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Organic Chemistry II lab manual

by: Kathleen Quijada

Organic Chemistry II lab manual CHM 2211L

Marketplace > Florida International University > Chemistry > CHM 2211L > Organic Chemistry II lab manual
Kathleen Quijada
GPA 3.46
Organic Chemistry II Lab manual

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About this Document

Hello! This is my whole lab manual for organic chemistry! The professor is Dr. Becker, but the lab was with TA Nan Fang. Enjoy!
Organic Chemistry II Lab manual
FIU organic chemistry II Lab manual
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This 84 page Reader was uploaded by Kathleen Quijada on Saturday January 31, 2015. The Reader belongs to CHM 2211L at Florida International University taught by Becker in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry II Lab manual in Chemistry at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 01/31/15
l KCL H tlfJ f lPentherlD Date UNKNOWN Preliminary Identification 20 points You have been given an unknown compound In the first part of this lab you will examine the phyeical properties solubility and elemental analysis of the unknown Fill out the information below as best as possible A successful determination of the functional group in your unknown compound is dependent upon the following examinations You will be graded on how accurate and diligent you perform At the final step you must predict two potential functional groups that your compound might contain AND explain your reason for choosing that functional group DO NOT SEPARATEJ39I EAR THE PAGES OF UNKNOlW EXAMINATION I 1 Unknown number l V 1 Physical properties 5 points S A Solid or liquid r v Color Ignition test Flammability 7 quot Manner of melting 7 Odor of gases ll 2 535quot Beilstein test testing for halogens e39quot Melting paint 7 u a 739 Boiling point 2 Solub fnr 5 points H20 5 or 10 HGI Suit or 10 Nad H 39l 5 oriot u NaHG g N v Reactivity 1with H2504 231 Unknawn I 232 Preliminanf Iden ti m un Elemental Analysis SodiUm Fusion 5 points Nitragen Chlorine AL Tiff e 1 L 39 n 1 l a V 7 F f t a 2 x quot 1 39 a f l 4 39 k 1 a i J 1 Liarquot 39 Ij 1 E I rquot 39 fair 37quot rquot r j T 4 41 f L 1 Jr a n 4 w w l a 3955 L J lm Zi h wLQ U M K N o w M Dam Ht Final Examination 20 points In the second part of the unknown lab you will rst isolate which functional group oi the two you predicted is present You quotwill then prepare derivatives of your unknown in an attempt to identify the actual unkuo m i Compound Fill out the information below as best as possible You will be graded on how accurate your answers are for your unknowns At the i ial step you must identify your un lmorm compound DO NOT SEPARATEJTEAR PAGES OF THE UNKNOWN EXAMINATION u 139 Narrowing your functional group 5 points Give the details as to what tests you did to narrow your iuuetiooal group including Unknown number quot7 whether it s 1 2quot or 3 as ior aminesialoohols S U S welt17 i1 Ci 9 unitiiquot 1S 5 fquot C writ ii Ci lu l i or 2 Derivative 1 5 points Reagent used a Names of predicted derivative compound5 and their melting pointis no 39 rumK i iji if l at i lt1 C39 ir39u r Piersxii h J I Cri o uo 2 a is i o i i m ora go Experimentalr lting point quot l L 233 Unknown 1 39 234 Final Emmina en 3i Derivative 2 5 points Reagent used Predicted derivative compound 7 Predicted derivative compound meitmg point 7 i Experimentai melting point Name your quot knpwn Compound 5 Bernref H Wm v f U jHXL Dl L M ElliP NUMBER E quotHIquot EN WSUBJECT 7 r A TE i E if Xfigwltw Cw U f39lgd a 2611 Of M Z7 12 Mg I I v quotZED H LUIGKERJDESK MD I H N mlawmon 00ijan 35qu quot Z mm i 8T quotViir 4 Emma 54 1226 cm 80 fw f MHZ A913 lq bw U M 613 1 56 39 014 quot4i 5 sp r in M 1 w I Ur p lt3 6 rm if I me aims r6 39 PU f ih u aw i V EH T Q SW haw meuN HM 1110 9p L quotFEWE tame M Qx39plmimwmi In bbi am 5 r quot 39 I 1 a y r13 1 f p Q 161 i ewxjg m P O QCCLU Si a mi PUTlei Cahfgn f iw Q1 ij W f lliiZa H am 13 mmWKt L Silica a Tempu 5 Mai rht Sglutniquot mlmj path1 h DiSSGLU We Sggllcl w Vowel m h mm mum amtu f 02 main gmmm Li a cgmr Iiiin Qhoxr oal WE milc6550 quotSI 1Cquot 3W mi Hm x41w hmucjh ham ed MIA V gt5 hmmtl a lemfuv may Ma tubi6 mp 0 quot51 5 39 f r H39Esw I h Eek F SE Lu m Cle Hamil mam D r MW f H7 Srf OMS 390 1 0 Frapp Ecru12 39h IE alw b agamw at Haw at 1mg ma I was at gom an or 0101c 34 gaa CM kgri ml 39 oi sewac p mclwi 8 giltdr he mg 3mm W woh om 4 HLa aw j u m9 631 EN rm mm 0 Emsf Th6 5 w 139th 01 small Omam em LQIA SDIv f 10 1 Lu0rh UMLQ do mm a gem me SE CM SM SIGNMU HE BATE 39 WITNESSHW DATE THE HAYDEN MGNEIL STUDENT LAB NDTEBUDK NOTE WSERT DIV HDER UMBER COPY SHEET BEFORE HUNTING EXR NUMBER EXPERIMENTE S UBJECT DATE 0 r 7 u I r I I r I 7 W B EAHTEFT I r 7 r I V LEEHIDESK ND BUUHSEampSECTIDN ND TQWEnc jh OWE Tmha Ca T W arm 394 3mm 11 a m mmT DATA vmlgw 1 J N Wins a Deming bow m Tblu j 9DmL a 511 Pam r quota Wm WT Ci mm ymum m DMML Di n himc Li 031 39fablw pgw W WEN mm s in c A W H j 0 T 0w WC 39f aw 39angmubm Semi w aw wqj 0 km mgwm mmavlmg39 ramming an UT EQITAS J T Tm Ox quot cihsmvt Tlr by 39 Shm vj Dolor Chm ij u r m Mm by EURrith T n TH T quot SOTMp i MQmjk ng 14 11 paper WAVE C4 gmaH Erhmm ask 7p EUDSC T h WM acfi l r Vp Ml mLTh 13 94 m a my 13 Wham f Dluw Lam WT TiflhaTa mam J CHEM aw TM aw Tn cm 90 m M m 1L0 CH T T 1L5 WmW bCTW mHT Jmf ngw i r cwb sira I I 12 lSIGNMURE 7 39 7 quotUME 7 THE HAYDENiMcNElL STUDENT LAB NDTEBUUK WTTMESSTTJJ 39 NOTE INSERT DWIDEH UNDER BOW SHEET BEFORE WRTTIME f r EXPERIMENTISUBJECT WE 0 COURSE amp SECme NU EXP NUMBER I NAME I 7 7 L BPAHTNER s 44 9 39fh pw w asan d m5 m3 mgrmum FUS q Lahgigw W gm MGM n g c115 mEJr knf EROS wh f H SULUhO H m4 3 1 1 WE 102d fw barb 7 LGEKEHIDESK NU w Wis 12433 mva yOICLa 0 Smut aWDWquot 09 Manama a Sinquot whltf Exclamj ll gutA JAM Y EECrm 41m 1131 Qg t O UL 5U U m u 3 mg r 0x Mum 4 Wawa 31 a W s n 39quotan as Ptrm 8mm bmi quotDE 9ca1rl In 3912 ght Jr nal 3 93C I k3 Ra 1M9 Cszvmls Lu C1 Lth i 31 30 b m e 2 33mm 1 E L m A EM amutjl w 9mm Q 1 3 i n Q l i 137g m mmpr Th1 Waxmgr 6 EUquot Miam gah w 9a 1H 9 ag amp Ewwnrhttuqirfm a EMA quot y 3639 C cud EC 19 Lg i DM E E W hTM E SSJTA SiGNATURE THEHM DIJ U Q K 39 v 7 EN MENEIL STUDENT L B NDTEBDUK NUTE INSERT UNDER UNDER COPY SHEH BEFORE WRITINE 04 n 7 wasEa 3mm we EXP NUMBER EXPE39RMENTISUBJEET LUEKEWDESK ND LAB PARTNER M 3 P In Wm Wt 37 Vim l Mai3 9 km HQ L 136 ing 7397 th 7MM 939 W a L quotT 5W a de hr 1 S r m mb m g g a Oii jf qMSQHlefg gag mLmnc I 90 61an 2 amp 4 lo PUUJM 39Mmmj DATE WITNEESSITA EGNMURE THE HAYDENmMc NEIL STUDENT LAB NDTEB K NDTE INSERT UMBER UNDER GUP I SHEET BEFDHE WRITING EXPERHMENTESUBJE FEE51F NUMBER 05 LGEKEHED ESK NUT COURSE 3m SECTMJN ND LPIB PPTHTNER His OT ngr 1 TM 01 52mm a af TNWM N mmquot SO 39 T hi P62va TLO T AWFKHW a imt139 PO39QTM Q s AT QWWFmM quot TTETT39TEJM a wn3 waS aqm Jd 93quotUL439TLE mquot T 39 ghw Wm mgum m UTEme quotLCTb FPS O T WSGTT T quotI SP1 de WEE3r M mvz m wamre e9 01qu d Q p39ur39m SUE aw W l 39hqr b ox rm ET hum m 3th Twmkv a meabM 0150 an QM W m WIT ELQ guT39jik iiH ha TNTr brmmwbb rm T39szl r ST 1 mi cQ il r TAJJIITWT mama 6m Qtd S hlh i E Q m mldh NOTE Ck 6535 gram Xi Hal oi Ric 4 M l sn quotpath 0 ail T 0T Sagas 56A EWU 1 f H H T T r k gym I E DATE ELENATUTTE 7 V WTTNEESTTE THE HMDEWM39 NET 339 U 7 r s 7 39 r r T 7 I T DENT LAB NOTEBOOK NOTE INSERT DIVIDER UMBER COPY SHEET BEETTHE WRTTINE mama Ma Paniherlo l Ll vs UNKNOWN Preliminary ldentifioation 20 points ill examine the physical properties solubility and elemental analysis oi the unknown Fill out the information below as beast as possible A successful determination of the functional group You have been given an unknown compound in the rst part of this lab you in your unlinown compound is dependent upon the following examinations You will be graded on how accurate and diligent you perform At the final step you must predict two potential functional groups that your compound might contain AND explain YOULIL reason ior Choosing that functional group DO NOT SEPARATEITEAR 39l HE PAGES 01F UNKNOWN EXAMINATION ii 1 PhySiCai properties 5 points I i A Solid or liquid 7 39 Ulv cam l l lt1 W mono ignition teat J V Flammability 6 b lr 39 m Manner of melting Uquot CM J Odor of gases 7 I a Beilsteintest testing for halogens WGLUCi l39mfjam Melting point I V Boiling point C 2 Solubility 5 points Unknown number H H2O I 59in or Hm I 5 or 19 MaoH I 5 HalliICE inmth 3 Bl 1m M l Sol ulDUL Reactivity with H2304 235 Unknown 2 Preliminary Identi catinn F 3 Eiementai Analysis Sodium Fusion 5 points I Nitrogen BhloriV Bromine i quot yfr ffi 39 I I rquotva 7 7 x L 4 Predictions of ctionai group presenf and reasoning why 5 points 11 I W kME iquot CA 90931 big p39rtditdi r1 bQCCLUS H 2 Semi in M So HI H H 3 wow I r v QtSSlBKsz gt W9 236 2 w ame KEXHWKW U N M 0 W N 39 pantherlo Daie J z i Final Examination 20 points in the second part of the unknown lab you will first isolate which functional group of the two you predicted is present You will then prepare 2 derivatives oi your unknown in an attempt to identity the actual unknown compound Fill out the iniorrnation beiow as best as possible You will be graded on how accurate your answers are for your unknown At the nal step you must identify your unknown compound 0 NOT SEPARATEXTEAR THE PAGES OF UNKNOWN EXAMINATION Unknown number i 1 Narrowing your functional group 5 points Give the details as to what tests you did to narrow your functional group including whether it s 1 2 or 3 as for aminesalcohoisyl an tamuse 3 at p itsgt5er PmeiLc oi i because a was Samoa 391 n H a so fia A ti e m s 446 gee Luigi gig gisee atomkeg iiquot gi C ca result I great i it was ta Gimme i i 2 Derivative 1 5 points Reagent used 5554 29M 5 U i g 1 Lin Kort 4 D 39 Predicted derivative compound 9 m G Predicted derivative compound meiting point i i 17L l I Experimental 7 Boil 39 int no to o mi aC 237 Unknawn 2 Final Examimtian 3 Analysis of TH NMH match the peaks with your functional group 5 points On the attached 1HISJ IVIIR spectrum draw the Structure of your compound and assign the peaks to the appropriate pmtons 4 Name your unknown compnund 539 points i quot a h 39r f 39 39 u Pa Jar P x z I I r I K W quot 39 xquot t I x i I a la MJ H I g I 391 39 39 39 z r 238 KanHth em Oui39j a dg quot 3ff 7q HM UNKNOWN 18 CHDCHE 200 150 gt 1759 120 V r mo 7 BO 7 BU 4D 7 20 r D MM 4 39 19E i f 1iquot I V V 7 7 2 w r Yawn u aquot 39I r m a I i h 1 9 v Ice Quit 2 a 7 0L i e 0 f amqw if I 39 x 20 9K CrayL t E SBLE A an N694 Qu Zi FQ CmuaAq 7 e ngg7 L1 u i 5 LN r L4 502 W J 39 5 Wwairmbm ea UVWWM 1wij E E quot Riot pure e Qg rh I 39 f amp 39 x a39 Rmd mampMMV e 7 rr 6 ea 1 I I Z 7 J r 39 39 In 7 m m Hm 739 Ea Ii1quot p 7 fig Ex Eli a j fa 39l n Age H f quot V W 7quot LI 5 h 139 47 7 m a m f f e E M 39 7 a m d C 1 by m 7 if r g I UL Lu m s Ara 3 Wait UH 102369 quotm k J U 39 v If 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Imbagmyw I T5124 h Wm S wm E P Uquot m W39ij lm 0 I Smkm 01 Si I m I BSUM Um If V I U M H A y I mam H90 Ig DEIImG39 I I I 7 I 395 I3 I I r I V EGNATUFIE 39 7 V 39 WITNESSITFI DATE THE HM39DEMMQNEIL STUDENT LAB NDTEBUU K MUTE INSERT DIVIDEH UNDER GUP I SHEET BEFORE WRITING VI DRTE EXPEHuMEiWSUBJEBT EXP NUMBER 1391 cs b 1 i e 7 aquot f i w 39 mm 1 WS 02 x m quot7W4 28 Wt W W I mm mm 1 mm 4 ch a 33 CW m ggwm 19944 395 39 quot 50nmw QM f quot5 7 On a Im gii giinx EL wmwmmmw W W m bmwm WW V mciums quot H x bmum b1 avid Ep is 413 HM PL perv m 8mg 9 i w a umi a f 7rWo swim we wt maugh ak VanC dues MC 39Oh am SDWS N00 pawl 4847 Wambg abLj 16 Ohle K160 SriGWHQE wit Exp 101m h qubt mg pmcluo r quotL5 Mpmm m mgl ng 363va 2Wquot th 46rme quotW6 EM SM Ohf 39w u1 pigta Luran 33 521 chxm 4m Luau L 9 mc 39vm r p rm i g wt p mam49 gm mm mm 2m 91M 1 Wait e amr at hm PM US M 539 a 2 W l f i 1 M 119 i 03quot HWr hi1quot W3 d LN 51 30 who HUSHquot wC h QWE Pw Z a bra Wm JWXE gmw HWKH t 1 SEN 11C 043 quotPf Ci x Ma 13 elem a WWW O 1 Wm f m WU m Pm 9r i or Wm mask aw M mgw 39 H EPM awom m 013 me it PDW g P b gm 1M mm I DATE W 1 MUTE ENS ERT UNID EH UNDER COPY SHEET BEFQ RE WRHTIINE quota mi 1 1611415 it who haw m5 m p maman 3mm L a TM 9 3 mms MEN Wm 39LWS a BME WHTMESSM SIGMURE 39 quot THE HAYDENMGNEIL STUDENT L B NDTEBUDK DATE LUBKEHIDESK ND COURSE El SEETIDN ME EXP NUMBER 1 EXPERIMENTJSUBJECT LAB PARTNER E5 EkaMh TE L tDF H QHRf pQP WW1M x NprW mLm b mp wm M m fht ql inAiijJ nb u H Fm wdg WWWS a R Tm tter QP39UF IS gtmwpwmnmgm Povpcg Earvwr r mk lch H 15 L Ss ck 39 E 63 0 m fxmguhgj 0W Caixi39 Tm whmE mu papa 1 LEQ 1E g wi39amimrcl fbr cm cm gram E aways ml39 ir iq W E AESE pawhim EUR 15hqu DE pr f Page I hr DU liC mm CW M r9 F BE mu 86 8mm 1L9 wMam Lama our 3mm whth M113 quotm mm ca Slum mum a w lw39 39i bf39 owh H13 ggm pm will 53ch wng magma LEN m Io l quot 39 x quot395 39 t 39 JET 7 A LT nitIr J I L I H I 7 quotWe v F Mil 0 WM uqu 13 g mm lm k I U CMXQV DJF 39 quotvi 7330 mL 3mm 1 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