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Leadership Role

by: Kieron Notetaker

Leadership Role KIN 600

Kieron Notetaker
GPA 3.66
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About this Document

Final updates towards final project:
Leadership role in sports
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kieron Notetaker on Sunday April 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to KIN 600 at Western Illinois University taught by in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Leadership role in sports in Physical Education at Western Illinois University.


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Date Created: 04/03/16
March 25 , 2016 Notes: KIN 600 April 22 ndLast Class- Presentation 5-8 min presentation 4 different areas of leadership - collegiate, profession, motivation, organization: Posters- PowerPoint- presentation -Pictures, Overview, Video clip, any visual that could articulate your proposal -Personal leadership style should align with poster -Something positive -Video Clips -Center Piece- Narrative, Significance of your study- some type of argument -If a research, based on my research, review of literature, conclusion, how could you implement your leadership style. Why do you prefer that leadership style? -Give something to the audience that reflect your leadership style Use technology by all means. Be creative!!! Combine presentation is optional. Traditional style format presentation GUESS SPEAKER: Albert Bimber- Colorado State Professor and Athletic Director Diversity and Inclusion ( Only person in the U.S with type of Job) From: Dallas, TX- Played Ball- Only won two games entire career in High School. College- Colorado State Health Science –degree of Indianapolis Colts-OL- undrafted March 25 , 2016 Train at Purdue and coach GA optional Picked up by Colts but Graduate school- strength coach at Purdue Depression after football career Lewis Harrison- reach out to go to Texas PHD program Culture Sport – Kansas State- first Gig – student services affair program Job opportunity from VP(Blance)- Colorado State- Director of Adversity- response was no Senior Associate- requested a role at school CSU- 51%, 49% - How Class in morning and meetings during the rest of the day Leadership programs: -Rundown Background is very rooted scholarly John Mosely- 1943 Grew up in Denver- VP and treasure Circle of mentors: assigning mentors to athletes, also events. Life skill program- There’s a connection with athletes and history of their ethnicity Always seek support in any kind of way to support your proposal. Key Leadership Roles: Having partners Bio-lingual –reach out and make yourself vulnerable, hear out from other staff and faulty. They will feel comfortable and ultimately support you. Put yourself in their shoes Build athletes image outside of sports -Declare your major day -Finding creative ways to build image -Having thick skin -Thoughtful leadership, taking bullets but don’t take it personal. Just find a way to make it work considering differences. -Thoughtful and Listeners -Severing the people -How are you going to uncommon leadership decision in your field. - Ex. Thanksgiving table: -Good motivation people- people that you would keep in your back pocket VP student affairs Tony Frank- president His Coach Sunny- respect privilege, its going to make you grow March 25 , 2016 Keep people around that give great strategic feed back Dave- Donor for school- gave back to school and advocate Build a relationship before you go deep into a big advocate to them. Take time, John Mosely- Getting people to show up-Problem Once a month- - feed- and Ice breaker, marshmallow challenge. Guess speakers Ram-bitions - community base programs for women. Equality Sell coaches- these programs so that they could potentially use as a recruiting tool. Just another school who don’t have programs who support diversity, equality, declare signing day. Ideas to diminished clustering. Question? How proactive to promote such programs? Hired Jimmy Stewart- Clinical sociologist- helps and work directly to president Student report to him for consoling. They want their student athletes to know that they have mentors and consolers to fil-fill there needs. Self-confidence –most important role in leadership role Myron Rolle- Played at FSU Offered


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