magazines takes up their ideas Survival Tactics 0 Parasitic relationships with universities different now 0 No longersecurity of predecessors competitioneve ryone now has PhD Worlds in waiting 0 Advantage being outside of market 0 Create small communities through ideas 0 Intellectuals magazine 0 Thinking commonly unforeseen results COM 201 Class Lecture 1123 Italicized are facts that are probably important to remember Bolded are the major topic of the notes Just words I want to emphasize set of ideaswords that are part of social construction may not be possible due to law but words are very powerful Rhetoric arguments political speech Making meaning out ofwhat we consume making themselves good by merely using online tools to participate new congregations can use online tools to crate biggerones getting to know surroundings Image create identities Show pictures of how people should look Representation of bodies told how people should look Attacking young children as well Accordin to making of media messages follo ws a multistep process production circulation distributionconsumption and reproduction Production of product trying to spread around how does it come into contact with consumer and how it is consumed and continuation of process Receiver Active Audience accepting message but also responding back to sender belief in intelligence and autonomy of people Cynicism about powerof media Identify and media Not dismissing people agency Stuart Hall f meaning constructive it does not existjust a bunch of words Withoutanguagenorepresentation The practice that produce meaning Media is not only way of circulation of meaning also personal conversation Means on passing meaning control of meaning is powerful Broadcasting structures must yield encoded messages in form of meaningful discourse most pass under the discourse ruled of language forits product to be realized Before media can have an effect however defined satisfy a need or beput to use it must first be appropriate as a meaningful discourse and be meaningful decoded meaningful media messages are not fixed theyare constructed by audience members audience activity is around everyday life engagement to stand up against media representation relationship of meaning to social position Different encodingdecoding depending on social group Morley 1980 way we decipherand make meani ng out of images reveal the culture in works in give time Multiplicity ofmeaning simpletruthmeaning Ex Beyonc women giving another meaning Beyonce icon originaintended meaning Ex Beyonce drinking pepsi various interpret meanings given at any unit Creator 9 encoding 9medium 9 decoding 9consumer transition of meaning from creator to consumer Can still be active audience and be entertained DominantHegemonic Position Taking position that produce rs intended Operating with preferred meaning Negotiated Code Still embrace mode of representation May recognize position of producer Understand mismatch Recognizes portrayal of stereotypes Know it s not the best understand offending content but still consume Globally contrary Way InsertAgency Can demoralize the message Reading to what you see Ex protecting Context and danger Conditioned by the messages Start from a very young age Consumer audience Importance of agency Consuming kids documentary Kids underinfluence 700 million dollars spending Kids above 12 influence 40 million dollars 0 Purchasing influence 0 Advertising with kids Kids a lot of power in economy powerof nagging Kids are multitasking with media Trying to consume children is about buying make them consumers Federaltradecommission 0 Want to ban advertising8and under cannot understand persuasion no selfcontrol 0 Congress took away FTC right to regulate children advertising 0 Problem in early 1980 s 0 Falling in love with the market market becomes powerful o Steady growth 4 each in spendingfor children after regulation 35 increase I 42 billion to40 billion COM 201 Class Lecture 1125 Italicized are facts that are probably important to remember Bolded are the major topic of the notes Just words I want to emphasize Documentary Television Thinkit sjustmerelyentertainment But can influence perspectives of working class Economic how much you can earn Political influence over politics Cultural education lifestyle In a capitalisticsocietythere s always working class Working class is majority a stigmatize A lot of immigrant women Understanding self share same experience as otherworking class Don ttalk about class taboo Advertiser Change the American dream Change life to life ofconsumerism Selling products thatfitmiddlehigherclass life Disappearance of Class Was a rise in economics higher social status Protests were seen as a threat ratherthan ineq uality Seen working class as a failure rather pretend as middle class Think ifyou re included in TVthat s all that matters not true Erasing black people s problems on W9 false idea of quotreality show Giving them the image immigrants don t have working class conflicts Women Disregard women Don t see women working onTVas necessity Women earn less and more shift because they need it desperately o On reality shows blamed for ruiningfamilies by working Single mothers facing poverty more than the ave rage groups of people togetherin poverty Making women problems selfimposed9 have to selfsolve Class Clowns Blaming people forthe quotfaultquot of being in the class they are in Methodology fueling the beliefthat anyone can quotmakequot it be successful Ideology we are who we are for what we ve done Showing dysfunctional family values Giving impression working class unable to mingle with upper class 0 Show everyone wants to be rich Giving working class are stupid 0 Wife being the smarter knowledgeable and have power in comparison to the husband 0 Even kids are smarterthan dad 0 Working class giving impression not interested in education Uninterested in politics 0 Extremelyconservative Poor work ethic Lazy incompetent workers No leadership need to be directed Scapegoat working class bel ief working class not working hard enough Dysfunctional family Making TV guide of society ratherthan actual behavior of people No Class Racial and cultural issuesin cop shows Use race as substitute to replace class Justify growing system 9 70 nonwhite Majority of working class are white 0 Does not me ntion TV mock working class Making working class seem like a good way oflife to people Poor workers 9 republican government always at war against working class 0 Want it to seem like working class isn t a problem or make it disappear Coach a certain way to act on TV FCC democratize airwaves to change working class give them a voice Losing 100 century of progress


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