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Chinese gender and society LiShaungShuang Movie review

by: Syed Haque

Chinese gender and society LiShaungShuang Movie review SOC255

Marketplace > Binghamton University > General Science > SOC255 > Chinese gender and society LiShaungShuang Movie review
Syed Haque
GPA 3.64

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About this Document

Movie review
Gender & Chinese Society
Ana M. Candela
Class Notes
movie review, LiShuangShuang
25 ?




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Syed Haque on Sunday April 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOC255 at Binghamton University taught by Ana M. Candela in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Gender & Chinese Society in General Science at Binghamton University.


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Date Created: 04/03/16
 attempts to show how collectivization is good for her, her family and her village.  Creates a tight knit society Shares tools gender as a category of analysis and think about how women's liberation is depicted in the film.   xiang says its terrible if a man an cant have his wife obey him – this shows men thought women needed  to obey them even if its against their wishes   due to collectiviscism and the creation of the communes the women feel like a part of something bigger  than themselves which is their bond. When the husband is telling the wife who are you? After she wont  listen to him, she responded I am a member of the commune, this shows the state empowering women  through the communes to stay united and not let men put them down or their liberation down.  Xiaung is doing anything he can to keep her under control including pretending to join the carrying team  inorder to minimize their interaction so there is less gossip  How does this film attempt to communicate a state vision that links collectivization and women's  liberation?  ­Collectivizing allows women to form a tight knit community and support each others especially in their  process of liberation so men cannot put them down. Shown in the first argument scene regarding the  stolen wood.  ­women work and on a fair work point based system make a living and that earning makes then  independent  -the branch secretary tells her as long as you’re productive you can have a loose tongue, hence linking productivity and state welfare to a the ability of a woman to speak her mind Where do the challenges in bringing about collectivization and women's liberation appear? -Bringing up kids while helping out in collective work -facing husbands who stick to traditional ways - inexperienced workers not doing a good job - Li Shuang tells on her husbands misuse of power -marriage challenges How are those difficulties overcome? ­ Work  ­ Advertise why they should work properly and focus on quality of work instead of speed and  earning more points for poor work   Keep in mind that this is a propaganda film that communicates an ideal vision, but also  communicates real challenges that the CCP had already faced in implementing collectivization  during the 1950s . Thus, the film was produced as a pedagogical tool to facilitate the state's effort to revive  collectivization after the Great Leap Forward and to convince the peasants to re­embrace the  process and the People's Communes.


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