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Week 15 and 16 Notes

by: molly wagenbrenner

Week 15 and 16 Notes Communications 3440

molly wagenbrenner
GPA 3.5
Mass Communications and Society
Dr. William "Chip" Eveland

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About this Document

Notes from class periods of 11/30/15 to 12/9/15.
Mass Communications and Society
Dr. William "Chip" Eveland
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by molly wagenbrenner on Wednesday December 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Communications 3440 at Ohio State University taught by Dr. William "Chip" Eveland in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Mass Communications and Society in Communication Studies at Ohio State University.

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Date Created: 12/09/15
WEEK 15 and 16 113015 12915 0 Knowledge Gap Hypothesis 0 quotAs the infusion of mass media information into a social system increases segments of the population with higher socioeconomic status tend to acquire this information at a faster rate than the lower status segments so that the gap in knowledge between these segments tend to increase rather than decreasequot O The rich get richer and the poor get poorer knowledge wise in this case 0 Reasons for increasing Knowledge Gap 0 Communication skills 0 Amount of stored information 0 More relevant social contacts 0 Selective exposure acceptance and retention 0 Nature of media system 0 Neverending progress and the expansion of knowledge 0 Do those of loss SES ever really catch up 0 New news is created every day 0 New discoveries are made 0 New technologies are developed PROSOCIAL MEDIA o Prosocial media 0 Three types 0 Educational TV for children 0 Entertainmenteducation 0 Social marketing for healthsafety concerns see textbook 0 Prosocial Children39s TV 0 Education TV vs ProSocial TV 0 Educational designed to educate 0 Bill Nye o Sesame Street 0 Prosocial designed to teach prosocial lessons 0 Blue Clues o Sesame Street 0 Most popular children39s show worldwide 0 Translated into many languages 0 Adapted to local culture 0 Purpose is to teach 35 year olds 0 Lower SES kids 0 Target at disadvantage children 0 Appeals beyond disadvantaged children 0 Animation humor movement puppetsmuppets live action 0 These appeal to young children 0 Satire and celebrity appearances 0 Appeal to coviewing adults 0 Intentional use of multiracial multiethnic multiclass genderbalanced cast 0 Effects of Sesame Street 0 Attention to and liking is high 0 Positive effects educational social skills and acceptances of others 0 Effects on vocabulary stronger for younger children 0 Effects are stronger with parental coviewers o Criticisms of Sesame Street 0 Distorts expectations for learning 0 Postman 0 Knowledge gap 0 Decreased attention span 0 Entertainmenteducation O Often used in developing countries 0 India Hum Log was the most popular program in history of Indian TV 0 Effects of Hum Log varied by identification 0 Similar to All In The Family 0 Seat belts 0 Others 0 Conclusions Regarding Entertainment Education 0 Educational messages in entertainment TV 0 Can be very popular 0 Shouldn t be too blatant o Are more effective if paired with specific tips on behavior change 0 Repetition of prosocial themes more effective than PSAs 12415 RESPONSES TO MEDIA EFFECTS 0 Levels of Responses to Media Effects 0 Sociallevel 0 Censorship 0 Ratings and restrictions 0 Media literacy O Individuallevel 0 Limit own exposure 0 Parental mediation 0 Classic Examples of Attempted Music Censorship 0 Beatles quotLucy in the Sky with Diamonds 0 John Denver quotRocky Mountain High 0 2 Live Crew quotAs Nasty As They Wanna Be 0 IceT quotCop Killer 0 Parents Music Resource Center 0 Perceptions of Media Effects 0 Thirdperson effect 0 Perceptual component 0 Overestimate of effects on others o Underestimate of effects on self 0 Behavioral component 0 Support for censorship Lining BidPerson Perceptions to Support Censorship 0 Studies of Bidperson perceptions and censorship of o Pornography 0 Violent TV content 0 O J new coverage 0 Violent and misogynic rap and death metal lyrics VChip amp TV Ratings Kaiser Foundation 2001 O 40 of parents have a VChip TV 0 Of those who have it o 12 don t know they have it 0 13 choose not to use it 0 15 used it to block shows 0 12 of parents have used ratings to make kid viewing decisions 0 1A of parents say they use ratings often 0 40 of pa rents say most shows not rated accurately 0 Parents understand the age ratings better than the content ratings 0 12 say content ratings are most useful 0 15 say agedbased are most useful mp O O lications of labels and restrictions Tainted fruit hypothesis Forbidden fruit hypothesis 0 Psychological reactance Media literacy O The ability to sift through and analyze messages that inform entertain and sell to us 0 Critical thinking skills 0 Asking questions about what s there and not there 0 Asking questions about what lies behind media productions 0 Parental mediation O Restrictive mediation 0 Set rules quotno TV until homework donequot 0 Coviewing 0 Watching with kids Not explaining the TV show 0 Active mediation 0 Watching with kids and explaining the TV show


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