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Week 15 Notes

by: Cynthia Bressler

Week 15 Notes Music 170

Cynthia Bressler
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Last week of notes!!
History of Rock and Roll
Dr. Maxwell
Class Notes
#Maxwell #KSU #music170 #rockandroll
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cynthia Bressler on Monday December 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Music 170 at Kansas State University taught by Dr. Maxwell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 11 views.

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Date Created: 12/14/15
Week  15  Notes     The  Police   • Well  known  for  strong  reggae  influence  on  their  style   o Complex  drumming  of  Stuart  Copeland   o Literary  lyrics  of  Sting   o Tons  of  atmospheric  guitar  from  Andy  Summers     I  Want  my  MTV  (1980-­‐1990)   • Beatles  made  the  first  promotional  videos   o They  were  tiring  of  the  strain  of  touring  and  live  performances   o Videos  could  be  sent  to  TV  stations  rather  than  making  a  live  appearance     Promotional  Videos   • Short  one-­‐song  films  to  promote  a  song   • Cable  TV  as  a  necessity   o In  areas  where  antenna  transmission  was  unsatisfactory   o Hilly  or  mountainous  area   o Cable  television  developed  during  the  1970s   o Specialty  channels  appeared   o Customers  were  required  to  pay  for  the  service   § Critics  believed  no  one  would  pay  for  TV   § Home  Box  Office  (HBO)  proved  critics  wrong       2  approaches   • MTV  would  hsow  only  promotional  videos  made  by  record  labels   • MTV  would  show  videos  that  explored  the  creative  aspects  of  the  medium     MTV  premiered  on  August  1,  1981   First  video  shown:  the  Buggles  video  “Video  killed  the  Radio  Star”     The  growth  of  MTV   • MTV  had  its  biggest  audience  wherever  HBO  channels  succeeded   o Mainly  in  Midwest   o MTV  played  videos  by  white  mainstream  rock  artists   • MTV  did  sell  advertising   o Their  programming  was  directed  at  advertisers’  target  audience     MTV  &  Michael  Jackson   • In  early  1983,  Michael  Jackson’s  “Billie  Jean”  was  climbing  the  pop  charts   • MTV  refused  to  play  Jackson’s  video   o They  believed  viewers  would  not  watch  because  Jackson  is  black   • Record  companies  soon  considered  videos  to  be  crucial  promotional  tools   o MTV  began  to  rival  FM  radio  as  the  place  to  make  or  break  hit  records     Michael  Jackson   • Began  with  his  brothers  on  Motown  records   • Also  released  solo  singles:  “Ben”  (1972)   • Michael  Jackson  in  video  age   o Immense  success  with  the  album  Thriller  (1983)   o Thriller  contained  3  crossover  singles   § “Billy  Jean”,  “Beat  It”,  “The  Girl  is  Mine”     o Bad  (1987)  contained  four  hit  singles   • Jackson  produced  an  extended  video  for  “Thriller”   o Directed  by  Hollywood’s  John  Landis   o State-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  special  effects   o Voice-­‐over  by  horror  movie  icon  Vincent  Prince   • Became  “King  of  Pop”       Madonna   • Depended  as  much  on  the  visual  aspect  of  her  music  as  the  sound   • Worked  as  a  dancer  in  NY  with  professional  dance  troupes   • First  recording  were  successful  in  the  NY  dance  club  scene   • 1984  debut  Madonna  contained  two  hit  singles   o “Borderline”,  “Lucky  Star”   • Like  a  Virgin  was  her  big  hit  album       Madonna’s  music   • Often  driven  by  a  dance  beat   • Madonna  has  played  an  active  creative  role  on  many  of  her  albums   o Songwriter  credits   o Production  credits     Prince   • Was  2  to  Michael  Jackson  &  never  had  a  #1  album  in  the  1980s   • Used  blatant  sexual  images   • Musical  roots  are  in  the  black  pop  and  funk  of  the  1970s   • One  of  the  most  prolific  artists  of  the  1980s   • Frequently  played  all  the  instruments,  reminiscent  of  Stevie  Wonder   • Controlled  his  projects  like  George  Clinton  did   • The  album  1999     • Critically  acclaimed  feature  film  and  soundtrack  in  1984,  Purple  Rain     British  pop  on  MTV   • MTV  marketing  power  quickly  grew   o MTV  generated  success  for  new  British  artists   § Bow  Wow  Wow   § A  Flock  of  Seagulls   § Duran  Duran   The  continuing  development  of  New  Wave     U2   • Formed  in  Ireland   o Simple  songs   o Poetic  quality  in  singer  Bono’s  lyrics   o Lead  Guitarist  The  Edge  creates  rich  guitar  textures     College  rock  underground   University  of  Georgia   • College  rock  started  in  Athens,  Georgia   o Home  of  university  of  Georgia   o R.E.M.  formed  in  Athens,  Georgia   o The  band  was  involved  in  the  origin  of  the  college  rock  scene     R.E.M.   • Led  by  guitarist  Peter  Buck  and  vocalist  Michael  Stipe   • Inspiration  from  late  1970s  new  wave     The  rise  of  heavy  metal   • Origin  of  the  name  is  unclear   o Steppenwolf  song  lyric  “Born  to  be  wild…Heavy  metal  thunder”   o Became  a  very  good  selling  genre,  also  ironically  at  the  same  time  rap  was     AC/DC   • Influenced  by  the  British  blues  revival   • Powerful  guitar  playing  by  Angus  Young   • High  raspy  vocals  by  Bon  Scott  (replaced  by  Brian  Johnson)   • Formed  in  Australia  in  1973  and  built  their  popularity  there     Heavy  metal  image   • “Headbanger”  was  a  nickname  for  fans   o Allusion  to  unsophisticated  character   o Blue-­‐collar  white  audience   • Parodies  of  the  heavy  metal  fan  and  music  style   o Wayne’s  World  skits  on  SNL   o Spinal  Tap  film   o Bevis  and  Butthead  animated  MTV  series     British  heavy  metal   • General  characteristics  of  all  British  Heavy  Metal  bands  in  1980s   o Guitar  driven   o Emphasis  on  flashy  songs       Mötorhead   • 1970s  band  that  influenced  1980s  metal     LA  heavy  metal   • LA  had  established  itself  as  a  place  that  succeeded  in  the  heavy  metal  industry   • Van  Halen   o personality  clashes  in  the  band  btw/  Eddie  Van  Halen  &  singer  David  Lee   Roth   o Last  album  ft.  Roth  was  1984   o Sammy  Hagar  replaced  Roth  in  1985     Motley  Crüe   • Featuring  singer  Vince  Neil   • Drummer  Tommy  Lee   • Several  successful  albums  throughout  the  decade   o First  successful  album  Shout  at  the  Devil  (1983)     Speed  metal,  thrash  metal,  and  the  hippie  aesthetic     Metallica   • More  serious  minded   • Focus  on  musicianship   • Their  music  referred  to  as  “speed  metal”   • Formed  in  LA,  moved  to  San  Fran   • The  album  Metallica  (1991)   o Est.  them  as  one  of  the  most  important  heavy  metal  bands   o Includes  “Enter  Sandman”     Nirvana   • Most  important  band  in  Seattle’s  grunge  scene   • Played  their  first  shows  in  Olympia,  Washington   • Led  by  singer/songwriter/guitarist  Kurt  Cobain   • Their  music  rejected  the  entire  rock  star  apparatus   • Debut  album  Nevermind  was  released  late  1991   o Single  “Smells  like  Teen  Spirit”  (1991)  was  hugely  successful   o Began  the  movement  called  alternative  rock   • Next  two  albums  went  to  number  one  in  the  states  and  UK   o In  Utero  (1993)   o Unplugged  in  New  York    (1994)   • Nirvana’s  career  ended  with  Cobain’s  suicide  in  April  1994     History  repeats  itself   • 1990s  rock  &  it’s  relationship  to  the  past   o Dance  music   o Teen  idols   o Singer-­‐songwriters   o Roots  rock   o Rhythm  &  blues     Rise  of  classic  rock   • Teens  and  college-­‐age  interest  in  rock  from  previous  decade   o Discovery  of  styles  through  availability  of  older  recordings   § Parents’  record  collections   § Radio  stations  playing  “classic  rock”  formatted  programming     The  CD   • Lasted  longer  than  Records   • More  reliable  sound   Classic  rock  on  FM  Radio   • Drawback:  new  artists  had  difficulty  competing  with  classic  rock       VH-­‐1  and  the  rise  of  the  rockumentary   • Debuted  in  1985   o Focus  was  on  baby  boomers’  tastes  in  music  styles   o Struggled  for  the  first  decades   • The  “pop-­‐up  video”   o Introduced  in  1966     New  artists  appeared  who  embraced  classic  rock  styles  and  sounds     Sheryl  Crow   • Based  in  LA   • Vocal  style  derived  from  Roger  McGuinn  and  Tom  Petty   • Country-­‐rock  accompaniment   • 1993  album  Tuesday  Nigh  Music  Club     Jamming  Bands   • Reputations  developed  out  of  live  shows   o Large  underground  culture  in  the  US  supported  by  various  factions   § Clubs  usually  located  in  college  towns     Dave  Mathews  Band   • Instrumental  prowess  of  Phish  and  Widespread  panic   • Had  album  success     Divas   • Performed  songs  written  by  professional  songwriters   • Albums  were  also  among  the  best-­‐selling  of  the  decade   • Whitney  Houston,  Mariah  Carey       Return  of  the  “Made  for  pre-­‐teen  girls”  stars  Teen  Idols   Backstreet  Boys   • Early  success  in  Europe   • Heavy  investment  into  marketing  them  in  the  US   ‘N  Sync   • Direct  competitors  with  Backstreet  Boys   • Two  members  were  alumni  of  TV  show  the  New  Mickey  Mouse  Club   Britney  Spears   • Also  worked  on  Mickey  Mouse   • Inspired  by  Madonna’s  control  over  her  image   Christina  Aguilera   • Also  worked  on  Mickey  Mouse   • Early  hits  began  in  1988     Fusion  of  rap  with  rock   • Rage  Against  the  Machine   o Blend  of  punk  rock,  rap,  heavy  metal,  &  funk   o Political  lyrics     Nine  Inch  Nails   • San  Fran  based  composer  Trent  Reznor   • Writes  &  performs  the  music  himself   • Style  often  called  “industrial”   o Rhythmic  grooves  sound  like  they’re  made  by  large  factory  machines   o Lyrics  explore  the  grotesque  darker  side  of  the  psyche   Beck   • First  release,  “Loser”  was  on  indie  label  Bongload  in  1993   • Singed  with  Geffen  Records-­‐a  major  label   • Negotiated  a  special  deal  allowing  him  to  also  release  records  on  indie  labels     Napster  &  the  Mp3   • Napster  started  in  1999   o Shut  down  in  2001   o Legal  actions  from  bands  including  Metallica   o Bought  out  and  reformed  as  pay-­‐for  company   iTunes   • Started  by  Apple  in  2001   • Next  generation  of  Portable  music  listening   • Entire  library  of  music  with  you   • Moving  back  to  the  ‘single’  format     Technology  in  digital  age   • Technology  allows  elaborate  enhancement  of  the  indie  artist  Do-­‐It-­‐Yourself  Attitude   • XM  Radio   American  Idol   • Brought  back  the  Teen  Idol  (again!)   • Similar  popularity  to  American  Band  Stand   • Numerous  contestants  went  on  to  have  big  careers     Artists  are  now  able  to  produce  and  distribute  their  own  music   • Can  bypass  record  labels  entirely   o Colbie  Caillat   • Disadvantage   • Internet  is  too  vast  to  find  anything     Guitar  Hero   • Brought  young  audiences  to  classic  rock  music   • Brought  many  styles  back     Hip  hop  turns  Pop     What  now?   • How  bands  use  Technology   o Radiohead:  In  Rainbows   o Coldplay:  single   • New  takes  on  old  themes     Teen  idols  (AGAIN!!)   • Bubble  gum  music  of  today   • Always  a  place  in  the  industry   • One  Direction,  Justin  Bieber     Streaming   • Spotify,  Pandora,  iTunes  


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