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Week 8: The Impact of Explicit Racism

by: Jennifer Kim

Week 8: The Impact of Explicit Racism GVPT289O

Marketplace > GVPT289O > Week 8 The Impact of Explicit Racism
Jennifer Kim

Racial and Ethnic Politics in the Obama Era
Dr. Antoine Banks

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About this Document

Hi! Here are my notes for Week 8 of GVPT289O. Happy studying!
Racial and Ethnic Politics in the Obama Era
Dr. Antoine Banks
Class Notes
GVPT289O Antoine Banks Obama Notes racial ethnic politics government gvpt umd umcp college park government and politics racial ethnic
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jennifer Kim on Saturday December 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GVPT289O at a university taught by Dr. Antoine Banks in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views.


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Date Created: 12/12/15
GVPT2890 102015 Page 1 of 1 Lecture 12 The Impact of Explicit Racism To feel good about who we are we differentiate ourselves from others People hold positive values about their ingroup and negative values about their outgrip in order to protect their selfesteem Postracism The argument is that we are now entering a new era in America in which race has substantially lost its special significance John Tierney of the NYT argues and presents evidence that racism is on the steep decline He argues that obamas election signifies this decline in antiblack animus Thomas Petigrew questions whether America is in a postracial society with the election of Barack Obama as president He offers six points to make us questions whether we are in a postracial era 1 2 It took a perfect storm for Obama to win Obama had good political fortune in winning the 2004 Illinois senate races George W Bush s approval rating was a record low Many prejudiced people voted for Obama He argues that some Democrats have negative attitudes toward blacks but they still supported Obama in 2008 Pocketbook issues was more important than race Logical Fallacy Ecological fallacy It draws conclusions about individuals from a macrolevel data For example the voting data would suggest that people who voted for Obama are free of prejudice Constant Turnout Composition Fallacy It is the assumption that the electorate in 2008 was the same as it was in 2004 For instance Republican turnout fell in 2008 especially among those on the farright of the party Also a record number of voters on the left wing of the Democratic Party came to the polls ie young people and minorities Racist Subtle Actions During the Campaign Bill Clinton s comments comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson Geraldine Ferraro stating that If Obama was a White man he would not be in this position McCain and Palin s comment that Obama is not one of us Elderly and Southern whites resisted support for Obama comparing 2004 2008 Obama lost support among whites that are over 65 yrs old 6 Gained support among the youth African Americans and independents GVPT2890 102215 1 of 1 Lecture 13 The Impact of Explicit Racism Measuring racial prejudice Symbolic RacismRacial Resentment A combination of antiblack effect and the perception that blacks violate traditional values such as the Protestant work ethic Implicit Racism Unconscious and uncontrollable racial bias Explicit Racial Prejudice Negative racial stereotypes Whites are considered more intelligent and hardworking than African Americans Lots of measurement error when measuring explicit racism and stereotypes When people have to give their answers to an interviewer they feel pressured to answer with something socially acceptable A selfadministered test is used as a control People answer more honestly when there s no one to judge them Racial prejudice plays a role every year in every election but it played a bigger role in 2008 presidential election Prejudice matters but for whom The question is which political group does racial prejudice matter most in explaining opposition to Obama Democrats Independents or Republicans It mattered most for Democrats and least for Republicans Summary Piston finds that racial prejudice has a larger effect in 2008 than in previous presidential elections Piston also finds that racial prejudice has a stronger effect on evaluations of Obama than other Democratic candidates in 2008 Finally he finds that the effect of racial prejudice in 2008 is mainly among Independents and Democrats


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