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History 202 Notes WEEK 6 (BEFORE SPRING BREAK)

by: kiara campbell

History 202 Notes WEEK 6 (BEFORE SPRING BREAK) History 202

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh > History > History 202 > History 202 Notes WEEK 6 BEFORE SPRING BREAK
kiara campbell

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About this Document

These are notes on topic 5 for exam 2. These are the notes from class periods (03/14 to 03/18) before spring break.
American History to 1877
Class Notes
Imperialism, spanish, War, Spain, Cuba, GOP, McKinley, president, Populism. Republican
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by kiara campbell on Sunday April 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 202 at University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh taught by DR. ROWLAND in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see American History to 1877 in History at University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh.


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Date Created: 04/03/16
History 202 Notes WEEK 6 (Prior to Spring Break) Professor: Rowland Section: 003 Topic 5 Politics, Expansion, and Imperialism I. Political World of Late 19h Century……………………………………………………………………….. a. The Party of Lincoln Dominates (Republican) b. After Civil war the White South Democrats dominated Litany of Republican Presidents 1861-1913 1. Lincoln 6. Arthur (democrat) 2. Johnson 7. Harrison (democrat 3. Grant 8. McKinley 4. Hayes 9. T. Roosevelt 5. Garfield 10. Howard Taft 11. Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, Harrison  These presidents were unknown/forgotten of the Gilded Age  Looked to congress to lead 12. 13. Grant as President (1869-1877)  Great Military Hero  Terms ridden with scandal and corruption 14. A. Divided GOP  Allows democratic victory: Grover Cleveland in 1884 15. 16. Grover Cleveland  Had possible child out of wedlock  Blaine was supposed to win NY o Irish immigrants prefer Grover over Blaine because Blaine insulted the Irish/immigrants 17. 18. Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893)  Understanding GOP Dominance: Waving the Bloody Shirt o Republicans are the party of loyalty/union o Democrats are the party of treason/blood/rebellion o Bloody shirt was a reminder of the huge loss of life due to Civil War o This keeps the North Republican 19. 20. Progress/Prosperity, Big Business, and Government  Country becoming stronger and wealthier  GOP was forward thinking where they gave jobs, etc. B. The Populist Challenge  The Voice of the people  Challenges system of Capitalism (Laborers feel they have no power) 21. 22. Populism: Origins & Platform  Started from rural/agrarian interests of South/great plains  Popularity grew with onset of Panic of 1893 o The poor went from poor to very poor 23. Populism Emergent  Agricultural prices plummet  Saying reliance on gold standard is not helpful to anyone- keeping poor down  Many financial problems with currency 24. 25. 1896: Populism to Challenge  Populism gaining more interest  Looked to ally with Democrats- they hopped on the populism bandwagon 26. 27. 1896: William Jennings Bryan & Demo Party Joins Hands  Demo Convention in Chicago (1896) o Currency Reform- silver free up money o Bryan depicted gold standard as great evil of the day  “Cross of Gold Speech” 28. GOP Turn to William McKinley  Last Civil War veteran to take office  1890 McKinley Tariff- Sponsored highest tariff (pro-business) in American history  This protected business and made people buy American goods  McKinley comes across as a friend of labor  Not as a good speaker as Bryan 29. 30. Campaign Manager Mark Hanna  Ran McKinley’s campaign  Had 8million dollar war chest 31. 32. McKinley and GOP 1896  Champion gold standard and mocks the silver standard  Silver would dilute American currency o Would cheapen/devalue currency because silver is not as expensive as gold 33. 34. Why Did McKinley Win?? 1. The economy was improving… not enough to save Cleveland but enough to restore basic trust in the capitalist system 2. Idea of Bryan victory scared big business- they supported Republicans 35. 36. Limited Appeal to Populism 1. Mostly rural members a. Bryan was folksy fundamentalist preacher b. Message didn’t appeal to rising industrial worker, middle class, or established farmers of Midwest corn/dairy belt c. These Midwest farmers are on a different level (most prosperous of the farmers) unlike in the South/great plains 2. Urban areas went for McKinley a. Silver meant higher farm prices 3. Populism & Bryan appeared to be anachronism a. He represents obsolete world 4. A Christian preacher a. Over the top b. Didn’t appeal to immigrants/different religions 37. II. Era of Expansion and Imperialism……………………………………………………………………… 1. Frontier Thesis 2. Africa was controlled and Asia was their next target a. If the US wanted to influence Asia, they had to get act now 3. Consumer Interests a. The U.S. was the most industrialized country b. Surplus of goods c. Foreign markets became increasingly attractive 4. Influence of Alfred Thayer Mahan a. 1840- wrote influential book “The Influence of Sea Power upon History” b. Uses Britain as a model 5. Religious Themes & Social Darwinism a. Christian Missionaries believed it was their duty to help the backward people b. Believed that Christianity would lift the people 38. 39. 1890’s First Steps  Cleveland administration controls British over border dispute in Venezuela  American Samoa in 1889 almost gets into conflict with Germany  Sanford Dole- sugar interests o Still a foreign country so they are subject to tariff on sugar  Doesn’t become a state quickly, eventually annexed 40. 41. War with Spain 1898  U.S. & Spanish Background o Interested because they are so close/business interests in Cuba 42. Cuban Revolution & Spains efforts to subdue  In 1890’s Cuban revolutionaries invested their efforts to overthrow Spanish rule  1895- General Valeriano Weyler was sent to Cuba to play hard ball  The Butcher Weyler o Ended with 400,000 dead o The atrocity stories sell in newspapers (Yellow Journalism)


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