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CI389 4-03-16

by: Jennifer Lundberg
Jennifer Lundberg
GPA 3.85
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About this Document

Notes about the Annotated Math Literacy Project and Teaching Geometry
teaching math methods
Prof. Fields
Class Notes
Math, teaching geometry, geometry, annotated math literacy project, ci389, SIU, siu math




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jennifer Lundberg on Sunday April 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CI389 at Southern Illinois University Carbondale taught by Prof. Fields in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see teaching math methods in Education and Teacher Studies at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

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Date Created: 04/03/16
Jenny Lundberg CI389—Fields April 2, 2016 Class Notes Annotated Math Lit. Project  Children’s book that is either directly about math or that can be used to support mathematics.  Summary of book  Connection to math  Extensions of book  How it connects to other content areas  Create a handout for the book o Should be no more than 2 paragraphs.  Can be any grade level of book th  Due 9 for o Jenny o Sarah o Brittany o Kyle  Due 16 for o Sandi o Maggie o Isabelle o West Teaching Geometry  Issues of teaching geometry o Procedural fluency o Conceptual fluency o Remembering the formula o Understanding the concepts that are addressed in a formula o Understanding irregular shapes and knowing how to categorize them o To correct… students should be taught procedures and concepts hand-in-hand. Conceptual understanding should be the BASE to build on the procedural fluency onto.  ***THAT IS THE BIG IDEA: conceptual understandingprocedural fluency***  Activity—prompts to shapes o “sideways raindrop”; “circle with triangle”; “right angle”; “finding area of triangle with circle” o “looks like a house”; “five sides”; “symmetrical”; “rectangle and triangle” o Etc…  Geometry is part of the implementation of the CCSS for Math o Look at the standards for mathematical practice  Critical Examination on Van Hiele’s Theory o Level 0: Visual  Nonverbal thinking  Think of shapes as a whole instead of distinguished shapes  Think two items may look alike but don’t understand “congruent”  Thinks in terms of alike or different  Usually around pre-K or Kindergarten o Level 1: Description/Analytic  Recognize shapes by their properties  Can list properties of a shape  Don’t see the relationships between classes of shapes  This is where teachers can introduce more properties and create a deeper understanding  Usually around 2 grade o Level 2: Relational  Able to form definitions of geometry  Distinguish different geometry shapes under specified conditions  Have if—then reasoning  Group shapes by their properties  Usually around 3-4 Grade o Level 3: Deductive  Prove theorems  Apply what they know. For example, all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares  Students can explain relationships between two geometry items  Students can make their own definitions of geometry shapes  Usually around middle school o Level 4: Rigor  Understand why rules work in geometry  Can create mental and abstract understandings of geometry in various conditions  Usually by high school o The characteristics—pg.406  Activity—telling an interesting thing about a chosen geometry shape o Activity 20.1 in book  Activity—selecting an example from the activities in the book and demonstrating how students would show their knowledge of shapes or show their understanding of the relationship of shapes. o 20.4 What’s My Shape?  Like the game guess who  Whole group or pairs  Leader selects shape and partners/group asks yes or no questions to lead them into finding out the answer  Can make difficulty higher or lower by changing the questions they should be asking  Can be different levels depending on the questions o 20.3 MDL  Minimal defining list  Giant brainstorm about how taking away one thing from a shape turns it into a completely different shape  Can challenge one another by creating categories and manipulating shapes to fit into them  Level 2 o 20.6 Congruent Parts  Teacher creates shape up front, students copy and, using tangrams, find different shapes that can go into that main shape.  Helps students understand the relationship of arrangements of shapes.  Level 2  Can be made more difficult by giving a specified amount of shapes students must break a figure into  Can be lowered by giving a template or cut outs of exactly what they students need to use to complete the shape o 20.11 True of False  Students are given a statement and explain if the statement is true or false on their knowledge of shapes and their properties  Level 3 or 4  Has the writing piece to tie into the literacy component


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