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Chapter 5 Notes in Argumentation and Critical Decision Making

by: Amelia Koehn

Chapter 5 Notes in Argumentation and Critical Decision Making COMM:1117:0AAA

Marketplace > Communication > COMM:1117:0AAA > Chapter 5 Notes in Argumentation and Critical Decision Making
Amelia Koehn
Theory and Practice of Argument
Jiyeon Kang

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About this Document

CHAPTER 5 NOTES IN ARGUMENTATION AND CRITICAL DECISION MAKING ANALYSIS IN ARGUMENTATION 5 Elements of Critical Decision Making 1. Tolerance of uncertainty 2. Critical Thinking, or external...
Theory and Practice of Argument
Jiyeon Kang
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Amelia Koehn on Saturday January 31, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to COMM:1117:0AAA at a university taught by Jiyeon Kang in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 296 views.

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Date Created: 01/31/15
CHAPTER 5 NOTES IN ARGUMENTATION AND CRITICAL DECISION MAKING ANALYSIS IN ARGUMENTATION 5 Elements of Critical Decision Making 1 Tolerance of uncertainty 2 Critical Thinking or external dialogue 3 dialetic or external dialogue 4 rhetoric 5 spheres p72 Propositional Analysis is the examination of an argumentation situation for its claims and opposing claims to discover the issues and what arguments and support evidence values and credibility are most important 1 Determine issues 2 Rank order issues 3 identify values to test the issues 4 locate 2 types of propositonal analysis 1 Critical analysis to find a proposition 2 Critical analysis of a given proposition Critical Analysis of a Proposition p75 Propostion Westboro Baptist Chruch s protests should be protected by the 1st amendment of the Constitution Snyder Intentional In iction Of Emotional Distress Phelps WBC lst step Determine the Issues Make a list of arguments for and against the proposition and then match them up Arguments a Is the protest of public or private concern for The words on the WBC s signs deal with matters of public import Against a funeral is a private event b Is Synder attending a family member s funeral a captive audience who is entitled to state protection from unwanted communication for Snyder wasn t in a state where was coerced to hear the negative speech against snyder was a captive audience and WBC s protests intentional in icted emotional distress on him c Would WBC s actions be highly offensive to a reasonable person d Would these actions be so offensive an shocking as to not be entitled to a 1st amendment protection 2nd Rank order the issues Which issues are more important b adc a and d had the same turnout 3rd What critical values to be applied clarity your arguments should be clear to the decision maker ex 1st amendment captive audience if people are exposed to unwanted speech to avert their eyes and ears the primary venue in which the captive audience doctrine has been applied is an individuals home The captive audience should be protected intentional in ection of emotional distress private and public b signifcance whats highly significant to you may be less so to your decision makers free speech emotional distress snuder suffered from significant emotional and physical injuries including worsening of his diabetes and severe depression c relevance make the issue relevant to the decision makers would WBC s action be highly offense of a reasonable person Would these actions be so offensive and shocking as to not be entitled to 1st amendment protection d inherency decision makers might agree with an argument you make but be less willing to follow your position if they don t believe that the problem you identified isn t inherent in the system is it a matter of the 1st amendment or WBC violating local ordinances They complied with local rules WBC compiled with all local ordinances and had been obeyed police instruction the picket was held approx 1000 feet from the funeral site e colnsistency argument should be consistent 2 decisions 1 2007 the US District Court for Maryland 2 the 2011 Supreme Court the 81 ruling protects the 1st amendment rights of WBC to hold anti gay protests outside military funerals Majority Opinion The words on Westboro s signs dealt with matters of public import and are thus protected the the 1st amendment signs like America is doomed and fag troops and priests rape boys highlight issues like the political and moral conduct of the united states and its citizens the fate of our nation homesexuality in the military and scandals involving the catholic clergy


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