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Week 12: Health Care Reform

by: Jennifer Kim

Week 12: Health Care Reform GVPT289O

Marketplace > GVPT289O > Week 12 Health Care Reform
Jennifer Kim

Racial and Ethnic Politics in the Obama Era
Dr. Antoine Banks

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About this Document

Hi! These are the notes for Week 12 of GVPT289O. Happy studying!
Racial and Ethnic Politics in the Obama Era
Dr. Antoine Banks
Class Notes
GVPT289O Antoine Banks Obama Notes racial ethnic politics government gvpt umd umcp college park government and politics racial ethnic
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jennifer Kim on Saturday December 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GVPT289O at a university taught by Dr. Antoine Banks in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views.


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Date Created: 12/12/15
GVPT2890 111715 Page 1 of 2 Lecture 20 Healthcare Reform NOTE No class on Thursday 1119 Quiz in discussion on Friday Overview Problems with US Healthcare system rising cost access 2008 Health Care Reform Debate Affordable Care Act Health Care System In 2008 we had about 38 million Americans who did not have health insurance The uninsured has risen over the past 30 years Middle class wage earners have gone form 5 uninsured to 124 uninsured The lowest income wage earners have gone from 18 to 374 uninsured We also have 16 million more Americans who are underinsured The US spends twice as much per person on health coverage than other developed democracies These countries provide their entire population with health coverage US Health Care System In the 19th century most advanced nations created some system of universal health insurance coverage Either heavily regulated or governmentcontrolled In the 19th century the US focused more on innovation in the health care industry This led to the country focusing more on profitable health care than providing coverage to all Americans It contributed to unequal health coverage in the US In 1965 Medicare and Medicaid are established President Johnson signs HR 6675 Public Law 8997 to establish Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for the poor particularly non working mothers and their children Medicare for the elderly Medicaid for lowincome individuals With a sluggish economy from 20002007 and health carer premiums on the rise many Americans were concerned with the cost of health care 2008 Health Care Debate Hillary Clinton made health care reform an important issue of her campaign Obama didn t have a strong proposal for fixing Americans health care system Once Obama won the Democratic nomination he adopted Hillary Clinton s health care proposals He made health care a central issue in his campaign Affordable Care Act Majority say they don t understand how ACA will impact them including 23 of uninsured and lowincome less than 40K Beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act Seniors Under Medicare the ACA closes prescription drug doughnut holes It also expands primary care to seniors via preventive care It provides more funding to family medicine doctors It also provides more assistance to longterm care Young adults Parents can keep their child on their family insurance until age 26 Also young adults qualify for Medicaid if their annual income is under 14444 GVPT2890 111715 Page 2 of 2 Middle Americans People without insurance can participate in insurance exchanges They will have the benefit of choosing their insurance The competition in these exchanges should lower the cost for the rate of insurance It also requires everyone to purchase insurance and if not they will face a penalty or fine This individual mandate is to keep insurance cost low Most vulnerable Americans are the largest beneficiaries under the ACA lt expands Medicaid to American adults who don t have children This should cover 16 million more Americans Can we afford health care reform The cost of the ACA is 1 trillion dollars Half of the bill is paid by taxing the most wealthiest individuals and health care companies Reducing the cost in health care should trim the rest of the cost By lowering the cost hospitals pharmaceutical and insurance companies could charge should reduce the cost of the health care Congressional Budget Office says the ACA should reduce the federal government s deficit by about 140 billion dollars over the first 10 years After 5 years of passage of ACA people seem to be more knowledgeable about ACA Most are aware of key provisions but gaps in knowledge remain Three year later the public is still divided by party on the ACA Republicans have consistently been in serious opposition since 2010


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