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the preservation of the union

by: Imran Rashik

the preservation of the union HIST 1311 - 009

Imran Rashik
GPA 4.0
Kristen D Burton

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About this Document

Kristen D Burton
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Imran Rashik on Wednesday December 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1311 - 009 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Kristen D Burton in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES TO 1870 in History at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 12/16/15
Preservation of the Union The thirteenth amendment almost did not pass as it had great resistance and opposition to it But enough votes were placed to bring slavery to an end But just because slaves were free did not mean they had an easy transition to the American society At the end of 1863 US Grant took charge of the Union army His strategy for defeating the confederacy was to initiate total war They invaded south and created as much destruction as possible The March to the sea Occurred from November to December of 1854 led by General Sherman Best represents Grant s strategy of total war Destruction of as much resources as possible to cause permanent damage When their forces reached Atlanta Sherman initiated a siege They set re to Atlanta They kept marching across Georgia to the sea and waged war against other places After about a month of engaging in these tactics Sherman and his men freed 40 000 slaves They also destroyed plantations After this they set their target on South Carolina to take revenge for the initiation of secession Charleston captured on February 17th 1865 and essentially by that point the confederacy was besieged on all sides By spring of 1865 Robert E Lee had to admit defeat The legacy of the American civil war It was the most traumatic event in US history It crippled the south and to this day the south never gained the wealth and prestige that it once had before Death toll of 625000 Foreshadowing moment of the destruction that would come in world war I Secured the freedom of 4 million enslaved people About 1 in 12 men in the US took part in this war It involved the utilization of new technology It also featured new weaponry It featured traditional European style warfare Trench warfare was used It created a new sense of American nationality Idea of American nationalism uni ed around the idea that the union was indivisible This was because secession was deemed as illegal in 1861 The war represented the largest slave emancipation in US history Weakened slave regimes in Cuba and Brazil The loss of southern cotton encouraged British imperial interests in Egypt and India The property values across south collapsed All of the confederate currency was now worthless Most of the cotton was destroyed or seized On top of that emancipation wiped out 4 billion dollar investment of human labor But the end of the civil war marked the great age of expansion of the cotton market Many planters were left destitute and homeless But there remained a strong sense of southern nationalism and remains to this very day People implanted a hate of the north in their children They began to pride themselves on a continued de ance of northern rule Many places across the south people refer to the civil war as the war of northern aggression The freed slaves did not have places to live and did not have ready access to food and other resources Because of black codes there were restrictions on what former slaves could do They had restricted access to education The mentality of supporting slavery led to continued problems as these The Assassination of Lincoln April 14 1865 the Union ag ew over the federal fort The war was basically over Lincoln decided to celebrate this event with his family at Fords theatre Washington Dc where a play was being staged Shortly after the Lincoln party arrived an actor named John Wilkes Booth arrived at the theatre He approached the president s box and waited for a welltimed punch line in the play When the punch line was being enacted everyone burst out in laughter Booth stepped into the box and shot Lincoln Booth also stabbed major Rathbone and escaped the scene This assassination was a part of an elaborate plot The same time that Booth attacked Lincoln at Fords theatre his accomplice attacked the secretary of state William H Seward Seward was stabbed multiple times AndrewJohnson was also supposed to be killed by another conspirator But he lost his nerve and did not continue with the attack Lincoln s wounds were mortal and he died next morning Booth was trapped inside a barn which was put on re Then Booth was shot and killed in that barn as he tried to get out 8 other conspirators were put on trial and 4 were executed After Lincoln died all responsibility fell on a loyalist from Tennessee Johnson had a very different view of reconstruction of the states 1866 the radicle republicans took control of reconstruction


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