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Ch 17

by: Ashlie Meckley
Ashlie Meckley
Management Process Theory
Seyedeh Vaziri

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About this Document

Management Process Theory
Seyedeh Vaziri
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashlie Meckley on Friday December 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Mana 3319 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Seyedeh Vaziri in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.


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Date Created: 12/11/15
Chapter 17 Managing Technology and Innovation De nitions 0 Technology The systematic application of scientific knowledge to a new product process or service Innovation Differs from invention Any new way of working that creates value Product innovation Process innovation 0 Business model innovation 0 Technology audit Process of clarifying the key technologies on which an organization depends 0 Technical innovator A person who develops a new technology or has the key skills to install and operate the technology 0 Product champion A person who promotes a new technology throughout the organization in an effort to obtain acceptance of and support for it 0 Executive champion An executive who supports a new technology and protects the product champion of the innovation Forces driving technological development Technology life cycle A predictable pattern followed by a technological innovation from its inception and development to market saturation and replacement OOOO 100 Theoretical 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 maximum Devalopmem slows 9 as Ill39l1lt IS approached 2 80 9 Cumulative g 70 Sshaped curve Emergence of a O my 2 60 a dominant design 0 Es 8 50 Early 5 2 adopters Bellshaped E 8 40 135 frequency curve a Early 0 30 Innovators pl oblllems 20 25 I Early Late I majority I majority ILa ds 0 quot 34 34 j 16 II I I II I I I I I I I I I Time Time Diffusion of technological innovations An innovation will spread quickly if it 0 Has a great advantage over its predecessor 0 Is compatible with existing systems procedures infrastructures and ways of thinking 0 Has less rather than greater complexity 0 Can be tried and tested easily without significant cost or commitment 0 Can be observed and copied easily Technology leadership Advantage Disadvantages Firstmover advantage Greater riske Littlle er no competition Cost of tech nelogiy development Greater efficiency Costs of market development and V y customer education ngihier profit margins Sustainable advantage mfra mcmrg was Reputatim for innovation Costs of learning and eliminating detects Feasible canniilbaliaation of existing Establ Ishment at entry barriers pde U Cts Occupation of best market niches Opportunities to learn Followership A manager s decision on when to adopt new technology also depends on the potential benefits of the new technology as well as the organization s technology skills Following the technology leader can save development expenses Different types of technology 0 Emerging technologies are still under development and thus are unproved 0 Pacing technologies have yet to prove their full value but have the potential to alter the rules of competition by providing significant advantage 0 Key technologies have proved effective but they also provide a strategic advantage because not everyone uses them 0 Base technologies are those that are commonplace in the industry everyone must have them to be able to operate Benchmarking 0 The process of comparing an organization s practices and technologies with those of other companies eg bestinclass performers Scanning 0 Searching out information that is unavailable to most people and sorting that information to interpret what is important and what is not Key factors to consider in technology decisions 39i cpae o mar 39 receptiveness Technology feasibility Economic viability Anticipated capability develonment Organizational suitability Make or buy decision 0 The question an organization asks itself about whether to acquire new technology from an outside source or develop it itself 0 Internal development Purchase Contracted development Licensing Technology trading Research partnerships and joint ventures Acquisition of the owner of the technology Available for sale Organizing for Innovation 0 Unleashing creativity involves encouraging creativity and celebrating failure 0 Culture of innovation 0 Bureaucracy busting is necessary because bureaucracy is the enemy of innovation 0 Temporary project structure with different rules 0 Development proiect o A focused organizational effort to create a new product or process via technological advances 0 Typically a crossfunctional team 0 Sociotechnical systems 0 An approach to job design that attempts to redesign tasks to optimize operation of a new technology while preserving employees interpersonal relationships and other human aspects of the work


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