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GOVT 132 Week 15 Notes

by: Billie Sumiel

GOVT 132 Week 15 Notes GOVT 132

Marketplace > George Mason University > History > GOVT 132 > GOVT 132 Week 15 Notes
Billie Sumiel
Introduction to International Politics
Gregory Koblentz

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About this Document

This the last week of notes (Dec. 7th & 9th) for GOVT 132 taught by Professor Koblentz.
Introduction to International Politics
Gregory Koblentz
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Billie Sumiel on Thursday December 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GOVT 132 at George Mason University taught by Gregory Koblentz in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 78 views. For similar materials see Introduction to International Politics in History at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 12/10/15
Dec 7 2015 The NorthSouth Gal 0 Countries in the North have it better than lessdeveloped countries in the South 0 South scarce Food Water access to Electricity amp good Health Care I prevalence of HIVAIDS amp infant mortality 0 Many countries in the south Failed States lack of socioeconomic stability I The result of a global problem vs a domestic problem 0 World System Theory developed as a way to exam a 3part global system 0 Core richindustrializedlproduce items based of Periphery resources 0 SemiPeriphery inbetweenIbenefit from both the Core amp Periphery 0 Periphery exploited for resources by the Corelower class don t benefit Imperialism 0 By 1900 sCore North countries colonized many Periphery South countries 0 History of Imperialism 15002000 rise of nationstates technological developments 0 States become independent amp extend political economic amp military power 0 The Partition of Africa entire continentcolonized by many European countries 0 Imperialism amp Slavery Triangular Trade 16501860Euro US amp Africa 0 Travel to Periphery to make purchases and take back to the Core 0 Makes the Periphery dependent on the Core to trademake money 0 Massive importation of slave labor by imperial powers to plantations 0 Massive depopulation due to Eurodiseases brought to other countries I Imperialism economic development through colonization of countries in the South by countries from the North for that countries own benefit 0 Path Dependence how current decisions one faces is limited by decisions made in the past 0 Network Effects the bigger the network gets the more vitalvaluable it becomes I Example the QWERTY Keyboardljonly keyboard layout used I No other layout would sellno one wants to adjust to a new way of typing 0 LockIn certain doors are closed once certain decisions are made Decolonization 0 Kicked off after WWII caused UN growthcountries joined the United Nations 0 Great Powerssplit up after the war due to bankruptcy 0 Indigenous people demanded their independence 0 The Cold War Dec 9th 2015 International Development Defining Development 0 Economic Factors of Production 0 Land 0 Labor Physical Capital tangible matters Example first class airports Human Capital investments in people Example education 0 Countries have most control over physical capital amp human capital 0 Land amp Labor are good for short term but Physical Capital amp Human Capital are essentially what will lead to ones success 0 China HUGE labor pool people weren t being educatedno investment 0 1970s amp l980s began to invest in Human CapitalChina began to grow Virtual Development Clash of Clans Measuring Development 0 Gross Domestic Product GDP measure of a country s overall economic output Per Capita GDP amount of economic activity per person 0 Three Levels of Development 0 Least Developed Countries 0 Middle Developed Countries 0 More Developed Countries 0 GDP Growth Rate vs GDP per Capita 0 Higher the populationGDP per capital lower Example India amp Chinaless developed Growth in Developed vs Developing World 0 Already more advanced developmentllsmall percent of economic growthno room Development Strategies Import S ubstitution development of local industries to produce items that are usually imported ExportLed Growth develop industries that can compete in niches in the global economy 0 The Asian Tigers adapted ExportLed Growth modelEIskyrocketed Rise of the Newly Industrialized Countries NI CS new category of level development created for newly industrialized countries 0 These countries each found their niche amp haven t stopped growing 0 South Korea 0 Hong Kong 0 Singapore 0 Taiwan 0 North Korealjautarky only buy the NK iPad Map of NK at nightdark no lights The Rise of China 1978 Present 0 China tried to keep people from going abroad up until 1978 0 Opened the companyChina skyrocketed o Deng Xiopeng I head of communist party 0 2010 became 2rld largest economy 0 China s GDP per capital sill very low The Rise of India Comparing China and India Role of International Community in Development 0 Foreign Investment 0 Loans 0 Aid 0 Debt 1 of all US govt goes to Foreign Aid


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