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Week 6: Blacks Politics in the Obama Era

by: Jennifer Kim

Week 6: Blacks Politics in the Obama Era GVPT289O

Marketplace > GVPT289O > Week 6 Blacks Politics in the Obama Era
Jennifer Kim

Racial and Ethnic Politics in the Obama Era
Dr. Antoine Banks

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About this Document

Hi! These are my notes from Week 6 for GVPT289O. Happy studying!
Racial and Ethnic Politics in the Obama Era
Dr. Antoine Banks
Class Notes
GVPT289O Antoine Banks Obama Notes racial ethnic politics government gvpt umd umcp college park government and politics racial ethnic
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jennifer Kim on Saturday December 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GVPT289O at a university taught by Dr. Antoine Banks in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 58 views.


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Date Created: 12/12/15
GVPT2890 10615 Page 1 of 1 Lecture 9 Black Politics in the Obama Era Before 1965 Voting Rights Act restrictions in the South made it hard for blacks to vote Poll tax Grandfather clause Literacy tests 1965 Voting Rights Act led to a substantial increase in percentage of Blacks registered to vote This led to a growing number of Black elected officials In 1970 there were about 700 black elected officials and that number had grown to 6800 in 1988 Black officials had major victories in mayoral and congressional elections Ex Black mayors in major cities such as NYC LA New Orleans DC In 1940 percent of registered black voters in southern states was generally lt7 o In 1965 percent of registered black voters in southern states was generally between 5070 New Black Voter There are two types of new black voters One is newly registered black voters that see some link between participation and political output The other is previously registered black voters that now possess a stronger sense of political efficacy and group consciousness Before 1964 Civil Rights Act a lot of black businesses were against desegregation because now they had to compete with white businesses lna 1984 survey Tate shows that 70 of Blacks strongly felt that the black vote could make a difference in who gets elected at both the local and national levels including who becomes president Protest politics gt electoral politics Protest politics before blacks were incorporated into political system One argument Political incorporation would lead to the breaking down of group boundaries Black would no longer focus on racial and ethnic issues They would focus on class issues Would race still connect upper class Blacks and lower class Blacks Another argument Would going from protest politics to electoral politics cause a breakdown in Black group consciousness Watched video on Freedom Riders GVPT2890 10815 Page 1 of 1 Lecture 10 Black Politics in the Obama Era Freedom Rides video shows how people participated in Freedom Riders in today s day and age Voting Rights Act of 1965 Prohibits test or devices that had been used in the past to dilute the political influence of racial minorities for example literacy tests and poll taxes Makes clear that if the effect of a practice is discriminatory it is unlawful regardless of the intent of its originator Requires that covered jurisdictions gain federal permission to implement any change sin election laws or procedures to assure that such changes are not retrogressive ie do not make it more difficult for protected minorities to elect representatives of their choice Q After incorporating blacks into political system is race still significant to the new black voter New Black Voter ls Race still significant Scholars have presented evidence that blacks themselves have grown less enchanted with a policy agenda that focuses exclusively on blacks They have also grown less supportive of candidates that focus exclusively on a black policy agenda Ex Whites and blacks more supportive of Obama than Jess Jackson Exception Obama got destroyed in Chicago election because it s difficult to beat an incumbent 80 of the time the incumbent wins because of name recognition There is also evidence that civil rights or racial discrimination is not the most important issue in the black community For example when blacks were asked which is the most important problem facing blacks today 62 named unemployment while 21 mentioned racial discrimination Distribution of Subjective Social Classes Among Blacks Source 1984 NBES 47 say they re middle class 28 say they re working class From 1972 2008 trend shows that blacks became more conservative and less liberal In 1972 55 conservative 15 liberal In 2008 Huge increase in conservatism around the time Ronald Reagan got elected but didn t translate to support for Republican party Slight increase in liberalism around the time Obama got elected Even though there are highincome blacks and lowincome blacks they re still linked Black Group ConsciousnessLinked Fate The more one believes one s own life changes are linked to those of blacks as a group the more one will consider racial group interests in evaluating policies and candidates Upper class blacks have strongest sense of group consciousness because they were more likely to be around whites and experience discrimination The measure of the concept is Do you think that what happens generally to the black people in this country will have something to do with what happens in your life High rate of linked fate Majority of blacks experience linked fate That s why they tend to support the Democratic Party because the party tends to sympathize with them In 1963 75 of blacks likely to say that there will always be a relations problem between blacks and whites in the US in 2008 50 said there d be a problem Became more optimistic Blacks thought election of Obama the most important advances for blacks in the past one hundred years in terms of progress for blacks in the US Whites thought it was one of the most important but not the most important GVPT2890 10815 Page 1 of 2 Over 50 of blacks thought race relations in the US has gotten a little better Blacks thought most blacks thought Obama s policies would be about right when it came to improving the standard of living of blacks in the US After Obama election high level of euphoria and optimism among blacks Conclusion Blacks are optimistic about race with the election of Obama most blacks believe that moderation and coalition building are the best tactics to solve the problems in the black community


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