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Week 14 Notes

by: Alexandra Cummins

Week 14 Notes FSCN 1112

Alexandra Cummins
U of M
GPA 3.97
Principles of Nutrition
Mashek, Douglas

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About this Document

This set is from the Thursday after exam 3. They cover nutrition during growing years, nutrition during adult years and aging.
Principles of Nutrition
Mashek, Douglas
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexandra Cummins on Friday December 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FSCN 1112 at University of Minnesota taught by Mashek, Douglas in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Principles of Nutrition in Nutrition and Food Sciences at University of Minnesota.

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Date Created: 12/11/15
Week 14 Notes Nutrition During Growing Years cont Problems with growth 0 Colic digestive issues in babies gas cramps leads to lots of crying not uncommon Milk allergy problematic for babies given milkbased formula Constipation and diarrhea child s immune system is still developing important to stay hydrated Ear infections no known cause but avoid feeding while laying in bed to prevent uid from pooling in the back of the throat and ear canal Cavities feeding in bed keeps sugars on teeth overnight avoid sugary foods Hyperactivity no known cause sugar does not directly relate to this Acne affects 80 of teens but cause isn t entirely known I Lotions with vitamin A help treat and prevent Obesity I Childhood obesity increases risk for adult obesity I The home environment is critical Nutrition During Adult Years Life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last 200 years Reserve capacity for most of your life your body can handle stress go above and beyond for periods of time and be fine 0 Aging makes this difficult Successful aging natural aging 0 Slow down aging by eating right exercising and not smoking Compression of morbidity the idea is to optimize healthy years and minimize the sick years Factors affecting aging o Heredity genes 0 Gender women live longer 0 Lifestyle diet avoid smoking I Cut bacteria might have something to do with it 0 Environment increased education level income health care air quality toxins 0 Stress relief 0 Exercise 0 Social interactions 0 Purpose driven life Why do we age 0 Cumulative DNA and protein damage I Free radicals can mess up the replication process over time mechanisms wear out over time 0 Changes in hormones menopause and estrogen reduction 0 Weakening immune system autoimmune issues I The immune system usually keeps the body in check prevents cancer Protein cross linking connective tissue and muscles get stiff and start binding together Cells reach their division potential cells can only divide so many times before the system stops working


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