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HIS 101: Week 13

by: Frankie Bjork

HIS 101: Week 13 HIS 101 Cr.3

Frankie Bjork
UW - L
Global Origins of the Modern World
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About this Document

This is the rest of the notes on "Totalitarianism..." and most of the information on WWII.
Global Origins of the Modern World
No professor available
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Frankie Bjork on Friday December 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 101 Cr.3 at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse taught by a professor in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Global Origins of the Modern World in History at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.

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Date Created: 12/11/15
Totalitarianism Challenges Liberalism Communism and Fascisms 1917 1945 o The rise of Adolf Hitler 18891945 and Nazism in Germany39s Third Reich 19331945 0 Jews yellow star homosexuals pink triangle gypsies and disabled 0 Weimar Republic Formed when Germany lost WWI o What was Nazism Systematically kill Jews gypsies German fascism coupled with antiSemitism 0 Why did democracy fail in Germany No democratic tradition in Germany Associated with Treaty of Versailles The Germans hated it and were humiliated by it Fear of communism rise 0 Adolf Hitler promised Germans Unity for all German speaking people Full employment for people Build roads and cars Rebuild army New imperialism will go to Europe Destroy communism in Germany Repudiate Treaty of Versailles Why was Hitler s program so dangerous Regard many different people as bad or rubbish Guaranteed war because of beliefs and practices Communism in the Soviet Union 19171939 Differences among socialism in Russia in 1917 0 Feb 1917Czar abdicatesprovisional gov Nov 1917Communists take over Russia Mensheviks 0 Wanted to pull together with multiple political parties to institute socialists 0 Did not promote violent revolts Bolsheviks communists o Hated democracy 0 No compromise with other political party 0 Promote violent revolts o Materialism philosophical Vladimir Lenin 18701924 and his program for Russia 0 Promised to pull Russia out of WWI o Promised Land Peace and Bread 0 Violent revolution 0 Civil War 19181921 Reds vs Whites o Lenin didn39t deliver the peace or bread 0 Joseph Stalin 18791953 crimes and achievements o Wants to industrialize Russia 19291941 0 Wants to collectivize agriculture 19291953 Peasants resisted Ukraine 19311933 Famine caused by resistance to communism 5 million people died Stalin starved them forbade them to cross into Russia properly 0 The Great Terror 19361939 The Great Purges of the 30 s Forced people to commit to crimes they didn39t commit Used torture 0 Mostly executed or sent to concentration camps Over a million people 0 The Gulag archipelago GULAG is acronym for concentration camp system Worked political opponents to death Most people were completely innocent of what they were accused of Used as scapegoat for his policies that destroyed Russia 0 Made Russia a superpower militarily World War II 19391945 Causes 0 Axis aggression primary cause 0 Allied military and diplomatic blunders The Belligerents o The Axis Rome Berlin Tokyo Axis Fascist powers 0 Italy Germany Japan and Bulgaria 0 The Allies At rst Great Britain France defeated 1940 Then Soviet Union joined June 22 1941 0 Germany went against a Treaty of NonAggression USAjoined December 7 1941 o AfterJapan bombed Pearl Harbor Causes of Axis aggression 0 Germany Extreme nationalism Demanded space 0 Japan Embarked on industrial and militarization policies Was totally dependent on other countries Needed aluminum to build planes China Incident Tried to conquer but failed 0 Their version of the Vietnam War Military elite were former Samurai s Had military code of Bushido 0 Never surrender Kamikaze pilots Allied appeasement of Hitler 19331959 0 Winston Churchill British Prime Minister Saw Great Britain through her darkest time o Allies believed that if they gave Hitler what he wanted he would stop invading countries and killing innocent people 0 March 1936 Hitler marched into the Rhineland demilitarized zone 0 He was not supposed to have any troops on the West side 0 March 1938 Hitler annexes Austria 0 October 1938 Occupies Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia Great Britain and France could39ve made an agreement with Soviet Union 0 Didn t like Russia39s proposal 0 March 1939 Hitler violates promise ad gobbles Czechoslovakia 0 Sept 1 1939 Hitler invades Poland WWII begins in Europe The NaziSoviet nonaggression Pact Aug 23 1939 o Shocked everyone 0 Hitler was worried that invading Poland would anger Russia Gave him the goahead to invade Blitzkrieg Hitler invades Poland and conquers France Sept 1 1939June 22 1940 quotlightning warquot Poland collapses with a month Only took 6 weeks to conquer France The Maginot Line France s forti ed bunkers Believed they couldn39t be crossed Didn39t count on planes being able to y over it Only covered France s border with Germany not Belgium Hitler39s fatal mistake he invades Russia June 22 1941 0000 o Hitler39s only enemy at the time was Great Britain But Germany wasn39t a naval country Great Britain had a great ghter force 0 He greatly underestimated Russia39s military strength It was hard to know what was going in Russia RussoFinnish War Nov 1939March 1940 o This made Hitler believe that Russia was weak because they almost got beat by the Finnish army and that it took 5 months to conquer them How did science and technology shape the war 0 Tanks and motorized infantry units 0 Airplanes 1939 airplane was 36 years old Now had long range Had large bomb capacity Industries railroads dockyards etc Could support infantry Go fast 0 Can have machine guns mounted on them Can transport troops Can be used to gather intelligence spy Completely transformed naval warfare by aircraft carrier 0 Made battleships and cruisers obsolete Can carry the war far away from home Submarine spotterdestroyer 0 Radar Came about in 1940 in Great Britain 0 Could detect Nazis at night Why did the Nazi s fail to get the atomic bomb Geographical factors in the war Why the Axis lose The consequences of WWII


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