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by: Gabriela Beraja
Gabriela Beraja
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

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One Day of Notes
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This 7 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Gabriela Beraja on Saturday January 31, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to a course at University of Miami taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views.

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Date Created: 01/31/15
224 MCY 124 Exam 2 Study Guide BeBop Bebop ushers in the modern era of Jazz music TF Modern Jazz developed smoothly from the swing style not as a reaction against it False What were the venues for Jazz music during the modern era called 0 Night Clubs Modern Jazz lost much of its audience because it failed to appeal to dancers The piano player and leader of the band at Minton s Playhouse was Thelonious Monk Bebop s most in uential composer was Thelonious Monk Style characteristics of Bebop are 1 Fast tempos 2 Agitated feelfeeling 3 Unsingable or intricate melodies 4 Harmonically complex TF The most prominent size ensemble is the big band for modern J azz False The most important person in the development of Jazz is Charlie Parker aka Yardbird Dizzy Gillespie and Chanopozo collaborated to form a new style of Jazz called Afrocuban 0 Fast tempos and an agitated feel describes the Bebop era of modern Jazz 226 The Cool School 0 Cool school players sometimes used written arrangements 0 Style characteristic include 1 Laid back tone quality 2 Understated or subdued feeling 3 Lyrical improvisation 4 Use of written arrangements 0 In 1949 Miles Davis created a new style of Jazz with a pivotal record called Birth of Cool 0 In 1959 Miles Davis recorded an album that many people feel is the most important and in uential recording in Jazz history called Kind of Blue 0 1959 is the most important year for ground breaking recordings 33 Cool School Part II 0 The only musician other than Miles Davis who performed composed and recorded in all styles of modern Jazz was Charles Mingus 0 The piano player from Cool School who went on to lead one of the most significant Jazz trios in Jazz history was Bill Evans 0 Stan Getz introduced what style of Brazilian music to American Jazz 0 Boss A Nova 0 The composer from Brazil whose music has in uenced many Jazz musicians since the start of the cool school is Antonio Carlos Tobim 0 The 5 most in uential Jazz albums and musicians 1 Miles Davis I Kind of Blue 2 John Coltrane I Giant Steps 3 Ornette Coleman I The Shape of Jazz to Come 4 Charles Mingus I AhUm 5 Dave Brubeck I Time Out 0 Other than Miles Davis name an in uential artist from the Cool School any of the below 0 Dave Brubeck 0 Bill Evans 0 Stan Getz 0 Gerry Muligan 35 Hard Bop 0 The great hard bop drummer and leader of the Jazz messangers was Art Blakey 0 More activity from drummers is a style characteristic of this type of modern Jazz called Hard Bop 0 TF Hard Bop is an agitated west coast style of playing False 0 What were the venues for music during the modern Jazz era called 0 Night clubs 0 Clifford Brown was the new trumpet sensation during what period of modern Jazz 0 Hard Bop 0 The most in uential composer of the Hard Bop era was Horace Silver 0 After Ella Fitzgerald amp Bill Holiday name the most important and in uential female vocalist of the modern Jazz era 0 Sarah Vaughan 0 The ability to change the timber of her voice mid song was a style characteristic of Sarah Vaughan 0 Lee Morgan 319 John Coltrane 324 The leader of the post Bop movement was John Coltrane The in uential drummer in the John Coltrane quartet was Elvin Jones TF John Coltrane made the soprano saxophone a significant instrument in J azz True TF In addition to his many advance harmonic technical innovations John Coltrane was also well respected for his ballet playing True Avant Garde 326 The least popular style of modern Jazz is Avant Garde Who is the most in uential musician of the Avant Garde movement 0 Ornette Coleman The use of the quartertones is a style characteristic of what type of modern Jazz 0 Avant Garde The use of the third world music is a style characteristic of what type of modern Jazz 0 Avant Garde 0 What were the three most in uential drum set innovators in Avant Garde 0 Rashied Ali 0 Sunny Murray 0 Milford Graves Jazz Music Log 2 Name Artist 1 KoKo Charlie Parker 2 Confirmation Charlie Parker 3 Salt Peanuts Dizzy Gillespie 4 Manteca Dizzy Gillespie 5 Boplicity Miles Davis 6 All Blues Miles Davis 7 So What Miles Davis 8 All of You Bill Evens 9 The Girl Ipanema Stan Getz 10 Take Five Dave Brubeck 11 Split Kick Art Blakey 12 Caravan Art Blakey 13 Cherry Clifford Brown 14 The Preacher Horace Silver 15 The Funny Valentine Sarah Vaughan 16 The Side Blinder Lee Morgan 17 Round Midnight Miles Davis 18 Giant Steps John Coltrane 19 My Favorite Things John Coltrane 20 My One and Only John Coltrane and Johnny Love Hartman 21 A Love Supreme John Coltrane 22 Jupiter John Coltrane 23 Lonely Woman Ornette Coleman 24 Chronology Ornette Coleman 25 Free Jazz Ornette Coleman


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