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Hellenistic Period

by: Donae Pollard

Hellenistic Period 20542-04

Donae Pollard
Clayton State
GPA 2.7

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About this Document

This is review for the Hellenistic Age
Dr. Emanuel J. Abston
Class Notes
Hellenistic rome greek period
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Donae Pollard on Saturday April 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 20542-04 at Clayton State University taught by Dr. Emanuel J. Abston in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see SURVEY OF U.S. HISTORY (Since 1877) in History at Clayton State University.


Reviews for Hellenistic Period


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Date Created: 04/02/16
THE  HELLENISTIC  AGE  300-­‐30  B.C Monday,  March  21,  2016 12:45  PM PHILIP  II  OF  MACEDONIA   • He  was  impressed  by  the  Greeks • He  unites  Macedonia The  Greeks  refused  to  follow  him  so  he  ends  up  invading  them.  He  left  Sparta   along  just  because  they  were  considered  not  to  be  messed  with.  They  was  still   allowed  to  run  their  city  states  but  just  under  Phillip. His  son  is  Alexander  and  Plato  sent  Phillip  Aristotle  to  tutor  Alexander  The  Great. Olympia  is  also  his  mother.  At  that  time  everybody  hated  the  Persians.  They   decided  to  conquer  Persia  for  revenge  but  before  that  can  happen,  he  gets   assassinated. Theories  of  who  killed  Phillip  II;  was  that  it  was  his  wife  Olympia,  his  best  friend,  or   Persia  because  they  found  out  that  he  was  trying  to  attack. Alexander  the  Great  becomes  in  charge  and  when  he  reigned  he  kills  everybody   except  his  mother  who  he  might  have  thought  assassinated  his  father.  He  goes  on   to  try  to  invade  Persia.   He  makes  two  stops  that  are  very  revealing,  the  first  detour  tooy.  Alexander   love  the  epic  of  The  Illiad  and  he  believes  that  the  story  was  true.  His  mother  had   also  told  him  that  his  cousin  was  Achilles  so  he  tried  to  imitate  him. The  second  detour  is  even  more  revealing  in  a  little Gno  rdian.  Alexander  cuts   the  Gordian  knot  which  was  the  legend.  He  defeats  the  Persians. Then  he  goes  to  EGYPT  because  of  an  oracle.  The  first  city  he  founds  is    in  Egypt   and  he  names  it  after  himself  called  Alexandria.  He  then  becomes  the  pharaoh  of   Egypt.   Alexandria  become  apart  of  the  Hellenistic  Period.  He  founded  30  cities  on  his   campaign  going  east. He  defeats  the  Persians  the  last  time  in  Gaugamela.  He  marries  Princess  Roxanne   and  she  has  his  son  ,  he  does  this  to  create  an  allies  with  Persia.  Then  he  goes  to   India  and  helps  unite  the  Mauran  Dynasty.  His  troops  revolted  against  him   Alexandria  become  apart  of  the  Hellenistic  Period.  He  founded  30  cities  on  his   campaign  going  east. He  defeats  the  Persians  the  last  time  in  Gaugamela.  He  marries  Princess  Roxanne   and  she  has  his  son  ,  he  does  this  to  create  an  allies  with  Persia.  Then  he  goes  to   India  and  helps  unite  the  Mauran  Dynasty.  His  troops  revolted  against  him   because  they  no  longer  wanted  to  keep  invading  the  east.   One  these  campaigns  he  was  suppose  to  be  spreading  Hellenistic  culture.  His  wife   told  him  that  he  was  not  acting  like  a  king.  Many  of  his  followers  felt  like  he  was   becoming  big  headed,  and  too  preconized.  He  had  his  writer  killed  because  he   wrote  in  his  biography  that  he  was  becoming  to  Persian  like. To  the  north  was  th  truscansthey  learned  how  to  build  roads  and  to  the  south   were  the  Greeks and  their  learned  arts  from  them. Then  he  dies  right  before  tying  to  start  a  new  conquest.  Starting  with  his  dead  is   the  beginning  of  the  Hellenistic  period. After  the  death  they  had  3  kingdoms: Antigonus  and  Demetrius-­‐Macedonia  and  Greece Seleucus-­‐Syria  and  the  old  persian  empire Ptolemy-­‐Egypt Audio 1 Audio  recording  started:  1:30  PM  Monday,  March  21,  2016 Alexandria  Egypt:    This  was  the  major  seaport,  They  also  had  the  worlds  biggest   library  called  the  museum  the  god  where  they  got  the  inspiration  for  the  name   museum  was  called  Musesand  Cliowas  the  god  of  history. Hellenistic  Science Euclid,  The  elements  of  geometry  this  is  study  of  geometry   Eratosthenescame  up  the  circumference  of  the  earth;  the  distance  of  the  earth   he  took  measurement  and  angle  of  the  shadow. Christopher  Columbus  was  not  the  first  one  to  believe  that  the  earth  was  round.   The  Greeks  had  new  that  already! Archimedes,  On  Plane  Equilibriums:  he  discover  the  principal  of  using  levis  and   pullys.  The  pull  of  force.  The  archimedes  screw,  is  something  else  he  invented,   hydrostatics  the  study  of  water. Christopher  Columbus  was  not  the  first  one  to  believe  that  the  earth  was  round.   The  Greeks  had  new  that  already! Archimedes,  On  Plane  Equilibriums:  he  discover  the  principal  of  using  levis  and   pullys.  The  pull  of  force.  The  archimedes  screw,  is  something  else  he  invented,   hydrostatics  the  study  of  water. Stages  of  the  Roman  History  (  the  generals  created  their  own  dynasties) • Foundation  of  the  city  of  Rome • The  Rise  of  the  Republics • The  roman  empire  this  splits  into  two  empires -­‐Western  Empire -­‐Eastern  Empire The  main  way  they  tried  to  unite  the  Greek  culture,  they  found  brand  new   Greek  cities  and  bring  in  Macedonians  to  live  there. 3  Phases  of  Roman  Expansion -­‐Rome  started  to  conqueror  them  the  Eutrasians  (Unification  of  Italy) They  were  the  biggest  road  builders  in  the  world. -­‐Collision  with  Carthage  (Punic  Wars) When  Rome  takes  over  Italy  they  clash  with  Carthage  which  were  the  Phoenicians The  Romans  won  all  the  Punic  Wars 3rd  Punic  war  40  years  later  they  landed  troops  and  burned  Carthrage  also  know   as  the  revenge.  They  turned  them  into  slaves,  then  the  roman  owned  a  part  of   north  Africa. Conquest  of  Hellenistic  Kingdoms They  enslaved  thousands  of  Greeks  and  sent  them  back  to  Italy  and  the  Seleucids   were  next. Romans  are  expanding  fast,  which  ends  up  destroying  their  republic,   The  romans  had  the  same  army  structure Latifundias;  which  are  big  estates.  Italy  had  the  most  slaves. Tiberius  and  Gaius  Graccus,  they  ended  up  being  assinated   Two  major  forms  of  entertainment -­‐chariot  races -­‐Gladiator  game 1st  attempt  to  stop  these  harsh  lifestyle  was  by  Tiberius  and  Gaius Tiberius  and  Gaius  Graccus,  they  ended  up  being  assinated   Two  major  forms  of  entertainment -­‐chariot  races -­‐Gladiator  game 1st  attempt  to  stop  these  harsh  lifestyle  was  by  Tiberius  and  Gaius 2nd  attempt    was  to  pay  the  army  so  people  could  start  having  a  more  civilized  life   it  changes  the  dynamic The  loyalty  are  the  army  shifted The  End  of  Roman  republic Audio 2 Audio  recording  started:  1:46  PM  Wednesday,  March  23,  2016 6,000  were  crucified  while  trying  to  escape  to  scare  other  slaves. Julius  Caesar  it  takes  him  9  years  to  conquered  the  Gaul's  which  is  France.  The   Gaul's  did  not  want  to  be  conquered.  He  adds  territory    and  he  has  books  that   explain  his  conquest.  He  ends  up  being  really  popular. "Crossing  the  Rubecan",  when  they  done  something  they  cant  undo.  In  the  end  he   wins. Dictator:  was  not  a  bad  person  and  the  roman  would  appoint  someone  for  6   months.  Cincinnatus  which  is  name  after  Cincinnati  Ohio. Julius  Caesar  was  appointed  3  times  and  soon  became  dictator  for  life.  He  thinks   has  save  the  country  but  60  senators  said  they  didn't  have  a  dictator  and  they  all   vowed  that  they  will  kill  him  (stabbed) According  to  William  Shakespeare  his  best  friend  said  to  him  before  he  died    "This   is  what  happens  to  tyrants" This  becomes  the  end  of  the  republic. Two  candidates  for  next  dictator -­ Gaius  Octavian  "  Augustus"  this  was  caesar  nephew -­ Mark  Antony  which  is  Caesar  general So  they  decide  to  separate  the  empire  and  rule  Octavius  rules  the  west  and   Antony  rules  the  east. -­ Mark  Antony  which  is  Caesar  general So  they  decide  to  separate  the  empire  and  rule  Octavius  rules  the  west  and   Antony  rules  the  east. Mark  Antony  ends  up  marrying  Cleopatra,  they  revolt  against  Octavian.  The  battle   of  Actium  happened  and  mark  Antony  loses  and  him  and  his  wife  commit  suicide. Now  Octavian  becomes  the  sole  ruler  of  the  roman  empire. The  Pax  Romana  for  200  years  nobody  is  fired. The  roman  empire  is  populated  by  3  million  and  they  had  two  universal  language   Greek  and  Latin.  They  had  the  highest  standard  of  living.   Part  of  that  was  because  the  economy  is  very  complex. You  could  travel  safely,  nobody  is  invading  and  taxes  are  low.  Export  is  at  its  best! Pax  Romana  is  a  great  time. The  five  good  emperors  the  best  one  is  , The  first  four  when  they  died,  they  believe  their  kids  are  stupid  so  they  would   adopt  somebody  who  was  competent.   Marcus  Aurelius-­‐ Some  accomplishments  of  the  Romans: -­‐invented  Law -­‐Engineering They  are  very  practical The  were  the  only  ones  who  made  domes  ,  they  also  invented  concrete.  Looking   at  their  Pantheons  and  the  Coliseum. The  soldiers  of  Roman  really  built  the  walls  and  roads  and  aqueducts. The  Aqueducts  are  all  over  and  these  were  water  pipes. The  romans  changed  sculptures  by  just  forming  the  heads  not  the  body.   Virgil  was  the  first  roman  epic  and  they  try  to  connect  the  story  of  the  Iliad  to  the   sequel  of  "  The  Aeneid" The  Aqueducts  are  all  over  and  these  were  water  pipes. The  romans  changed  sculptures  by  just  forming  the  heads  not  the  body.   Virgil  was  the  first  roman  epic  and  they  try  to  connect  the  story  of  the  Iliad  to  the   sequel  of  "  The  Aeneid" Christianity  began  in  the  roman  empire  during  Pax  Romana.  The  founder  of   Christianity  was  Jesus  of  Nazareth's  and  he  was  born  in  the  roman  empire.  It  is  the   fastest  growing  religion  today. The  gospels  were  the  life  of  the  teachings  of  Matthew,  Mark,  Luke  and  John  were   the  four  gospels. The  Pax  Romana  is  important  because  he  is  crucified  by  the  roman  empire. Paul  in  the  Hebrew  tradition,  he  started  churches  all  over  the  Roman  empire.  One   of  his  trips  to  Athens,  this  is  consider  a  major  turning  point  in  history.


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