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Reading: Hock 10 - Little Emotional Albert 

by: Brianda Hickey

Reading: Hock 10 - Little Emotional Albert  APSY.UE.0002

Marketplace > NYU School of Medicine > Psychlogy > APSY.UE.0002 > Reading Hock 10 Little Emotional Albert
Brianda Hickey

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About this Document

A detailed summary of Reading 10 within Forty Studies That Changed Psychology by Roger R. Hock. To find more information, reference the book. The underlined headings used correspond with those in t...
Adina Schick,
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brianda Hickey on Monday April 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to APSY.UE.0002 at NYU School of Medicine taught by Adina Schick, in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY AND ITS PRINCIPLES in Psychlogy at NYU School of Medicine.


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Date Created: 04/04/16
Reading: Hock 10 - Little Emotional Albert J.B Watson theorized: emotional responses exist in us because we have been conditioned to respond emotionally to certain stimuli that we encounter AKA. we learn our emotional reactions Theoretical Propositions If a stimulus automatically produces a certain emotion in you (such as fear) and that stimulus is repeatedly experienced at the same moment as something else, such as a rat, the rat will become associated in your brain with fear Method and Results Albert B. recruited @ 9 months from hospital raised as orphan from birth Albert was presented several stimuli ( white rat, rabbit, monkey, dog, make w & w/out hair, white cotton wool) showed interest, but never fear Neutral Stimuli Next Step: determining if a fear reaction could be produced by exposing Albert to a loud noise a steel bar 4 feet in length was struck w a hammer just behind Albert Albert was startled and began to cry Unconditioned stimulus: no learning necessary for response Conditioning test began @ 11 months performed to test the idea that the emotion of fear could be conditioned in Albert Albert was presented with a white rat, every time he reached out to touch it the metal bar was struck Repeated 3 times A week later, same procedure was followed After 7 pairings of noise + rat, rat was presented alone Albert reacted with extreme fear to the rat Fear response had been conditioned Researchers tested Generalization: If fear could transfer to other objects Albert presented with white rabbit (similar to white rat) and a negative response began (fear) Reacted in fear to: dog, white fur coat, package of cotton, Watson’s own head of gray hair, Santa Claus Mask - all previously neutral stimuli Watson wanted to know if the learned emotion would transfer from one situation to another Albert was taken to a brighter room filled with people - same fear in white objects was shown Test if learned response would persist over time Albert was adopted, scheduled to leave hospital - testing was discontinued for a period of 31 days After a month, Albert wassail afraid of white objects No reconditioning to eliminate fearful reactions Study Found: emotional behavior could be conditioned through simple stimulus-response techniques


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