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Dean Brown Guest Lecture

by: Aaron Delouya Rabinowitz

Dean Brown Guest Lecture IAFF1001

Aaron Delouya Rabinowitz
GPA 3.2
International Affairs
Professor Downes

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About this Document

International Affairs
Professor Downes
One Day of Notes
25 ?




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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Aaron Delouya Rabinowitz on Saturday January 31, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to IAFF1001 at George Washington University taught by Professor Downes in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 153 views. For similar materials see International Affairs in International Studies at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 01/31/15
Review of postBismarck developments Developments in military technology The July crisis World War I for dummies Explaining World War I Shifts in German Policy Simplification of alliances builiding of large German fleet German military preeminence German domestic politicsrise of SDP German fears of rising Russia German strategy The military doomsday machine Autonomous military staff planning Emphasis on rapid mobilization Mobilization as start of war Belief in superiority of offense War plans of great powers The Schlieffen plan in theory Social Change Nationalism A European states except britain have conscription with large trained reserves Much larger armies Technological Change rairoads Enhance strategic mobility Rifling and breechloading of gunsartillery High explosives Machine gun Things that didn t change much Tactical and operational mobility Communications Inability to coordinate artillery with infantry June 28 Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated by Serbian organization the black hand July 56 Germany issues the blankcheque to AustriaHungary July 23Austria delivers ultimatum to Serbia July 25Austria rejects Serb reply Serbia mobilizes Austria orders partial mobilization Russia adopts premobilization measures considers partial mobilization against Austria July 28Austria declares war on Serbia July 29 Russia orders partial mobilization August 2 Germans demand that Belgium allow German troops to cross its territory 1914Germany goes West 1915 East Big attack against the Russians which was very successful 1917 East Russia s losses in the Treaty of BrestLitovsk 1918 West Bismarck launches these three wars in the 1850s and then stops ensuring German unification but also creating a lasting enemy of the French Civiliansvillain The civilians didn t have any big goals accidental war theory No deep causes of war Rigid inflexible military plans Civilians who failed to understand these plans Analogies Germans have wrong software in their heads19081909 Cognitive closure failure to update as similar Avoid painful value tradeoffs VILLAIN 1 CONSERVATIVE AGRARIANS aka Junkers pronounced Yunkurz Hate Britain Hate bourgeois industrialists Really hate russia Junkers and lndustrialists both hate socialist proletariat Form Sammling aimed at preserving old order Weltpolitik Grain tariffs against Russian trade alienate both Unbalanced multipolarity Potential hegemon Germany Power transition 10 Germany passing reigning hegemon Britain Germans want to revise rules of the system exploit Balkan crisis in 1914 Germany declining visavis Russia Germany fears rise of Russia provokes war to cut down Russia while it still has an advantage


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