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DAY 1 of notes

by: Austin Shaw

DAY 1 of notes

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Austin Shaw
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About this Document

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One Day of Notes
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This 11 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Austin Shaw on Saturday January 31, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to a course at Purdue University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views.


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Date Created: 01/31/15
Exam 3 Review Chapter 14 Tvpical Structures Characterization of Jobs Jobs are typically grouped by function product geography and type of customer Unity of Command establishes that a single source is the authority Span of Control de nes the number of people that one person will supervise or be directly responsible for Mechanistic Model one with substantial structure and high levels of control Bureaucratic Organic Model high creativity and low structure Entrepreneurial Blend Model a mix of the two above Structure Shapes and Design 0 The Simple Organization Design found in smaller organization where functional differentiation is not necessary 0 The Bureaucracy The Matrix Design combines the functional and product structure 0 The Virtual Organization small core organization that outsources its major business functions 0 Team Organization Why are structures different 0 Size 0 Technology and External in uences Focus and Strategy Make sure you know the worded de nitions of these not just the picture diagrams gtllt Ch 15 Whgt Do People in Different Jobs Do Line Job Are involved in the daytoday business of a company Mostly OUTSIDE the company Sales Marketing Production Customer service Staff Job Play supporting roles to the Line jobs More INSIDE the company Human resources Research and development Accounting and nance Management Information Systems MIS Marketing focuses on group of customers Sales Focuses on individual customers Ch 16 The Hiring Process HR Process 0 Determining the Job to be Filled 0 Recruiting and Selection 0 Basic Concept of Job Design 0 Training and Development 0 Performance Evaluation 0 Programs to Retain Employees Job Analysis 0 A systematic examination of the job 0 Investigation and determination of the knowledge skills and abilities required to perform a job Job Title 0 The name of the job name associated with the job Job Description 0 Tasks that make up the components of the job 0 A written statement of the necessary components to do a job in an effective and efficient manner Job Speci cations 0 Qualifications successful applications must have to fill the job SelectionRecruiting 0 Resume amp application Most popular 0 Interview 0 Written test 0 Assessment centers 0 Put potential employee in realistic situation through exercises 0 Work sampling 0 Replica of workplacetask 0 Physical exams 0 Drug testing Ch 17 Company Policies Job Characteristics Model Identifying the dimensions to evaluate a task for employee motivation satisfaction and performance Provides a method to focus on the task interpersonal dimensions of a job and job enrichment 0 Skill variety degree to which there are a variety of skills to perform 0 Task identity degree to which one can do the whole job 0 Task significance degree to which work has a significant impact on others 0 Autonomy degree to which job offers freedom independence 0 Feedback degree to which job provides direct information about effectiveness Evaluating Work Design 0 TQM Model Total Quality Mgmt O Structured system for meeting or exceeding the customer needs and expectations by creating organization wide participation and implementation of breakthrough and continuous improvement of the processes 0 Good is never good enough 0 PDCA Plan Do Check Act 0 Continuous improvement model 0 All levels participate 0 Reengineering 0 Rethinking or redesigning processes to add value to the organization Work Redesign 0 Job rotations a cross training by moving from one job to another 0 Job enlargement a horizontal expansion of the job 0 Job enrichment a vertical expansion of the job 0 Work schedule 0 Flextime O Shorter work week 0 Job sharing 0 Telecommuting Training amp development 0 Training 0 Orientation training 0 On the jobOff the job 0 Performance Evaluations 0 Task measurements 0 Behaviors O Traits 0 Peer self subordinates 360 degree evaluations 0 Employee Retention Ch 18 Organizational Culture 0 Individuals in an organization having a common perception and sharing core values 0 Set of basic rules guidelines giving members a common basis for understanding amp interacting with each other ORG CULTURE IS NURTURED amp SUSTAINED THROUGH 0 Top Management 0 Hiring Practices 0 and the Socialization of New Hires What is expected of them and how the reward system is structured Org Culture dictates 0 Attitude towards innovation amp creativity 0 Attitude towards risk amp aggressiveness 0 Rules amp Procedures 0 People amp Team Orientations 0 Attitudes towards Women amp Minorities 0 Work Hours amp Dedication to Company 0 Dress Code 0 Office Decor 0 Language on the Job 0 Tolerance of Fun 0 Discipline amp Ethical Standards Types of Cultures 0 Dominant culture 0 Subculture Five Cultural Dimensions 0 Power Distance degree to which power believed to be unevenly distributed 0 Uncertainty Avoidance degree to which structured vs unstructured situations are preferred 0 Individualism vs Collectivism primary concerns self and family vs wellbeing of larger group 0 Masculinity vs Femininity achievement power amp control vs working conditions feelings security amp intuition 0 Shortterm vs Longterm Orientation quantity of life vs quality of life Ch 19 Motivation Management by Objectives Mutually agreed upon Difficult but achievable Specific Have a welldefined time frame Provide a means for feedback Based on Goal Setting theory If someone has a specific goal they are more motivated to achieve it SMART Speci c What What do I want to accomplish Where Identify a location When Establish a time frame Which Identify requirements and constraints Why Specific reasons purpose or benefits of accomplishing the goal Measurable 0 How much 0 How many 0 How will I know when it s accomplished Attainable When you identify goals that are most important to you you begin to figure out was you can make them come true 0 You develop the attitudes abilities skills and financial capacity to reach them 0 ResultsOriented Willing and able Tied to objectives Have you accomplished anything similar in the past 0 Timerelated A goal should be grounded in a time frame Motivation in the Workplace 0 Recognition Programs One of the most powerful Low cost Examples award ceremonies Employee of the Month lettermemo from superior Best multiple recognition sources individual amp group accomplishments 0 Quality Circles 0 Participative management Gets employees involved 0 Personal investment VARIABLE PAY PROGRAMS Piece Work Plan Getting paid per item or piece Commission Getting paid a percentage or specified amountsale Gain sharing Pro t Sharing Extra distribution based on production or profit Ch 20 Organizational Change Lewin s Change Model 1 UNFREEZE initiate change a Encourage behavioral amp attitudinal changes to move organization amp individual in positive direction b Create sense of urgency 2 TRANSITION manage change a Reduce resistance through education employee participation financial incentives support communication or negotiation coercion if necessary b Resistance is often fueled by perceived threats to habit and security 3 REFREEZE stabilize change a Becomes new way b Leader encourages recognizes to strengthen stability Change Agents People who drive change Driving Forces for Change Technology Nature of the Workforce International Effects Mergers Economic Shocks etc Reasons to Resist Change Loss of security Fear of the unknown Economic factors Habits Perceptions Group Inertia How to Get Change Education Participation Support Economic Incentives Increase Communications Negotiation and Coercion Ch 21 Power amp Politi Power ability to in uence another to respond Coercive Reward Legitimate Expert 0 Referent Dependency gives power its in uence 0 Scarcity 0 Importance o No substitutes OOOO Impression Management Form of political behavior that in uences how others see a person Conformity 0 I m a team player I m not going to rock the boat Excuse 0 I m truly sorry I missed your class on Monday but I had a job interview amp I think I got it Apology O I apologize I will be 10 minutes late for our meeting Please forgive me I know your time is valuable Acclaiming 0 There s no question if they select me I ll be an immediate impact player Flattery 0 Your course may be the best I ve taken you have inspired me to consider changing my major Association 0 I drive a BMW Favor O A potential customer is offered tickets to a sold out very important sporting event


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