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Medieval Art History, Week 10

by: Kathryn Mason

Medieval Art History, Week 10 ART 483, Art History

Marketplace > Fort Hays State University > Art > ART 483, Art History > Medieval Art History Week 10
Kathryn Mason
GPA 2.95

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About this Document

This is covering Sutton Hoo burial site and notes that will possibly be on the upcoming exam.
Medieval Art History
Erica Bittel
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathryn Mason on Monday April 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ART 483, Art History at Fort Hays State University taught by Erica Bittel in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Medieval Art History in Art at Fort Hays State University.


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Date Created: 04/04/16
March 28 , 2016 Medieval Art – Chapter 4: Early Medieval Art in the West Textbook pages 75-100, continued… Italy trip if interested Bittel-5813 The Art of the Vendels and Vikings • The success of the vikings depended on their skills as seamen and the excellence of their wooden ships • Population growth and dwindling resources in Scandinavia may have sent the Vikings to seek their fortunes elsewhere o They conducted trade in timber, amber, furs, and slaves with Byzantine and Arab merchants in the Mediterranean and the Middle East and with the Scandinavian colonies throughout Europe • The sophistication of Viking art presents a striking contrast with the stereotype of the violent barbarian o Viking craftsmen excelled in woodwork and metalwork, jewelry and weaponry o They also had rich literary tradition of poetry and epic sagas March 30 , 2016 Medieval Art – Chapter 4: Early Medieval Art in the West Textbook pages 75-100, continued… th • High School Art Day is April 20 • Tuesday, April 12 , 7:00pm – Spring Break meeting, sooner you sign up the less expensive it is. Deadline is in December. The Art of the Vendels and Vikings th • Gummersmark Brooch, 6 century, silver gilt o There are some animalistic and human-like characteristics • Chip-Carving – carving or fastening technique, derived from wood carving and designed to catch and reflect light • Fibula in the shape of a bird of prey, ca. 600, copper alloy o Vendel style o Eagle = Odin, god of war o Found at a Vendel burial site • Excavation of the Oseberg Ship in 1904. (detail of hull) (detail of prow) o Made in the 800’s (ca. 800) o Vikings were judged very harshly o No more violent than anyone else o What we know about them come from Christian testimonies o Found in Norway o Long boat, Karvi, built entirely of Oak o Propelled by a total of 30 oarsmen o It was likely built for a burial vessel not a warship o Grave robbers have made off with much of the treasure o Two female skeletons were found with the ship, don’t know who they were o Berg = hill or grave mound; Anglo-Saxon or old German term o Vikings thought of their ships as sea serpents or dragons o Intended to frighten off other monsters • Excavation site at Sutton Hoo, ca. 1939 o British Isles o Two Anglo-Saxon cemeteries o Wealth of Anglo-Saxon artifacts o King Rædwald of East Anglia o Found on some man’s farm, privately sponsored by the owner at first o Other things were found at the burial site • Shoulder clasps from Sutton Hoo, ca. 625, garnet cloisonné, checkerboard millefiori, and opaque blue glass • Buckle from Sutton Hoo, ca. 625, gold o Used to determine a man’s importance o 13 creatures can be found in the intricate design April 1 , 2016 Medieval Art – Chapter 4: Early Medieval Art in the West Textbook pages 75-100, continued… th th • No class on April 8 & 20 th • Exam #2 – April 18 • Purse lid from Sutton Hoo, ca. 625, gold, garnet cloisonné, and glass millefiori o Hung by three hinge straps from the waist o But money in or other things o Public display of wealth o Whale bone would’ve been used to attach the purse to the leather straps • Video - Sutton Hoo ship burial – SmartHistory • The Sutton Hoo helmet, ca. 625, iron and copper • Reconstruction of the Sutton Hoo helmet • Two solutions (what they think it was): • Face mask represents a human face • Dragon or a bird flying upward • Video – – 1/2 The Sutton Hoo Helmet - Masterpieces of the British Museum


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